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These resource pages are ongoing and come from many sources including online searches, word of mouth recommendations, books, pamphlets, brochures, and my own travel experiences. If you have anything to add, would like something removed, or something isn’t working correctly, please let me know. The flags below are meant to give you an idea of which nationalities the link is for or where the company is located. Common sense should tell you if you’re able to use a given link from another country.

How to take a broke-ass road trip - travel tips and articles There’s a saying that goes, ‘The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco’. It’s credited to Mark Twain, but that’s a lie; nobody really knows who said it. I wish I had. You know what else I wish I had? 1. (I know I just complained about not having a car, but I’m actually tied to my desk right now, so just look at my car reference before as a metaphor for ‘the freedom to not be at my damn desk’.) 2. If you don’t have wheels but aren’t too keen on riding with random strangers, you can always rent a car. 3. Still on the car-less theme, if you use Zipcar or one of the countless smaller local versions of car sharing, you can take a vehicle for multiple days at a time. 4. Don’t wanna spend too much loot on food while traveling? 5. You read Lonely Planet, so you know the drill, but just in case you don’t, I’ll break it down for you. 6. If you wanna save money on a road trip, don’t go to Disneyland, or any other theme park for that matter. 7. 8.

The West's best ski towns Telluride, Colorado is a beautiful Western town surrounded by 13,000-foot peaks and the state's tallest free-falling waterfall. Telluride, Colorado, is a perfectly preserved Western town The après-ski scene in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is lively and fun Taos, New Mexico offers an array of activities for non-skiers (Sunset) -- Whether you're all about the hot toddies, mountain views, Wild West saloons, après-ski eats or small-town charm, we've got the place for you. Most Old West charm: Steamboat Springs, Colorado Spur-clad cowboys from the area's 400 cattle ranches mingle with fur-clad skiers on main hub Lincoln Avenue. Slopes: Race down 2,965 acres of some of the West's best gladed and groomed skiing at Steamboat ($97), including Shadows and Buddy's Run. Sleeps: Downtown's Hotel Bristol (from $139) opened in 1948 and still has its Old West touches, from the saloon to the Native American quilts in the bedrooms. Info: 24 miles from Yampa Valley Regional Airport;

Help Exchange: free volunteer work exchange abroad Australia New Zealand Canada Europe The 20 Best Travel Websites on the Internet - Golden Book Traveler Update: Visit the 2012 version of The 20 Best Travel Websites on the Internet I hope that everyone who attended my SXSW Core Conversation panel on How to Make Money Traveling Around the World enjoyed the presentation. As promised, I have a listing of my top 20 favorite travel websites (in no particular order). I’m still working on my eBook “70 Vacations in 7 Months“. The Top 20! Couch Surfing Hands down my favorite travel website on the internet. Travellers Point Travellerspoint is a small travel community that features expert travel advice. Momondo How can a Danish aggregator feature cheaper flights within the U.S, than any American flight aggregator? Escape The City Escape the City is a new website that continues to grow like wildfire. Hostel World My go to site for anything related to hostels. Trip-it I build almost all of my travel itineraries through Trip-it. AirBnB Airbnb is great for people who enjoy a finer lodging experience. Flyer Talk Sleeping in Airports Seat Guru Travel Finances Flickr

8 Tools to Help You Travel Forever and Live Rent Free So you’ve decided to do it. You have a friend or family member who can store your belongings for an undetermined period of time, you’ve tied up loose ends, and your bags are packed. It’s time to start traveling long term! But now what? How then, do you travel long term and not run out of money? © *sean Here are eight handy resources to help you get started on your long term travel adventure: Caretaker’s Gazette ( By joining this service (annual membership is approximately US$30), you will gain access to a classified system of people looking for caretakers in exchange for rent-free living. Some are paying opportunities, while others are simply work-trade arrangements for accommodation. This is what TIME Magazine had to say about the Caretaker’s Gazette. Woofing ( WWOOF is an acronym for a number of different phrases, the most apt of which in my mind is “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”. House Carers ( Couch Surfing

Summit for the weekend Not all mighty mountains require you to hire a porter or reach for rope and tackle, as these craggy beauties go to prove. Don't take them too lightly, though... Mount Elbrus, Russia Far from the glory-grabbing summits of the European Alps are the shy twin peaks of Mt Elbrus (5642m), Europe's highest mountain. Mount Olympus, Greece Rub hiking boots with the gods as you ascend Greece's highest mountain, the legendary home of the Olympian gods. Gunung Bromo, Indonesia Emerging from the crater floor of Java's massive Tengger crater are three volcanic peaks. Jebel Toubkal, Morocco North Africa's highest mountain (4167m) is surprisingly kind on climbers. Table Mountain, South Africa The flat-topped, 1086m-high mountain that gives Cape Town its visual splendour is also said to contain more than 300 walking paths. Ben Nevis, Scotland Britain's highest mountain has an attraction that belies its numbers. Mount Sinai, Egypt Mount Fuji, Japan Half Dome, USA

Places To Visit, Trip Planner, Travel & Vacation Ideas InterRail France Pass | Travel through France by Train | InterRail passes are valid for different periods of time and with a different number of travel days*. A travel day lasts 24 hours from midnight to midnight. On each travel day you have access to the train networks of the countries where your InterRail pass is valid. If you’re planning to travel by train on most days of your trip, a pass that’s valid e.g. 15 days continuous will give you the freedom you want. If you’d like to take unlimited trains on a select number of days, pick a pass with which you can travel e.g. 5 days within 10 days. * The number of travel days available varies per pass.