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D. Mounika - Seruds

D. Mounika - Seruds
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Feed the hungry poor old aged persons in India Respected PatronBest Wishes & Greetings from SERUDSWe are very much thankful to you for donating to charity through Milaap Crowd funding Platform. 10 years ago, after massive floods we have started meal sponsorship program and serving ill-starred old age persons by sponsoring every day nourishing midday meal with your timely humble donations to charity. We have been maintaining the old age care center with hygienic kitchen to serve the disinfected lunch for the old age persons. When the colossal floods occurred in Kurnool the major households were transposed to some other cities, towns, hill areas in states of AP, Karnataka & Telangana. As part of our ongoing initiatives we have been supporting 30 oldaged people in urban slum of Budhavarapeta, near grave yard, Kurnool and donating lunch for senior citizens every day that meal includes steam cooked rice, leafy vegetable dhal, traditional tasty sambar, buttermilk, seasonal delicious pickle, fresh fruits.

Donate to Poor Needy People | Top Charities in India Story: Lakshmamma currently deserted and living in a small hut. She has one son and two daughters. One of her sons is working in hair cutting saloon. Donate Food Groceries to Poor Old Age Persons Background: SERUDS has identified the destitute elderly persons, senior citizens in & around Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh and providing monthly groceries consisting of Sona Masoori Rice, Tardal, Coconut, Cooking oil, Soaps, Hair oil, Biscuits to 20 poor old age persons in Pasupala village, Kurnool. This monthly groceries are delivered at their door step by our volunteers. The destitute elders are happy for this kind gesture & they are able to eat food timely and these elderly persons health has been increased. Challenge: These poor old age people are spending their most of the time in temple, grave yards, verandas of community hall and church yards. Solution: Old age persons, Senior Citizens are belong to very poor family background. Long-Term Impact: 20 destitute elderly people are getting benefits from this ongoing project. Groceries Utilization for the Deprived Old Age Persons:

Let’s Ensure That No Child Goes to Bed Without Food- Donate Food for Children In this blog: Let’s discuss the value of food and why it is important to donate food for children. Admit it, you’re blessed. If you are able to go through this article that means you have an Internet connection and probably all the basic necessities. We order food in a restaurant, we enjoy till we reach maximum satisfaction we leave the leftovers. What do we gain with all that nonsense? Lives are becoming normalized on our screens but for some kids, lunch at school may be the last meal of the day. Related blog: Feed hungry people not the dustbins We value your donation. Let’s us try not wasting a single grain and try to donate as much as you can. Click to donate

Donate to Save the Environment | Best Charity in India | SERUDS India “He that plants trees loves others besides himself.” Since 2003 we are mainly focusing on environment protection and by planting 21500 trees. A strong effort is happening in different urban, sub-urban areas and villages by plantation to reduce the dangerous threat of global warming, which would be helpful to reduce air pollution to make healthier environment. According to the report of UNO, around 9 hectares forest has been acquired in every minute between 1990- 2005 around the world and trees are obtained in every year in 5 million hectare areas. This is a signal of a major threat for all nations. The problems of global warming, climate change and air pollution can be reduced through plantation by some extent. Polluted environment and air will be pure which would be helpful to reduce the number of death occurs from asthma, pneumonia and breath related other diseases.

People Who Live With Grandparents are Really Lucky - Says Teenagers | Seruds The best thing in the world for aging people are their ‘Grandchildren’. This is proven that people tend to live longer when they stay with their grandchildren. But what is the perspective of grandchildren about their grandpa & grandma? We did a survey for the same and it took 150 days of time and which covered around 50,000 teenagers (mostly 17-22 of age) and we got some eye-popping results. When we started it, the first few responses were “No, please, we don’t want to be questioned all the time”. Even after the survey crossed 1000, we received mostly negative opinion. We felt disheartened, we almost shelve this survey but the response got changed, a girl broke into tears and said, “I used to talk to my Dadi (grandma in Hindi) for almost 2 hours a day. After that, “I have a grandpa, but we never speak, my dad sent him to an Old Age home and there’s no network to even make a call”. And the ratio of positive: negative opinion was 8:2. Related Links: Charity for Old Age Homes

How You Celebrated Mother’s Day? - Seruds With Mother’s Day just bygone, you may be feeling happy the way you expressed your love for your mother. Whilst, some of us clicked selfie and published on social media and some carry a perspective of ‘every day should be a mother’s day. Whilst some people celebrate, some regard it as one of the regular days. And that’s total human to have a contrast of opinions. Be it anything, We meet people, who may be atheists or theists, We meet people who might be radical or conservative They might be sceptical about religion and miracles. Amidst all these million differences mothers love makes each one of us fall under the same umbrella, where all our erratic behaviours subsume. The heartbreaking truth is that we are all living a hypocritical life where only if everything seems fine is good, doesn’t matter if it is really fine or not. Is that really necessary? Let’s Honour and appreciate our mothers what they have done for us. And perhaps this explains the saying, Happy belated Mother’s Day…

Ratan Tata Charity Work Makes Him The Nicest Person of India | SERUDS Heard about Ratan Tata Charity Work about Coronavirus Relief? 500 crores of donation is the largest donation. In this article, read his other charitable works. As we all know, Ratan Tata, India’s one of biggest industrialists who’s also the chairman of TATA Group, worth 5 billion USD is also a great philanthropist who’s donated billions. In a previous article, we’ve mentioned a list of Indian celebs who’ve donated huge sums for Coronavirus relief. More than 66% of the shares in Tata Sons (Owned by TATA family) is given to different charitable trusts. This is all about the charity work by Ratan Tata. We love you more than 3000. For viewers, contribute your best to help others during this crisis. Charity Ideas for Kids to Teach Them the Art of Giving | SERUDS NGO Charity Ideas for kids are very important to be taught because it defines their perspective towards helping people. The art of giving is probably the most humane thing we can ask our little toddler to do. In this Blog: We’ll share a few very general ideas of charity which can be taught to our kids and also can make them do it by themselves. Parenting is not an easy thing. It is proven that children who live ‘down to earth’ life are more humble than others when it comes to charity or helping people. 1. Kids are super growing and stuff like clothes, shoes, school uniform despite being new remains unusable for them. Thus, helping other kids with our clothes and shoes can be a great charity idea for kids. 2. Every academic year, kids need new books. 3. Kids crave for toys, they play with it, and they get bored out of it. Related Link: If Every family adopt one child, there won’t be any kid homeless 4.

Believe us, Akon Lighting Africa is Helping 600 Million People | Seruds NGO In this Blog: Let’s discuss How Akon is working for the betterment of Africa with his organization, ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ “I wanna make up right now na na… I wanna make up right now na na… Wish we never broke up right now na na We need to link up right now na na…” When we hear about Akon, the famous POP singer, these 4 lines come in our head first. His songs are always in the playlist of music lovers. It was about bringing electricity to the rural sides of Africa where people still had only one light ‘Sunlight’. Akon established ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ with Samba Bathily. Akon felt his concern about lightning Africa because it observes sunlight 320 days of the year and it indicated enough resources to produce solar energy and also can export it. As of now, the stats say that 80 million people now have electricity because of Akon’s Donations. Akon Lighting Africa is the fastest growing solar-powered electricity provider in the world. Akon is truly a man with Golden Heart.

Why To Donate Sanitary Pads To Underprivileged Girls In India? | SERUDS Let’s explore in this article the absolute necessity of hygiene awareness and why one shall donate sanitary pads to underprivileged girls in India. India is a place with diverse culture and people live with harmony. Even with social distancing and the pandemic prevailing around, the eid celebrations across the nation went smoothly. The huge rise in COVID-19 in India for the past few days is the only thing that shall bother us. Many can’t afford the masks and sanitizers for which we raised funds and we’ll continue to do so. Considering the fact that many even in 2020 the proper sanitation facilities are not provided in many rural areas of India, for many underprivileged girls sanitary pads are some sort of luxury. Stats as per India Times says that 62% of women in India use cloth during menstruation. But why is it so? There are 2 possible reasons. 1st, they don’t have enough awareness & 2nd, they cannot afford it. Sad but true. Support SERUDS Causes on Top fundraising platforms:

How Far Can You Go To Help People? Spiderman of Paris Went 4 Floors Mamoudou Gassama, Spiderman of Paris (given name) was recently applauded globally for his daring act of Climbing 4 floors building for saving a kid. Twitter went GAGA over his act and gave him a name ‘le Spiderman’ (Spiderman of Paris). A Malian Migrant who became an overnight sensation for his heroic gesture of saving a toddler who was hanging from the balcony, four floors high. It all started when Mamoudou observed crowd in chaos and a kid hanged up from the 4th floor. He went straight to the building climbing himself floor by floor and within a minute he was able to catch the kid and saving him from death. The heroic act was recorded and in a video clip showing 22-year-old ‘Spiderman of Paris’ climbing the storeys like a pro. Watch Video: “When I saw him, I just saved him”. “Yeah, I might have get injured in the process but those things were not in mind”. He has recently awarded ‘Bravery award’ and also Paris Citizenship. Related: Help kids for their education