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Restructuring Advisory Group, CMBS Restructuring Expert

Restructuring Advisory Group, CMBS Restructuring Expert

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Bankruptcy and Eviction FAQ for Tenants and Landlords - David Offen, Esq If you are a tenant facing eviction, you can use bankruptcy to temporarily “stop” or stay eviction proceedings. You can also get debt such as credit card debt and medical bills discharged, and in certain circumstances pay off past-due rent over time and stay in your rental property. If you are a landlord whose tenant filed bankruptcy, you have certain rights in your property and this article will explain them. You do not have to provide free housing to a tenant who is protected from eviction by bankruptcy. We’ve helped thousands of tenants exercise their rights in bankruptcy in Pennsylvania. Contact us to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to find out all of your rights today.

Home - RJS + Associates How Do You Pay For And Afford A Bankruptcy Lawyer Attorney It is an obvious dilemma. How can you afford a bankruptcy attorney when you have no money? Like anything else in law, representation by an attorney – and the quality of the attorney – can make a big difference. So what can be done to enable the hiring of a bankruptcy attorney? For individuals, your bankruptcy chapter choices will be either Chapter 7 , Chapter 13, or Chapter 11.

How Often Can You File for Bankruptcy in Ohio? People suffering under too much debt often choose to file for bankruptcy to get a fresh start. But what happens if you suffer additional setbacks, acquire more debt, and need additional help? Can you file for bankruptcy more than once in Ohio? If you have questions about bankruptcy and how often you can file, contact the experienced Cleveland bankruptcy attorneys at Luftman, Heck & Associates. We will work with you to determine your best options. Chapter 11-Loan Restructuring Restructuring Advisory Group are restructuring experts that can advise you in loan restructuring and chapter 11 bankruptcy. We have proven success in assisting our clients with financial advice that is most beneficial and productive. For assistance with restructuring your loan or a chapter 11 bankruptcy contact Craig Brown, the restructuring expert at Restructuring Advisory Group. 33761 Brigantine Monarch Beach, CA 92651 2207 Everett Ave Suite A Everett WA 98201

Do we lose all the equity in our home if we do not reaffirm the mortgage in bankruptcy? No, it’s still your home and your equity. The only thing that reaffirmation does is keep it on your credit. I had a client contact me today because Wells Fargo never filed the reaffirmation agreement that we signed 6 months ago. She was worried, because it sounds like a big deal. Filing Bankruptcy At Age 21, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 To determine when or if to file a bankruptcy case requires one to examine multiple factors. Age is not really a critical factor–as explained more fully below–but it is one to consider. A 23 year old is going to have different goals than someone who is, say, 75. Older people do not own exclusive rights to financial problems. It happens to those more junior in years as well.

I forgot to take my second bankruptcy class. Can the court extend the time to file my financial management course certificate (Form 423)? Yes, you can extend the time. And no, this is not really how my client asked the question. To quote as best I can, he called me and said, Man, I got your email and text and totally forgot to take that class. How Does Bankruptcy Affect Divorce Actions And Settlements Bankruptcy does not prevent people from getting divorced. But it can affect how property is divided. A bankruptcy trustee can recover unequal divisions of property. For example, wife gets the million dollar house and husband gets the 18 year old Toyota Tercel. If husband later files a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the Trustee can sue the wife for what should have been husband’s 50% interest in the property.

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