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Animation Arena – Helping you break into the Animation, Video Game and Visual Effects industry with advice and interviews with professional Character Animators, Game Designers and more. 8 steps to becoming a Concept Artist The first time I ever heard about the profession called concept artist was in September 2010. I had come to Thailand in April the same year to get a master's degree in Buddhist Studies but the university was a disappointment and I quickly felt that I needed to look for other options. I had always loved drawing and painting but never tried doing it digitally (except for some pixel art that I created on my Atari in the 80s). I had been a professional photographer and knew Adobe Photoshop very well, but it had never even hit me that it could be used for serious digital painting. I didn't even know that the brushes could be used that way. Then one hot day in September 2010 I went to my favorite bookshop in Bangkok, both to look for something to read and to be in an air-conditioned space for some time. Reading it was like discovering a hidden treasure in my own backyard. The only question was: How does one become a professional Concept Artist? At that time I had no idea. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

ISO50 Blog – The Blog of Scott Hansen (Tycho / ISO50) » The blog of Scott Hansen (aka ISO50 / Tycho) Freelance Guide | CalArts More and more graduates see starting their own business as a valid career choice. Also, freelancing can offer flexible income for students. The information below is a quick reference guide to give basic business know-how to the self-employed artist. Students and alumni who wish to take on freelancing as a source of income should use the following information and resources as a base to do more in depth research of their own. Marketing & Self Promotion Unlike giant cookies and the Forum, "build it and they will come" does not necessarily apply to your new freelance business. Your first priority should be to do the best work you possibly can for your clients, and make their experience working with you as pleasant as possible. As for new clients, if you do good work, you should get some referrals. Besides browsing job listings on the CalArts Job Bank, newspaper classifieds, etc., online databases are another way to get work. Time Management Protecting Yourself and Your Work: Copyright U.S. Or

Ctrl+Paint | Resources One of the best, and cheapest, places to learn art is at your public library. Go to the art technique section and look for books on basic drawing. If you’re looking for more advanced digital techniques, the internet is a better place for that. This is a community devoted to concept art and illustration. To get caught up on current artists in video games, movies, and illustration – this is where I turn. For advanced training in concept art to 3D software, Gnomon Workshop is a fantastic resource. Like fantasy illustration? You can thank Feng for Ctrl+Paint. Want some inspiration? Created by famed illustrator James Gurney (Dinotopia), this daily blog is a source of inspiration and insight. Great instructional videos here. Other than Feng Zhu, I’ve never seen such a huge collection of free digital painting tutorials. This was the book that got me started with concept art. If constructive anatomy is your thing, Burne Hogarth is another fantastic instructor.

John Singer Sargent The Rialto Venice By 1900 Sargent tried to move away from formal portraiture and the fashionable world that generated most of the commissions. He turned to landscape, traveling often to Venice, and produced many oils and watercolors that were rarely exhibited or sold. In 1916-1918 Sargent stayed in the United States, painting landscapes, murals and portraits of John D. Sargent never married. He was extremely private regarding his personal life, although the painter Jacques-Émile Blanche, who was one of his early sitters, said after his death that Sargent's sex life "was notorious in Paris, and in Venice, positively scandalous. When he died in 1925, memorial exhibitions were mounted in Boston, London and New York. from the American Artist magazine on John Sargent’s technique: “The information we do have has come from examination of his pictures and direct analysis of his paint. "If you paint your friends, they and you are chiefly concerned about the likeness.

What’s the best way to learn new creative skills: online or on courses? The leader of Bucks New University's animation and visual effects course details why the best way to learn is combining both online and face-to-face teaching. “Flipping the classroom” is a concept pioneered by American educator and entrepreneur Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, a free online school that teaches millions of children and adults all around the world. Khan’s big idea is that the traditional classroom model is broken. Why sit through a long classroom lecture and then go home and do the homework? The big advantage is this: each student gets to learn at his or her own pace. In 2012 I launched Animation Apprentice - an online animation course for professionals looking to develop their skills as well as animators trying to break into the industry. Learning needs support In September 2012, I was given the opportunity to design and lead a completely new animation course at Buckinghamshire New University in High Wycombe. Learn what you like online

The Divine Proportion The Divine Proportion Any objective observation we make must include a discussion of proportion for it is the rule of proportion in the examination of nature that causes us to observe an organized universe and a universe in chaos, rational and irrational numbers, harmony and discord, truth and falsity. These descriptions are merely proportional effects of the opposition that is inherent in all things. We see harmony expressed by those emotions, feelings, and characteristics present within ourselves. This harmony is viewed within nature as the Divine Proportion. The Divine Proportion was closely studied by the Greek sculptor, Phidias, and as a result, it took on the name of Phi. Throughout history, Phi has been observed to evoke emotion or aesthetic feelings within us. During the Renaissance, Phi served as the "hermetic" structure on which great masterpieces were composed. Phi must be considered in its relation to the human psyche since it is the psyche that interprets this phenomena.

The Art of Freelancing · Everything I Wish They Had Taught Me in Art School Design Exercises to Get Your Creativity Ripped How does an athlete become an Olympian? Years of training helps to develop their form as grueling workouts build strength and endurance. They also educate themselves on their sport, taking advantage of tactics they'll need in order to win. Lastly, they keep motivated by learning from every loss and blunder. Implementing the lessons they've learned creates a remarkable athlete whose success is a reflection of their hard work. Why Designers Should Exercise Learning how to optimize your time is one of the best assets any new designer can learn. The following are the potential benefits for keeping up a routine of design exercises: Learn how to come up with creative ideas faster.Learn how to weed out which ideas are wrong for a design project.Learn how to pace your time effectively before a project's deadline.Discover your common design habits.Reduce or eliminate bad design habits. Design Exercises Here are three twenty-minute exercises to get your creative juices flowing. Logo Design Typography

PPM’s T-Shirt Design Contest — PPM Apartments Blog The contest is simple. We want your original ideas on a great T-shirt that represents PPM. No idea is too kooky, cornball, or crazy. Whether you’re the next Picasso or make the best kitchen refrigerator art this side of Lake Michigan, we want to see what you’ve got. Designs can be simple, extravagant, or anything in between. Submit it all. $1000 (1st place) $750 (2nd place) $500 (3rd place) Other Important Info Remember to tell all of your friends because THEIR VOTES COUNT! Also, if you’d like to use PPM’s logo in your design, we don’t mind. Rules & Regulations: 1. Design Submission: 1. Be Creative, Have Fun & Show Us What You Got! Be Sociable, Share! think city on top of flowers or buildings like wow level 64 area