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TIME FLIES, PETER PAN - 6e by Isabelle Beaubreuil on Genially

TIME FLIES, PETER PAN - 6e by Isabelle Beaubreuil on Genially
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Catch the irregular verbs by D. Araujo by araujo_dulce on escape game created by Miss D. Araujo How do you know if you master the English irregular verbs ? Follow the steps of your mission and your teacher Miss Araujo will give you an infallible method to know them ! You'll see, it's fantastic ! Accept FINALMission CONSEIL : utilisez Chrome et non Firefox sinon des pages auront des erreurs ! run win do hit go Which verb doesn't change? hear heared heart heard Which form is correct? Can you speak louder ? sold said spoke say Which verb is correct? Yesterday, he ... he was sorry. you your keep the 2 words at the bottom Then, click here *Try again! Mathematics - Arithmetic Natural Sciences Physical education Social Sciences How do you say "acheter"? bought build buy Which verb is NOT related to "shopping"? smell cost pay Which verb does NOT change with i-a-u ? find sing ring Remember the word MUST for later! HOW DO YOU SAY "J'ai passé 2 mois confiné" IN ENGLISH ? I've spent2 months locked up I sent 2months locked up I slept2 months locked up I was locked up for 2 months Is closed Option 01 stole

ESCAPE GAME THE STOLEN RECIPE by araujo_dulce on AN ESCAPE GAME : the stolen recipe created by Miss D. Araujo objectives : discover Jamie Oliver, learn new words and how to express quantities or ask questions, understand a recipe Someone has stolen (a dérobé) your recipe and you must find it to be a candidate for the competition "Junior Kédange Chefs" organised by your English teacher Miss Araujo ingredients and utensils STEP 1 : learn your vocabulary Watch the video, then test your memory with Quizlet Who is this man ? do the exercise about the vocabulary, note down the clue at the end double click here to see a bigger picture Watch Buddy, Jamie Oliver's son and his recipe learn your grammar Note down the letter given at the end 2 activities to get a new letter les quantifieurs / some et any double click here to have a bigger picture b. for the sentences a. listen to your recipe Congratulations !

London Escape Game by marise.graziosi on Start LondonESCAPE GAME Fed up with lockdown!Let's go and meet people ! Your English teachers have decided to take you to a show. The title of each enigma will be a topic of study. The Map Please, do come in ! Where are the teachers ??? The première of the show was on Valentine's day... No entry if you don't have the right code ! Congratulation ! Home Info Very well done indeed !!! Very well done indeed !!!

Black Lives Matter and Rap by Béatrice Guillemard ac Montpellier on Black Rap Power Hip hop and the fight of African-American people for their rights. Read everything carefully then click wherever you need to. La création et le rapport aux arts - Le passé dans le présent / Art et pouvoir Manhattan Bronx Brooklyn Queens New York City, USA We've just arrived in Time Square in Manhattan. Hi! And I'm Suzannah. Watch the video. chronology You've found out about Black Lives Matter . Today Abiodun is holding his weekly gathering of poets and rappers.He knows a lot about rap and hip hop. Not here! Looking for Abiodun? Ok! You asked for me? Listen to my interview and take notes. isten! What sort of symbolisms do the words you found correspond to? Sure you found out the main ideas? You've learned a lot about rap, hip hop and Black protest.It was nice meeting you. Forgot something at Abodium's? 2015 up to now Movement's main aspects Now February George Zimmerman shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin dead.

The Queen's hat Escape game The Queen's hatby Alexandra Ayad Click on the hat to start. Le chapeau de la reine a disparu, suis ses aventures.Regarde la vidéo, fais les jeux et donne à ton professeur les 4 chiffres que tu auras trouvés.Tu auras une récompense. Step 1 Watch the movie Where does the scene take place? Wrong! It's time to go to Physical Education class, take the key to the gym Step 2 Do the game to find the second number. Click on the number you found to continue.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Wrong! Super, click on the third number to continue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Step 3 Watch the video again and do the game to find the third number. No!!!! Super, click on the last number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Step 4 Do the game to find the last number. To try again, click on the orange locker. Is closed Click on Wikipedia to know what 1926 corresponds to for the Queen.

mission santa Enter the 4 digit code to open the door. How many kilos of ingredients without the eggs do you need to build a 234m2 gingerbread house? Gingerbread houses first appeared in Germany after the Brothers Grimm published Hansel and Gretel, in 1812. Later, German immigrants took the tradition to the USA. And it's there, in Texas, that this gingerbread house was built, in 2013. It was 234m2 and contained 35.8 million calories. How many kilos of ingredients do you need to build a 234m2 gingerbread house? Wrong! Try again! I was expecting you! The gingerbread men are ready! little cottage big house thirsty near the river hungry a fox bake a gingerbread man raisins for eyes chocolate for eyes ginger for mouth cinnamon for mouth raisins for buttons chocolate chips for buttons in the fridge Don't eat me! in the oven Don't run! You can't catch me! You can catch me! a pig a horse a cow near the forest bake cookies a wolf Read the Gingerbread man story and click on the words in the order of the story to go to Buckingham Palace.

Santa's Mission C. Rollo (Ac. Versailles) Santa's Mission Dear Children around the world,I need your help to save Christmas.The Grinch stole four of my reindeer and Christmas is in 30mns! Every city Every street Every school What is Santa Claus's favourite treat? Mission 1: London Click on the Grinch Mog is having a nightmare Mog is trying to escape A turkey is burning The Thomas family is sleeping Mog is pulling the christmas lights The neighbors are cleaning up the house The Thomas family and the neighbours are celebrating Christmas together. Mog is purring in the arms of Debbie Mog is contemplating her favourite food, an egg Order the events. Thank you! Mission 2: New York Where was this photo taken? Mission 3: Toronto Mission 4: Sydney Cairns Alice Springs Melbourne Sydney Canberra Brisbane Darwin Perth What is the capital city of Australia? Start An Australian Christmas Quiz Spring Summer Autumn What is the season in Australia in December? A snowman A gingerbread man An elf Who is the main character? A dessert

C'est Noël sur En'G | escapegame C'est Noël sur Escape n' Games !!! C'est bientôt Noël et le collectif a pensé à vous. Nous vous avons réservé quelques surprises pour vous et vos élèves afin de vous faire patienter jusqu'à l'arrivée du père Noël. Vous aimez les jeux sérieux et jeux d'évasion pédagogiques ? Un répertoire de 200 jeux sérieux gratuits pour vos classes de Thot Cursus (cliquez sur le sapin pour accéder au site). Un calendrier de l'avent de Benjamin Lagarrigue ici (n'hésitez pas à rejoindre son groupe facebook sur Genially ici) L'escape game de Céline Deparis pour des CE2 / CM1 avec tous les documents sur son blog ici Autres escape games en primaire : Escape game de Noël Primaire - CE2 / CM1 / CM2 Français / Mathématiques / Sciences - CM2 Il faut retrouver le père Noël Primaire - CM1 / CM2 En voir plus Un escape game sur Noël proposé par Mallory Monhard à retrouver sur son blog ici Le calendrier des vacances de Noël de Cyril Dussuchaud : Les escape games au collège : Santa's Mission Anglais - Cycle 4 Escape game Christmas