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How to Get More Clicks on Twitter

How to Get More Clicks on Twitter

První kroky na Twitteru [návod a tipy] Prostředí Twitteru Pokročilým uživatelům zřejmě nic nového nenabídne, ale pro začátečníky shrnu první kroky do pár bodů, kterých byste se měli držet. 1. Zhrozili jste se, že není Twitter česky? tweet – příspěvek o délce maximálně 140 znakůfollowings – ti, které sledujete (čtete)followers – ti, kteří sledují vásreply (mention) – odpověď (zmínka)retweet – přeposlání tweetu do svého streamuhashtag – slovo s # na začátku, kterým se zapojíte do diskuze na určité témadirect message (DM) – soukromá zpráva Takhle vypadá webový Twitter Nahoře se nachází vyhledávací pole. Další je záložka „home”. Timeline – stream uživatelů, které followujete@Mentions – tweety, které obsahují váš nick, například vám někdo píše nebo na vás reagujeRetweets – tady je důležitá poslední položka „Your tweets, retweeted”, je to seznam vašich tweetů, které někdo retweetl, po rozkliknutí tweetu vidíte i, kdo to bylSearches – vámi uložená hledáníLists – seznam vašich listů a listů, které sledujete (pro pokročilejší uživatele)

Walnuts Launches Its Facebook Scrapbook Maker Just In Time For V-Day Oh crap, it’s Valentine’s Day. Did you just remember, too, courtesy of that clever Google Doodle? The blogosphere will be filled today with last-minute gift ideas and other such ephemera related to this mushy holiday, and while I’m refusing the V-Day pitches as a general rule, there is a startup announcing its launch today that’s actually kind of fun. The idea for a printed out book featuring your Facebook data is hardly novel. After entering in the required info, the book is automatically created for you, using either your top status updates and photos (those that have the most likes, comments, etc.) or you can specify a particular photo album or albums to use instead. The resulting book has the appearance of a hand-written journal, as opposed to a more professional, typewritten creation. With its handwritten font and support for pulling in things like photos’ comments, that is the resulting feel for the app’s creation.

10 Tips on Using Pinterest for your Business Now that we’ve given you the ultimate guide on how to get started with Pinterest, it’s worth taking a look at how businesses can put the social networking world’s darling to work for them. Before taking a look at how you can put Pinterest to work for you, it’s worth looking at why you shouldn’t be ignoring Pinterest. First and foremost, the numbers speak louder than anything else. Pinterest has also proved to be a great way to drive traffic to your site, and in some cases, has out-performed Facebook. Aside from the stellar traffic that Pinterest receives and generates, its users are far from passive. Pinterest brings with it great SEO value, as Search Engine Land has pointed out, because you can link back to your own site, and it has the ultimate viral potential because of the nature of user interaction on the site. So what are the ways you can use Pinterest to boost your business? Sell your products A good example of this is how homebuilder Ivory Homes uses its Pinterest account.

7 Twitter Tools To Get More Engagement Despite the advance of a lot of other Social Networks entering the scene recently, particularly Google+, Heello or Subjot, Twitter's stickiness is still very prominent and growing fast. Especially, the recent changes made to Twitter point to a very bright future. The activity stream in addition with the @username tab make the Twitter experience much more interactive I believe. Twitter's eco-system continues to thrive and Twitter announced recently that there are over 1 million Apps connected to the Twitter API. 1.) It often happens that I read great posts late at night or early in the morning. Top Tip: What I like best is that you can Buffer tweets right from the article you are reading with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. 2.) A tool I only discovered recently is called InboxQ. Top Tip: Via the Chrome extension you can dip in to answer questions whenever and wherever you are. 3.) Another App that has greatly transformed how I use Twitter is called Twylah. 4.) 5.) 6.)

Does Facebook Have a Better Employer Brand than Google? It’s a fact that Facebook and Google often compete for the same talent. If you’re looking at job opportunities at these two hugely successful tech companies, it can be tough to decide which employer will be the right fit for you from a culture and compensation perspective. On one side, Facebook is currently leading the way in terms of social networking and has its much anticipated IPO coming up. But, on the other side, Google has solidified its place in Silicon Valley as the leading search engine and perhaps has gone through many of the growing pains of going public that Facebook has yet to go through. To help shine a light on which company may be right for you, who better to turn to than the employees who work at these companies, along with recent job candidates who can dish on the interview process? In this Glassdoor infographic, see how Facebook and Google compare from an insider’s perspective. RELATED: Global Employer Branding Stats and Facts.

10 Interface Design Tips to Improve Your Business Application by Derek Singleton on 12/27/10 at 11:58 am Anyone that has ever used a business application has likely found themselves wondering why they have to be so hard to operate. With all of the advances in technology, you’d think business apps could be designed for a better user experience. Recently, Software Advice tackled this issue in an article that outlines how business apps might borrow from consumer web interfaces to improve the user experience. The article presents ten consumer web UIs that they think would improve business applications and asks for you to give your two cents by taking a poll. If you run a software company and you’re reading this post, do your customers a favor: invest in the best user experience (UX) designer you can find and bridge the gap between consumer web UI (User Interface) and the tired state of enterprise application UIs. Why do business applications have to be so unpleasant? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. So, those are just a few of our ideas.

Is learning Twitter really that hard? Yes, yes it is How hard is Twitter? The CEO thinks you have to crash and burn and struggle before you can even learn how to use it! “When you sign up for Twitter, you fly into this cliff and you catch fire and you, if you’re a brave soul, you can climb back up the cliff and look over on to the vistas beyond, and then you might be able to find out how to use it.”–Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter And I agree. ► Brilliant journalist doesn’t realize her tweets aren’t viewable I know an MA, PhD journalist on Twitter with over 6,500 tweets as of this writing, who still doesn’t know how to make her tweets available publicly! RT @TweetSmarter Twitter Plus TV Creates “Social Viewing”: She tweets: @TweetSmarter Twitter Plus TV Creates “Social Viewing”: …and the only person who sees that tweet is me! ► They’re not robots—you just don’t know how to see their REAL conversations You have to understand how tweets with “@” in them really work to use Twitter. What’s YOUR story?

5 Exciting Innovations That Will Change Computing in 2012 The mouse, having played its role in the transformation of the personal computer, is now almost outdated. If you think about it, when the mouse was first invented in the 1960s, computers were unrecognizable from the sleek, sophisticated devices we use today. So has the mouse had its day? Take a look through our gallery of interesting innovations in the computing world. Event Information Our annual destination conference, Mashable Connect, brings our community together for three days to connect offline in an intimate setting at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World®. Held in a unique location away from everyday distractions, Mashable Connect is a rare and valuable opportunity to be surrounded by digital leaders across industries. To keep Mashable Connect as intimate as possible, only a limited amount of tickets are available. A Look Back at Last Year’s Mashable Connect

5 Key Elements for Business Blogs It’s really no longer a question of to blog or not to blog, but rather how and what you do with your organization’s blog. Some choose to use the platform as a news and announcements rundown. Others prefer to let outside viewers in on the day-to-day developments and goings on around the office. Some nail a proper mixture of both. Any way you present it, your company’s blog should provide an underlying message targeted directly at consumers. Here are five simple features your blog should have up and running from the get go. About Us Perhaps the simplest of all the recommendations, be sure to include a prominent About Us link and page on your blog. But what should a good About Us page include? Who you areWhat you doWhat you can do for customersHow to get in contact Please note the last bullet point, as it is crucial that you provide visitors with a quick and easy way to get in touch with you and/or your organization. Subscribe Social Cream of the Crop Archived Bonus: FREE!

3 Smart Networking Strategies To Use at Your Next Event I get asked quite a bit about networking and the relation to job search and personal branding. Sometimes it’s about where to find good networking events, sometimes it’s more about how to approach the whole networking thing. Networking is second nature to some people and it’s a bit foreign to others. Why should you be networking? Did you ever hear the mantra that “people buy from people they know, like and trust”? At a networking event, you are showcasing yourself, your expertise and ultimately your personal brand. 1. The golden rule at a networking event, or any other business interaction for that matter is to listen more than you talk. You will only reach success when you understand what other people really want. Being an active listener and asking the right questions sounds like simple stuff but it can be harder to actually do. 2. You will inevitably bump into people doing similar things to you at networking events. 3. We have all been there. Your turn Image credit szeke Jörgen Sundberg

Blogging : 10 conseils pour bloguer (pro) efficace ! Pour cette nouvelle année, lorsque les vapeurs de champagne se sont dissipées, il est de bon ton de trouver quelques conseils pour la tenue de son blog, non ? Tenir un blog est a priori nettement plus simple pour un blog privé, dans le sens où l’on parle souvent de ce que l’on aime. Lorsqu’on est salarié d’une entreprise et qu’on a la charge d’un blog, c’est autre chose. Pour des pros, on a déjà parlé des intérêts et de l’importance de la tenue d’un blog. Trouver des sujets Le sujet principal ? Engager la conversation Un blog est aussi un espace de discussion. Mettre en avant vos avantages Le blog pro d’une entreprise est forcément une mise en avant des qualités de l’entreprise.

1 Recruiting-Sourcing Stone for 2 Birds? You get what you pay for. You sometimes get less, but you never get more. – Something I heard a long, long time ago, somewhere One stone for two birds? I don’t think so. I know all you hiring managers and staffing officials out there would like your recruiters to be expert sourcers and your sourcers to be expert recruiters. I know you all would like to kill two birds with one stone, but I can tell you right now, right here, it’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen because the two types of personality types are generally not found (in one person) in an organization. They’re found outside organizations in the form of third party recruiters who have been cutting this mustard for years. Now that we’ve given this brave and heroic special set the recognition and laurel crown they so richly deserve, let me tell you why you’re not likely to find these people inside your organization. You refuse to pay them what they deserve to make. Let’s get back to the real reason for this article.

Writing Seductive Offers | Everything You Need To Know In Seven Steps Teach single men how to pick up women regardless of how much hair they have on their head…and you have a killer offer.Offer women a method to washing clothes that slashes the time in half and you will be a rich copywriter.Offer a child the latest technology in toys and you’re likely to live in a mansion for the rest of your life. What this means is you need to keep your eyes and ears open to problems people have and things they want. You need to observe and ask questions. And if you really want to make a killer offer, unearth an unmet desire…and then build a product to satisfy that desire. Step 2: Make the Value Greater Than the Cost Let me come clean with you: I want an Apple iPad. The cost is simply too high. Heck, even the $79 Kindle is too rich for my blood. What you have to do as a writer is write an offer with so much value that the price point is irrelevant. The discount is so steep the value immediately goes up. Step 3: Use Social Proof Here’s the deal with the Apple iPad.

Some of Your Most Vexing Legal Topics Today at the ERE Expo in San Diego, Mary Wright, general counsel at Ogletree Deakins, and Michael Nader, also an Ogletree attorney, took a stab at some of recruiters’ top-of-mind legal issues. Here are some of the ones that came up in the open discussion, and some of Wright and Nader’s thoughts. Can a recruiter use Facebook to source candidates? Wright answered this with a “Yes – but.”