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89.6% des 1,300 Clients TooKam Recommande la Première Banque 2.0 en France J’aime beaucoup Jean Philippe, le passionné et passionnant Directeur Général du Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne, l’un des dirigeants du monde bancaire le plus visible, le plus actifs sur les médias sociaux dans le monde entier. Jean démontre quotidiennement sa volonté et son ambition d’innover en permanence et de pousser les limites du monde bancaire français. Le 4 avril 2011, j’étais le tout premier bloggeur à couvrir le lancement de leur banque 2.0 en anglais. Je vous invite à parcourir mon article intitulé ‘ a Social Media rEvolution in (Engagement) Banking‘. L’initiative est rafraichissante et très innovante. Cependant, elle s’est révélée assez intimiste et elle le restera très certainement. En présentant des résultats encourageants suite à leur première année d’activité, le Crédit Agricole valide le projet TooKam dont le but n’est pas de battre tous les records d’ouvertures de comptes. Vous trouverez ci-dessous les principaux chiffres et résultats de l’équipe TooKam:

7 Day Rapid Raw Detox Program & Raw Vegon Detox Plan sachel3739 | Home | ClickBank Administration <div class="titleBar" > You must have JavaScript enabled to use this site. </div><div class="errorBoxContent"><ul><li><a href="/enablejavascript.html">Click here for instructions on enabling JavaScript.</a></li><li> After JavaScript has been enabled, refresh your page or click <a onClick="location.reload(true);" style="text-align:center;color:blue;" href="">here</a>.</li></ul></div> What is my username? Your username is the same as your ClickBank account nickname. What is my ClickBank ID? Your ClickBank ID is the same as your ClickBank account nickname. What is my password? The password into your account is the same as the confirmation code used to create your account.

Tarjeta de Crédito Barclaycard Tapping Crowdsourcing y Gamification está disponible Last month, Barclaycard US announced the imminent launch of allegedly one of the most innovative credit cards ever launched ‘Barclaycard Ring‘ which aims to leverage crowdsourcing to build more than a sizable cardholder base, but a genuine community of engaged members who will be incentivized and rewarded for sharing their suggestions and their ideas. It seems now that applications are officially open. Unfortunately I don’t qualify as a UK resident and I won’t be able to review the community myself. But I will do my best to find a work around. So, what’s the fuss about this credit card? First of all, I invite you to watch the short video I recorded last month to find out more about my thoughts on this initiative. You will find all the key product characteristics or Ring in the press release. You will find below more info from the press release, including a couple of quotes from the project owner. So, are you tempted to apply?

50 Ways to Improve Your Finances in 2013 Along with a fresh start, the new year brings uncertainty about changing tax laws, growing concern over online privacy and security, and challenges for almost every demographic group—even the wealthy, who face steep tax increases. To help you get ready to tackle your own money goals for 2013, we gathered our best advice from the past 12 months and organized it into 50 bite-size steps: 1. Be a year-round discount shopper. Specific holidays used to loom large in the world of coupon hunters, who expected to see massive discounts on July Fourth, Labor Day, Black Friday, and other big shopping days. 2. As the economy recovers, retailers are eager to pick up the biggest share of consumers' spending what they can, and in some cases, that means adopting more flexible pricing policies. 3. Much stress can come from disagreeing with your spouse or partner about how you should be spending shared income. 4. 5. Tax rates are likely to rise for many Americans next year, especially high-earning ones.

Unique! The New Face to Online Marketing Le Crédit Agricole Innove Encore Avec [Epargne Communautaire] Le 4 février 2012, nous avons célébré nos 5 ans à cette date, j’ai annoncé le lancement du programme ‘Visible Banking Stars‘ ainsi que la refonte complète de Si vous souhaitez rejoindre notre groupe exclusif de contributeurs -tous banquiers, assureurs et professionnels des services financiers travaillant sur des projets liés au digital, aux médias sociaux et à l’innovation– je vous invite à nous contacter via email. Dans son second article, Jean PHILIPPE – Directeur Général du Credit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne – partage son enthousiasme pour son projet le plus recent ‘‘, un service d’épargne communautaire aux particuliers et aux associations. Après TOOKAM, l’oiseau un rien frondeur de la banque en ligne, le Crédit agricole Pyrénées Gascogne persiste et signe avec un nouveau venu dans la volière des innovations bancaires. Celui-ci répond cette fois-ci au nom de PELIKAM. PELIKAM, résolument ludique et sympathique, est simple à utiliser.

5 Foods To NEVER Eat | Beyond Diet Isabel De Los Rios, the creator of Beyond Diet, is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist who has helped half a million people lose weight and regain their lives. She is a best-selling author, mother of two and a recognized expert in the field of nutrition. What Is Beyond Diet? Beyond Diet is a healthy lifestyle community started by Isabel de Los Rios, certified nutritionist and exercise specialist. A no-nonsense approach to losing weight and keeping it off. What You Get: Beyond Diet Manual - Your go-to guide for finding and eating the foods that burn fat naturally. Quick Start Guide - In the quick start guide you get the top 10 BD principles and specific info on the foods that will get you feeling awesome - start accomplishing your goals in just 15 minutes. Fat-Burning Recipes - Enjoy thousands of tasty fat-burning recipes that will give you the fuel you need to feel amazing. BD Success From People Just Like You Members' Favorite Recipes: Frozen Hot Chocolate

YouMoney - BNZ Multiple transaction accounts for a low monthly fee. Up to 25 YouMoney accounts with unlimited transactions for $5 a month1 (service and facility fees apply, monthly fee waived for eligible tertiary students, graduates, apprentices, and customers 18 years and under)11 Optional text or email alerts Comes with intuitive online banking that includes drag and drop and smart search Complete our online application form – it should only take a few minutes. If you're new to BNZ, you'll need to visit a store with identification. Or you can sign up without going into a store by using our mobile banking apps for iPhone and Android. Our dedicated Switching Team can also help transfer your regular payments YouMoney is a whole new way of banking that includes multiple YouMoney transaction accounts, Personal OnCall savings accounts and intuitive online banking. Students, graduates and apprentices If you're 18 years and under If you're 18 years and under, you'll get the $5 monthly account fee waived11. Show

Planning Printables Set of 20 Pages Daily by SuperSweetLife BNZ Targets Youth Money With Gamification and Social Media Banking All you have to do is type the name of the business and you can access the list of how much money you have spent there. BNZ‘s (@BNZBank) registered users can also set a savings goal that will be represented by a progress bar within the icon. They can also access the actual monetary value underneath the progress bar. Moreover, the icons can be customized using stock images or uploading your personal pictures. Transfer is also possible by dragging and dropping one account to another. A menu bar will open and will allow you to choose the amount you wish to transfer. With drag and drop, predictive search, and the ability to personalise your banking with your own pictures, YouMoney makes organising and managing your money fast, easy and intuitive. This service is now available for those who want to change accounts. Good news for iOS and Android users, the mobile version of this service will be launched on 1 March 2013. Key Stats YouMoney targets users who are 18 to 29 years of age. .