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A Tutorial - How to Draft a Pattern and Make a Zippered Purse with a Flat Bottom

A Tutorial - How to Draft a Pattern and Make a Zippered Purse with a Flat Bottom - Blog mon blog : Tuto pochette très pratique J'ai trouvé cette pochette super mignone et très pratique alors je m'en suis inspiré pour faire celle d'Isabelle. Voir aussi ma pochette en cliquant ici. C'est une pochette dans laquelle on met tout son bazar (clés, papiers, crayons etc ...) et quand on change de sac, on a juste à prendre la pochette ! Voici comment je l'ai faite, sachant qu'il y aura des améliorations. 1/ Il vous faut un tissu de 80 cm sur 31 cm minimum en tissu souple imperméable (genre toile de tente ou rideau de douche). (Si vous souhaitez mettre une doublure, ajouter un morceau de 30 cm sur 31 cm) Couper les pièces comme indiqué ici, en ajoutant 1,5 cm pour les coutures, sauf pour le haut des pièces dites « côté » où on ajoutera 3 cm (voir schéma). 2/ faire l’ourlet haut des poches 3) Mise en place et couture des poches extérieures .Assembler les parties poches aux « côtés » par un surfil en bas (dos des poches sur devant des côtés) . Positionner vos objets et marquer l’emplacement des couture des poches. Coudre.

Scrap It: Gift Card Case or Biz Card Holder Ahhhhh, the gift card. It seems to be such a common choice, and not just as a last minute grab for someone hard to shop for. Gift cards appear to be the go-to gift for anyone and any occasion. Let's face it - they're easy to find, quick to buy, come in any denomination, and are... stunningly impersonal. Maybe it's just me, but a gift card seems to say, "I couldn't really be bothered to find you a present; how about you go get yourself a little something?" But who am I to rain on the gift-giving parade?! Our gift card holders finish at 9¼" x 2¾" flat and 4" x 2¾" folded. Any Sewing Machine (we recommend the Janome 3160QDC) Insert your gift card and close the flap. Contributors Project Design: Alicia Thommas Sample Creation: Liz Johnson Storage Solutions Related Articles

sac(s) de piscine le retour ! - on va voir si je m'y tiens! pour emma, la copine d'adèle. pour capucine, ma filleule. toile cirée petit pan, toile enduite à pois eurodif (rayon nappe !) (un clic dessus pour mieux voir) Tuto couture : faire une pochette à mouchoirs - La Goutte Jeudi 15 juillet 4 15 /07 /Juil 08:00 Par Lilou Voici comment se fabriquer en peu de temps une jolie pochette à mouchoirs. Choisir un tissu qui vous plaise (il ne faut qu'un petit morceau, donc ça se trouve toujours facilement. 1°) Couper un carré de 15 cm x 15 cm (pour mon paquet de mouchoirs, donc adapté selon la taille) 2°) Couper un morceau de biais de la longueur des plus grands côtés Le poser avec des épingles à cheval sur le bord du tissus 3°) Piquer à la machine (ou bien coudre à la main) le long du bord intérieur 4°) Faire la même chose pour l'autre côté 5°) En travaillant à l'envers, plier le tissu de façon à avoir les deux côtés avec le biais au centre (voir photo) Fixer avec des épingles les côtés sans le biais (en vérifiant bien avec le paquet de mouchoir) 6°) Coudre droit à 1 cm du bord 7°) Couper à 0.5cm du bord bien droit 8°) Surfiller au point zigzag pour ne pas que le tissu s'éfiloche 10°) Voila c'est fini Partager l'article ! inShare 15 - Publié dans : Couture

Recent Blog Articles Hi my name is Marni and I’ll be your quilter for this blog post. I’m from Frankenstein’s Fabrics and I’m here with a quilt I’ve made from the fabulous Witch Hazel range. I love and collect Halloween prints. You will need – 30cm of cream witch main print 30cm of cream witch stripe 20cm of gray witch web 20cm of green witch dot 70cm of black witch stars 1.2m of green witch main print (extra allowed for fussy cutting) 50cm of orange witch stars 50cm of green witch web 60cm of orange witch dot 1.8m black and orange chevron 1.85m square of wadding 1.85m square of backing Rotary cutter, ruler and mat Sewing machine with 1/4in and walking foot Neutral thread for piecing Orange thread for quilting Iron and ironing board General sewing supplies Finished size 1.65m square (65in) Preparation There are 2 templates that you’ll need – print them off the arc here and the wedge here. Make sure you read through all the instructions before you start. Cutting From the cream witch main print cut two 4 1/2in strips Piecing Assembling

Tissue case tutorial I’ve used my new sewing machine to make these very simple tissue cases from scrap of linen fabrics. They are basically a lined fabric rectangle folded to meet at the center. I make the outer fabric longer than the lining fabric so it automatically folded inside, because I don’t like the lining fabric showing at the edge. It also eliminates the need of topstitching. The tutorial is only two pages, but please tell me if something is not clear in it. Disclaimer: You may use the finished products for both personal and commercial use (craft shops or markets only – no mass production). Click to download: Have you made something from my tutorials?

My laptop bag tutorial on Sew Mama Sew! I was so excited when Beth from Sew Mama Sew! invited me to contribute to their Back to School month of projects. I thought it would be the perfect time to actually make the laptop bag I wanted for quite some time. So today finally the tutorial went live at Sew mama Sew, and Jessica also posted about it in her blog How About Orange, could this day get any better? I am actually working on a passport pouch and checkcover to match the bag so wen I go to Chile in september I can take all of them with me and of course I will share the how-to’s for you to do the same if you’d like! But for now let’s start with the laptop bag! And to all of you visiting from Sew Mama Sew! I hope you all have a wonderful day! * This tutorial is provided for personal use only. Tags: easy, handbad, laptop, sew mama sew, tutorial

The Crafty Cupboard: How-To: Business Card Holder With the Creative Estates coming up soon (as in, next weekend!), I thought I’d get on the ball and have something to hold my “business” cards while I am there. Here’s how I made mine:You Need:2 fabric pieces cut 5 1/2” x 4 1/2” (one will be lining, one the outside. You can do the same fabric for both, or different fabric to mix things up)2 fabric pieces cut 2 1/2” x 4 1/2”1 fusible fleece piece cut 5 1/2” x 4 1/2”Small hair elastic (I used my daughter’s) – not pictured (Warning: lots of pictures ahead. To begin, take your 2 1/2” pieces and iron a double 1/4” hem down one long side. Top-stitch your hem in place. Then, place your beautifully hemmed pieces on top of your lining piece so your raw edges line up. Iron your fusible fleece piece to your top piece (no pic) and put it right sides together with your lining piece. On one of your 4 1/2” sides, insert your hair elastic in between the lining and the top piece. I used a dull colored pencil to get my corners all pointy. Go ahead!!!

Tutorial :: Summer Sunglasses Case Summer is here!! We need something cute, am I right?? While me and the hubby were out today having breakfast with little Sophia, I complained about how I was getting old and wrinkled from squinting in the sun. All in all this led to a trip over to get some new sunglasses this morning. After realizing that they probably wouldn't last long with my clutzy behavior, I decided to make a little case for them. Piece of Heavy linen Main Fabric Lining Fabric Button Elastic Band Fusible fleece (heavy) Craft Fuse (fusible) Heat n bond Here are the dimensions that you need to Cut:: Main Fabric :: 3.5 x 5: (times 2) Lining Fabric :: 9" x 5" (times 2); 2.5" x 3" (only 1 piece) Linen :: 6" x 5" (times 2) ; 2.5" x 3" (only 1 piece) Fusible Heavy Fleece :: 9" x 5" (times 2) Craft Fuse :: 2.5" x 3" (only 1 piece) After you have cut out all of your pieces, line up your main piece and your linen piece to look like the set on the right of the photo below. Next pin your elastic band to the top of the short side. Thank you