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My Most Favorite Story .Ever

My Most Favorite Story .Ever

40 Belief-Shaking Remarks From a Ruthless Nonconformist If there’s one thing Friedrich Nietzsche did well, it’s obliterate feel-good beliefs people have about themselves. He has been criticized for being a misanthrope, a subvert, a cynic and a pessimist, but I think these assessments are off the mark. I believe he only wanted human beings to be more honest with themselves. He did have a remarkable gift for aphorism — he once declared, “It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.” A hundred years after his death, Nietzsche retains his disturbing talent for turning a person’s worldview upside-down with one jarring remark. Even today his words remain controversial. Here are 40 unsympathetic statements from the man himself. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. More of Nietzsche’s genius here. Have a lot on your mind? Everyday mindfulness has transformed my life, and the lives of many others.

Whoa. This is how I proposed to my girlfriend - she said yes! Text me when you get home. The five stages of incessant pop music. Anti-vaccine logic. Nutella Lite and Dark Chocolate. How dare you... The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra Trailer pokupo Nickelodeon did the near impossible in the early aughts, it released an animated show for ‘tweens with the heart and soul of the very best of anime that appealed to people of all ages. Avatar: The Last Airbender followed the travels of Aang, the reluctant avatar who must master bending (read: magic/martial art) of all four elements.. except Aang could only bend one of the four elements. Through three seasons Aang would come to terms with the responsibilities he would face, making new friends, learning to bend the other elements and of course save his world from total war. Creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko researched different martial arts to represent the different element bending. Now after four years we get a new Airbender tale. The art looks both familiar and better. The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra

The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist - 50 Best Road Trip Songs&|&amp... - StumbleUpon No road trip is complete without a playlist of songs that capture the spirit of traveling on the open road. So we’ve compiled a list of the 50 best road trip songs . In order to make this be-all end-all totally definitive list that all other lists look up to, the songs had to meet the following criteria: a.) encompass the excitement and freedom of road tripping b.) make the time pass faster c.) keep you awake without the assistance of questionably legal pills named “No Doze” d.) contain lyrics so singable that you’ll legitimately consider trying out for the next “American Idol” e.) keep you distracted long enough to make you forget you need to pee (which subsequently means stopping at a heinous rest stop where the bathroom stalls are tagged with death threats and truckers hit on you) f.) drown out the sound of your annoying friend who complains about a developing deep vein thrombosis from being crammed in the backseat (tough it up!) 50. Tags: Music

Hushing Up Conspiracy Theories - Jeff Riggenbach If you spend much time on the Internet, you probably already know who Cass Sunstein is: he's a former professor of law and political science at the University of Chicago, where, during the 1990s, he met and became close friends with a fellow member of the law-school faculty named Barack Obama. Currently, Sunstein is a law professor at Harvard, but he's taking a leave of absence from that position so he can "serve" as Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration. The White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, according to Wikipedia, "develops and oversees the implementation of government-wide policies in the areas of information technology, information policy, privacy, and statistical policy." They give a few examples: the view that the Central Intelligence Agency was responsible for the assassination of President John F. According to Sunstein and Vermeule, some conspiracy theories are harmless.

Too many books How to win Rock-paper-scissors every time I admit it. When I first heard there are actual tournaments for Rock-paper-scissors, sanctioned by the World Rock Paper Scissors Society, I laughed. I mean seriously, $50k to the winner of a game that requires no skill whatsoever? Absurd. Boy was I wrong. Rock-paper-scissors isn't just a silly game kids play or a way to decide who has to be the designated driver at parties. Males have a tendency to throw rock on their first try, inexperienced RPS players will subconsciously deliver the item that won previously, and paper is thrown least often, so use it as a surprise.

Free Things to Do - Free Tips on Saving Money at WomansDay As much as I love the word, I have to admit it makes me suspicious. Just this week I won a “free” vacation, but the fine print says I need to send in a cashier's check to claim my prize. Sadly, “free” is usually a sneaky way to clean out my wallet. But every now and then an exception comes along that's truly free-no strings attached, no hidden agendas. Business cardsVistaPrint is an online printing company known for its amazing offer of 250 free business cards. Why's it free? Expert computer helpIf you've ever had a computer problem and wanted to pull out your hair in frustration, this is for you. Why's it free? Spanish lessonsWant to learn the basics of practical spoken Spanish? Why's it free? Business classesLearn everything from how to write a business plan to how to finance your venture through the Small Business Administration's website ( Why's it free? Credit reportIf you haven't done this already, do it now. Why's it free? Why's it free? Why's it free? Why's it free?

random funny pictures Home Upload Weight Loss Discovery Making National Headlines Last Updated: 4/06/2014 20:52 PST Did you know you can lose weight without traditional dieting? That’s what one new weight loss product wants you to believe. It’s called the SENSA® Weight Loss System, and it’s one of the most talked-about weight loss products on the market today – featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, and Dateline NBC. SENSA® boldly claims to help users lose weight. We were skeptical to say the least. The SENSA® Weight Loss System goes against everything we’ve been taught about losing weight, so we dug a little deeper to find out the truth about SENSA®. Our intrigue and skepticism soon turned to excitement as we uncovered what could be the future weapon in the war on obesity. Is SENSA® the Celebrity Weight Loss Secret? Star of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger recently told Access Hollywood she lost 30 pounds in 8 months* using SENSA®, and says it fits perfectly into her busy schedule. "A slimmer you may be a whiff away." -- New York Times

Nemo liber est qui corpori servit Nature: New set of cute animals Another amazing set of cute animals the nature has to offer. 1. Baby hedgehogs 2. Baby pig 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. All the insanity of modern car culture, in one image « Williams-Sonoma wants to sell you a chicken coop Power source of the future: Snails » 40 comments Comments Share on pocket Share on reddit Share on print Source: via Randi on Pinterest See also: Solar-powered tanning salon. Christopher Mims's dystopian non-fiction is sought after by an ever-growing roster of publications. Find this article interesting? Read more: Biking, Cities Also in Grist Paradise lost in Palau: Island nation fights back against climate change ‘I withdraw’: A talk with climate defeatist Paul Kingsnorth Scientists find evidence of alien Tupperware Antarctica’s “bleeding glacier” is kind of terrifying Elsewhere on the Web sponsored links Great Lakes dying a “death by a thousand cuts” (Cottage Life) There's an Ocean Deep Inside the Earth (Motherboard by Vice) How to grocery shop like a pro (Canadian Living) 10 Worst Dinners to Feed Your Children! Recommended by comment policy <div class="notice">Please <a href=" Advertisement Get Grist in Your Inbox