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10 Misconceptions Rundown

10 Misconceptions Rundown

acljohn A Cleaner Internet: Reduce Clutter and Enhance Youtube Viewing I’ve written about Readability and Readability Redux. These are browser add-ons that remove distracting clutter from web pages and customize the reading experience in terms of style, font size and margin width. Today I’m writing about a browser extension that reduces clutter from Youtube and customizes the viewing experience. I believe this may be especially helpful for individuals who experience challenge with their vision. A Cleaner Internet is a browser add-on available for Safari, Firefox and Chrome. If you follow this link, the site will know which browser you are using, and you will be offered the appropriate download. After the extension is installed, when you go to, you see only the simple search bar shown below. Here are the first three results returned for ‘india trains paulhami’. Here’s what I see when I select the second option. Finally, here’s what I see when I click ‘Dim Lights’.

A Cleaner Internet - Browser Extensions and Add-ons for Amazon, YouTube and more Are you a brainiac? Take the YouTube EDU Pop Quiz As Chris Anderson, founder of TED, said, “Tomorrow's best teachers will be global stars reaching literally millions of kids”. We believe that the next generation of great teachers will come from all walks of life - they might be popular vloggers, lifelong educators, popular scientists, or journalists - and we’re working hard to get them sharing their knowledge on YouTube EDU. To highlight the breadth and depth of awesome educational content we have on the site today, we worked with some of our newest YouTube EDU partners to put together an interactive game testing your smarts. At the end of the video you’ll be asked a question which you should answer using the annotations embedded in the video.

Looking ahead in the YouTube player Pssst! We’ve got a surprise — we want to give you a sneak peek to videos on YouTube. Years ago we created a way to link to a certain moment on a video, which let you find, share and comment on just your favorite parts. Now we’re expanding that control even more. Over the coming weeks, you’ll be able to see an image preview or a series of thumbnails with three new features on our video player. Taking a sneak peek So excited (or maybe so scared) that you want to find what happens later in the video? Scanning through thumbnails Let’s say you started a video but had to come back and finish it later. Zooming in on long videos If you’re watching a video that’s longer than 90 minutes, like one of the growing list of movies on YouTube, you’ll see an added feature that lets you zoom in on the seek bar, one and a half minutes at a time. Nundu Janakiram, product manager, recently watched “Brush With Death.”

Can a college or university stream feature films through its VLE? To stream a feature film there are two issues involved, and two possible sets of permission required: permission to convert the film to a format suitable for streaming, and permission to show a film to an audience. 1. Permission to convert the film to a format suitable for streaming To stream a film from a server would inevitably require changing the format from video or DVD to a format suitable for streaming. Obtaining the required permission could be time-consuming and costly. 2. Assuming the college or university gains permission from the copyright owners to convert the film for streaming and host it on the VLE, there is an exception (s.34(2) of Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA)) which permits the playing or showing of a sound recording or film before an audience consisting of teachers or pupils at an educational establishment. In summary:

5 Interesting Virtual Museums and Activities for Students As field trip budgets are increasingly trimmed at schools everywhere, teachers will need to find some alternative virtual activities for students. Here are five museums that offer excellent virtual tours and activities for students. The Vatican Museums website hosts a fairly detailed virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel. In addition to the tour of the Sistine Chapel the Vatican Museums host virtual tours of five other places and exhibits. The European Virtual Museum is the product of collaboration between twenty-seven European museums. Tenement Museum is a resource for US History teachers that can best be described as an interactive virtual museum. The JFK Presidential Library and Museum website has four interactive exhibits for learning about John F. The White House Diary is an interactive flipbook of Kennedy's schedule while in office. The JFK Timeline is an interactive timeline Kennedy's presidency.

Easier copyright management on YouTube From Justin Bieber to The Gregory Brothers, YouTube is a platform for anyone with a passion for performing to showcase their musical talents and get noticed across the web. Smart copyright management is an important part of this online video service—it helps songwriters and performers to be appropriately compensated for their works, while also allowing for those works to be used in new ways. YouTube has had a longstanding commitment to solving the really tough challenges around online copyright—how to manage content rights in a quickly evolving technology world. We’ve already invested tens of millions of dollars in content management technology such as Content ID and, with over 3,000 major media companies using it, we’ve come a long way in just a few years. But we want to keep pushing things forward. David King, Product Manager, recently watched "Danny Macaskill - Industrial Revolutions.”

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