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Design Actions for the Common Good

Design Actions for the Common Good
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Matchstick Marvels: Models Only the models listed in dark ink can be seen at the Matchstick Marvels museum. # Year Model name & description Number of Matchsticks 1. 1977 Church 500 2. 1978 Barn 5,000 3. 1979 USS Constitution 8,000** 4. 1980 Stagecoach 2,000 5. 1981 Stern wheel riverboat 20,000 6-9 1982 4 Windmills 2,000 10. 1983 1930's Locomotive 1,500 11. 1984 Bicycle 500 12. 1985 Small Civil War Cannon 1,000 13. 1986 Small USS Iowa Battleship 7,000** 14-16 1987 3 Country Schools 1,500 17. 1987 USS Midway aircraft carrier 16,000 ** 18-22 1987 5 Rocking Chairs 500 23. 1987 Freightliner flatbed tractor-trailer 4,000 24. 1988 Robert E. Lee 19th century steamboat 50,000 ** Robert E. What's coming in 2013?

Amateur d'art | Lunettes Rouges SCARP | UBC School of Community and Regional Planning PlanetReuse World Architecture News, Official Home Page, architecture news, architecture jobs URBANISME A NOTRE FAÇON C'est décidé ! Aujourd'hui, nous nous lançons pour vous faire découvrir un petit aperçu du travail réalisé dans le cadre d'un projet urbain sur les zones inondables. Si nous ne sommes pas forcément très à l'aise avec la grande échelle, nous adorons tout de même nous éclater côté graphisme pour les rendus ! Cartes, montages ou encore collages ... Et vous, aimeriez-vous travailler sur ce sujet ?

About the University : About us The University of Sussex was the first of the new wave of UK universities founded in the 1960s, receiving its Royal Charter in August 1961. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, Sussex has become a leading teaching and research institution. Innovative research and scholarship Sussex is a leading research university, as reflected in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise. Teaching and learning The University of Sussex has over 13,000 students, of which over a third are postgraduates. Our goal is to deliver teaching and learning programmes that are informed by current research, are attractive to students from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, and which deliver skills for life. Our staff Sussex has developed a reputation for innovation and inspiration, and attracts leading thinkers and researchers. International Sussex From its foundation, Sussex has had an international perspective to its academic activities and its outlook. Campus life Business and the community

Real Life LEED: 95+ FREE Online LEED CMP Continuing Education (CE) Hours or How I learned to stop worrying and just self report One of the biggest initial complaints about the new LEED Credentialing Maintenance Program (CMP) was that people who sign up were going to have a pay substantial sums to get their Continuing Education (CE) hours. The USGBC maintains a course catalog that updates whenever a program earns CE approval. AEC Daily52 approved coursesHosts courses typically developed by manufacturers. To be clear, there are free offerings in the course catalog that I've missed, as many manufacturers are starting to get on board with the new system and getting their lunch and learns up to date...

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