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28 Powerful Photoshop Lighting Effects | Tutorials There is something about beautiful lights that can mesmerize an audience. Take a fireworks show for example. It’s been around for thousands of years, yet still has the power to put looks of amazement on faces of all ages. Below is a collection of the best Photoshop tutorials for creating powerful lighting effects. Amazing Photoshop Light Effect In 10 Steps A smokey light effect complete with glowing particles. Fire Lines Tutorial This tutorial teaches you how to create stylish fire lines in only 10 steps. Luminescent Lines Iron Man View Interface Effect In Photoshop This is very close to the amazing effects seen in the movie. Luminescent Lines Advanced Glow Effects A Cool Lighting Effect In Photoshop End of the World Photo Manipulation Creating Smoke A popular effect explained very well. Design a Coldplay/Apple Inspired Portrait in Photoshop This one shows you how to design portraits based on the Coldplay – Apple ad. Magic Lighting Effect In Photoshop Flying Girl In Photoshop Expressive lighting effects

iotacons 30+ Awe-Inspiring One Page Websites Web designing has moved its steps towards one-page websites in this recent years. It can be said as a fashionable trend but not kind of “easy come, easy go”. At least, it is quite eye catchy and has successfully attracted a lot of people. No reason, more and more web users like to visit single page websites. It is also a challenge for all web page designers. Getting more and more web traffic is the foremost priority, and the second would be converting them to your real users. This kind of one page websites worth deserves compliments and applause because it could be the impressive intelligence of the “story-teller”. Beaver Lab It is a young web design lab. Creative Switch It is the online portfolio of Vibor Visković. Phase2 Design Studio Designing beautiful drupal website is their passion. Six Clicks They are creating precious social web and popular applications. Jeroen Homan It is also an online portfolio of Jeroen Homan. Captain Wallace Denise Chandler Deliciously Creative Webvisionary Awards Karb

Quilling – The Art of Turning Paper Strips into Intricate Artworks Quilling is the art of creating decorative designs from thin strips of curled paper. This age-old art of paper quilling has been around since Renaissance which dates back to about 3 to 4 centuries during the time when the nuns used small edges trimmed from the Bible pages to create simple but beautiful form of artistry. Using simple tools, long strips of paper are tightly wound and released to form complicated and complex shapes. This form of art was also known as "Paper Filligree". Because of how the scrapped of paper were wrapped around goose quilles to create "coiled shapes", it was later known as "Quilling". Musée virtuel - Reproduction de tableaux - Copies de peintures à l'huile peinte à la main

What is UI Kit and Why You Should Use it We’ve been launching a few great free and premium UI Kits at Designmodo. But some of you may have missed it simply because you don’t care about it… yet. Today we’ll see what you lose by skipping those great collections, and how to get more from them. It’s not just about copying and pasting elements, at all. It’s about improving your workflow, getting more and working less, and getting an incredibly better overall look. Yes, we’ll talk about how it affect your paycheck as well :) So, let’s rock! UI Kits are files (usually PSD’s, but the premium ones comes with a lot of additional stuff, as you can see above) with a lot of useful components – User Interface Elements – for user interface design. They contain a lot of components that you just shouldn’t be designing, like default (and pretties) selects, checkboxes, slideshows, avatars, lists. Also sometimes they include components that you don’t even think about using, until you see them. So, how do they save me time? Oh layers.

Flooby Nooby 28 Free HTML5 Website Templates Layout ~ Design Prefix - Web Design and Development Magazine for Daily Inspiration It is very essential to have a website for any of the business and it is the only front face to your customer and future clients. A website works as a portfolio accorss the world, and is very important for the artist and a photographers. With the significance popularity of the website templates nowadays, it has become easy for the companies to select one of the unique design with the required features. Photography HTML website templates and layouts are easily availabe on internet in thousands, and anyone can choose the template to best fit their budget and the business. The HTML website template allow the text to be inserted in the webpages, to greatly help the artist and photographers to display their work over interner globally. HTML website layout and templet have made the challenging task of creating or developing a website job easier for the internet users. SmartStart – Responsive HTML5 Template MORE INFO | DEMO – by Themeforest (Premium Template) Attracto – HTML Responsive Theme