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40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts

40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts
There are lots of things that you can do with your iPhone, sure, but we’re willing to be that there are a few more that you either don’t know about or haven’t used before, particularly with all of the additions in iOS 5. Did you know you can put in typing shortcuts similar to Text Expander? Or that you can make custom vibrations for each person? If you didn’t — or just want to brush up on your iOS trivia — hit the jump and find 40 top secret, ultra-cool tips for the iPhone. Once you’re done becoming an iPhone pro, why not take your apps to the next level with our massive roundup of The Top 100 iPhone Apps! Camera & Pictures Want to get the most out of the iPhone’s camera and photos? 1. Taking a picture by holding your iPhone with just one hand is an easy way to get out of focus images. 2. … and Your Headphones, Too The same trick above works for the volume button on your headphones, too. 3. 4. Want to look at the most recent image you shot? 5. 6. Text & Email Functions 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

3 Ways to Copy Your DVDs With Mac OS X Edit Article Copying an Unprotected DVDRipping a Copy-Protected DVDBurning a DVD Image Edited by Andy Zhang, Jonathan Thorne, Brandywine, Zack and 48 others Teaching Large Classes with an iPad » To this day I remain a big fan of the overhead projector. I truly believe it was more effective a tool for teaching than the projected Powerpoint slides will ever be. I stood facing the students, watching their expressions, which I could see since the lights were sufficiently bright. I could draw on the screen and change directions as questions arose.

Navfree GPS Live Germany iPhone- / iPad-App - Download - CHIP Handy Welt Anzeige Jetzt zu o2 und zugreifen Bei diesem Test kam die Methode "Sprung ins kalte Wasser" zum Einsatz. Statt sich in Ruhe die App anzusehen, schafften wir es gerade noch, den rund 830 MByte großen Download auf das iPhone zu ziehen, danach mussten wir gleich zu einem Termin. Navfree GPS sollte uns führen. Der Start ist zwar nicht blitzschnell, geht aber im Vergleich zu spezialisierten GPS-Navis in Ordnung. Bis diese Satelliten gefunden haben, hat man bei Navfree fast schon die Adresse eingegeben. Michelle Marie - Google+ - 10 Important Tips for Google+ Beginners 1. To get the…

MacTips - Top Tips and Tricks for Mac, IOS, Ipad, IOS, Iphone and Everything Apple How to make your Mac read you stories Quick Mac Tip, 27 March 2011 I had a problem: I wanted to read a long article I’d just come across, but I needed to make dinner. Rather than delay one or the other I did both — by having my Mac read the article aloud to me as I worked. It’s simple, if you know how. Turn up the volume iPad Tips: Getting Started with the iPad Have you just got a shiny new iPad as a holiday gift, or maybe just bought one for yourself? Here’s an easy Getting Started Guide that will help you get the most out of your new favorite tablet: The iPad has been a huge hit ever since it first hit the market back in 2010. It’s an amazing and powerful device, and a joy to use – whether for work or play. I’m hoping this short guide will give you a good jump-start on getting the most out of your iPad.

Password Protect a Folder on the Mac « Michael Eakes I was looking for a way to password protect a folder on the Mac. I needed to be able to backup a large collection of files onto a USB hard drive and then send it securely through the mail for safe off-site storage. For some reason, this functionality is not integrated directly into Finder. Adobe CS4 Master Collection Mac - EN FR ESP Adobe CS4 Master Collection Mac - EN FR ESP Type: Applications > Mac Files:

How To Clear Your DNS Cache Overview Your DNS cache stores the locations (IP addresses) of webservers that contain pages which you have recently viewed. If the location of the web server changes before the entry in your DNS cache updates, you will be unable to access the site. HOLO HOLO is dedicated to rich, detailed stories that demand time and attention. With HOLO we are committed to telling these stories – attentively and expertly – in a composed, spacious medium that does them justice. International - Effective Color Contrast Home > Accessibility > Accessible Design > Accessible Print Design > Effective Color Contrast Designing for People with Partial Sight and Color Deficiencies by Aries Arditi, PhD This page contains three basic guidelines for making effective color choices that work for nearly everyone.

How do I download and save a YouTube video to my computer? YouTube has been designed to only allow users to watch and view videos on their website. Many users want to download or save their favorite YouTube videos to their computer so they can watch them without being connected to the Internet or on other devices. Below are the steps required for downloading and watching YouTube videos on your computer for free. Note: This page only provides instructions for downloading or saving a YouTube video to your computer.

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