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Custom Wedding Printables - Free Wedding Invitations

Custom Wedding Printables - Free Wedding Invitations
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48x24 Original Modern Abstract Heavy Texture par QiQiGallery wedding SUNDAY BAKER: Pumpkin & Cream Bread (low calorie) Note to Pinterest readers: It has been brought to my attention that this calorie count is wrong. I put in the calorie content that was listed in the cookbook I got the recipe from, and then subtracted the calories that I saved by adding lower calorie ingredients. I assumed the recipe book was right, but it wasn't. This pumpkin bread is still a nice, low fat option that I love. The recipes makes 2 loaves, so you have to remember that when adding up the calories. I think we all have great pumpkin bread recipes. Which leads to the biggest problem I end up having with it: I could easily sit down and eat a half a loaf of a good pumpkin bread. I'm speaking from experience. So my goal here was to play around with a recipe to make it so I could still wolf it down like a glutton but not feel so guilty about it. Because I honestly believe that even though moderation is a wonderful thing in life, some things are meant to be exceptions. Chocolate is one. The ribbon of cream cheese is a tasty addition.

Crafts Moon Phase Twister - Holy Crickey Shopping Freebies to motivate you Motivation is a very finicky thing. One moment you might have and the next it’s gone. It’s a tough problem to fix – you don’t get taught motivation in school. Fortunately, there are plenty of sites on the Web that offer motivation tips. Habitforge – This site claims habits are formed or broken in 21 days. If you were, you’re one day closer to a solid habit. Don’t Break the Chain – Get motivated the same way that comedian Jerry Seinfeld does! Then link together a chain of days you’re successful. Joe’s Goals – Maybe you want to eat a healthy breakfast every day.

fun 20 Salads Hearty Enough for Tonight's Dinner By Angie McGowan and Erin Lebar | We love to make big salads for dinner at our house. The salad that I make most frequently is a taco salad. It’s one of my comfort foods. nggallery id=’119699′ Paella Rice Salad For a cool summer take on this typically warm dish, keep the veggies raw and just cook the rice! Make paella rice salad Beans and Rice Salad A great summer twist on the classic rice and beans. Make beans and rice salad Mexican Green Rice Salad This gorgeous green rice salad gets its color from fresh spinach, cilantro, and lime. Make Mexican green rice salad Greek Quinoa Salad Quinoa has become a trendy seed these days, and for good reason — it's nutritious and delicious! Make Greek quinoa salad Easy family meals for under $1016 skinny soups to warm you up this winterThe 50 best recipes under 100 caloriesThe top foods that will make you gain weight41 copycat recipes from your fave fast food joints More on Babble About Angie McGowan and Erin Lebar Angie McGowan and Erin Lebar

Free Kids Prefer a Variety of Colorful Foods A study that was published in the January 2012 issue of Acta Paediatrica reveals that children prefer plates with a variety of foods—seven items and six different colors, to be exact. While reading about this “discovery,” I was automatically brought back to a photo that I recently found on Pinterest. A 2-year-old’s birthday party featured “toddler buffet” trays, which showcased a variety of finger foods perfect for tiny hands, using—gasp—ice-cube trays. Since the results of the study suggest that we should be offering our children a variety of foods at every meal, I thought it was time to whip out the “toddler buffet” trays and try it for myself. Vegan meals that include fruits, veggies, nuts, and beans offer an abundance of color and choices for picky eaters. What tips do you have for introducing new foods into your child’s meals?