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Tutorials – Enliighten Figure Painting – Reclining Female Figure This is a short preview of the Figure Painting – Reclining Female Figure demo. In this section of the demo, Daarken shows his process for painting the face. Creating a Romance Cover – Without Painting In this tutorial Daarken shows you how to create a sweet romance novel cover that will make your legs quiver and your loins tingle. Creating Muzzle Flashes – Two Techniques In this tutorial Daarken shows you two different techniques for creating muzzle flashes. Huion GT-220 – Review & Testing The Huion GT-220 is a 21.5″ tablet monitor with an IPS display. Wacom Companion – Review & Testing This is my review of the new Wacom Companion. Figure Painting – Female High Angle In this video Daarken takes you through his process of painting a female figure from a high angle using a black and white photo ref. Jaja Stylus – Testing on the iPad In this video Daarken shows the Jaja Stylus in action on an iPad using Procreate. Painting Light – One Pixel at a Time

Ctrl+Paint | Resources One of the best, and cheapest, places to learn art is at your public library. Go to the art technique section and look for books on basic drawing. If you’re looking for more advanced digital techniques, the internet is a better place for that. This is a community devoted to concept art and illustration. To get caught up on current artists in video games, movies, and illustration – this is where I turn. For advanced training in concept art to 3D software, Gnomon Workshop is a fantastic resource. Like fantasy illustration? You can thank Feng for Ctrl+Paint. Want some inspiration? Created by famed illustrator James Gurney (Dinotopia), this daily blog is a source of inspiration and insight. Great instructional videos here. Other than Feng Zhu, I’ve never seen such a huge collection of free digital painting tutorials. This was the book that got me started with concept art. If constructive anatomy is your thing, Burne Hogarth is another fantastic instructor.

free art lessons online instruction - learn how to draw, sketch paint Design Exercises to Get Your Creativity Ripped How does an athlete become an Olympian? Years of training helps to develop their form as grueling workouts build strength and endurance. They also educate themselves on their sport, taking advantage of tactics they'll need in order to win. Lastly, they keep motivated by learning from every loss and blunder. Implementing the lessons they've learned creates a remarkable athlete whose success is a reflection of their hard work. Why Designers Should Exercise Learning how to optimize your time is one of the best assets any new designer can learn. The following are the potential benefits for keeping up a routine of design exercises: Learn how to come up with creative ideas faster.Learn how to weed out which ideas are wrong for a design project.Learn how to pace your time effectively before a project's deadline.Discover your common design habits.Reduce or eliminate bad design habits. Design Exercises Here are three twenty-minute exercises to get your creative juices flowing. Logo Design Typography

Schoolism Let's Paint Nature! | Hiking & Painting in Nature – Chicago Art Mentors — Art Mentors Create a Stylish Grunge Poster with 3D Typography in Photoshop In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a cool grunge poster in Photohop. We will play in particular with blending modes to mix stock images and with some filters to create nice effects. Also I’ll show you how to integrate 3d text into your compositions and how to replace existing colors using adjustment layers. Introducing WeGraphics Premium: I was searching for a way to promote WeGraphics Premium Membership and what’s better than a cool Photoshop tutorial? Preview of the result: Become a Premium Member and get unlimited access to source files and premium resources for only 7$/month. Support Files: Step 1 Let’s start creating a new 1200×1700 pixels document in Photoshop Step 2 Grab the gradient tool (G) and add a radial gradient going from a light brown (#ddc083) to a darker one (#927538). Step 3 Download a texture from our “old dirty paper set”. Step 4 Now that we have created a nice grunge background, we can add natural elements to the composition. Step 5 Paste in the image of the tree.

Muddy Colors Top 5 Online Art Courses That Are Worth Paying For ResourcesThis post may contain affiliate links.If you buy something we get a small commission at no extra cost to you(learn more ) Self teaching is a completely viable route for learning to draw and paint. There are so many great courses you can watch from your home computer that it’d be foolish to ignore this potential. But there are way too many video courses online that promise to make you a great artist. The truth is that you need to make yourself a great artist; these videos can only act as guides. And with so many options to choose it can be tough knowing where to start. This post specifically covers the best paid courses that can be streamed online or downloaded to your computer. 1. I cannot think of a better place to start than the Proko video courses. Stan publishes a few video series online teaching artists different techniques that he’s learned over the years. Every video he uploads to YouTube is free, but these free videos are only a small part of his full premium courses. 2.

10 incredible online art schools There was a time, not so very long ago, when art schools and ateliers were your only options for attaining a higher art education. Typically providing a strong, foundational background for artists with varied aspirations, they were (and still are) a fantastic direction to take when seeking out a career in the creative arts. Unfortunately, that rounded, long-term education comes at a cost, and particularly for those living outside of Europe, that cost could be prohibitively high, leading to mounting debt and insecurity at the pivotal point in a young artist's career. Luckily for our wallets, online art schools have emerged over the past few years that offer a vast range of courses Online education options differ dramatically, from the more traditional foundational courses that can last several months, to individual lessons tailored to fit one subject, from class-based seminars to inspirational podcasts and more. 01. Schoolism has rapidly become one of the best-known online art schools. 02.

Human Anatomy for Figurative Artists - Video Course - Anatomy Master Class | Anatomy Master Class