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Lobster to Sweet & Sour: How To Make 6 Stir-Fry Sauces

Lobster to Sweet & Sour: How To Make 6 Stir-Fry Sauces
Have the vegetables and meats to stir-fry, but not sure what sauce you'd like to finish them in? In this post I'll list six simple stir-fry sauces to try. Put down the take-out menu and grab your wok - this will be fun and easy! Ingredients:2/3 cup soy sauce1/2 cup beef broth1/3 cup rice wine3 1/2 tablespoons sugar1/4 teaspoon white pepper1 tablespoon minced garlic1 tablespoon minced ginger2 tablespoons cornstarch1/4 cup water Preparation:Heat a wok over high heat; add 1 tablespoon cooking oil, swirling to coat. Basic White Sauce Ingredients:1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger1 clove garlic, chopped2 tablespoons soy sauce3/4 cup chicken or vegetable stock1 tablespoon cornstarch2 tablespoons water Preparation:In a wok, heat 1 tablespoon of oil and stir fry the garlic and ginger for one minute to release the flavors. Sweet & Sour Sauce Ingredients:1/4 cup chicken broth2 tablespoons soy sauce2 tablespoons cider vinegar1 tablespoon brown sugar1/2 teaspoon hot red pepper flakes Related:  Asian (Korean)

Chinese Barbecued Tofu and Vegetables It was one of those days when I needed a clone–you know, someone to do the cooking while I did everything else that had to be done. Since science has yet to reach the point of providing me free kitchen help, I reached into my cabinet and pulled out the next best thing: The Crockpot. I rarely plan far enough in advance to use the crockpot, but for those times when I know I’ll be busy doing other things right before dinnertime, the crockpot is a must. The trouble yesterday was that my family had had their fill of the usual crockpot fare–soups and stews–and were ready for something else. Besides, the crazy Mississippi weather was playing one of its frequent tricks on us by going from chilly soup weather to nearly 90, so it just wasn’t the day for cozy comfort food. Actually, a crockpot is perfect for tofu. Chinese Barbecued Tofu and Vegetables(click for printer-friendly version) 1 package (about 1 lb.) extra-firm, regular (not silken) tofu Cut the tofu into 1/2-inch thick slices.

Not Junk Food - Tasty, easy recipes Pesto Lasagna This is a great lasagna for summer. It contains no meat and there is no tomato sauce. It makes use of that great summer basil and it can either be a side dish to grilled meats or a main dish. If you want to save some cooking time, you can use no-boil lasagna noodles. Keep in mind, though, that these noodles require a lot of liquid or sauce in order for them to cook properly. They absorb a lot. Another tip for you when making lasagna is to use the No-Stick aluminum foil. Pesto Lasagna for a printable recipe, click here makes an 8x8 pan4-8 servings * note: for this recipe in an 8x8 pan, you can make a smaller size lasagna using only 10 noodles (5 layers with only 2 sheets per layer). note on lasagna noodles: I find that regular lasagna noodles work best with this recipe. Ingredients: for the pasta: 10 - 20 no-cook lasagna noodles or fresh pasta sheets, cooked or regular lasagna noodles, cooked * for the pesto: for the bechamel: for the assembly and topping: Instructions: Make the pesto:

CrockPot Vietnamese Pho Soup Recipe Day 148. Phee Phi Pho Phum. this is good. you should make some. I think one of the best things about making this soup was the day of jokes. "You made this? "Pho sure I did." Every Monday Adam goes out to lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and has pho. I was thrilled when I discovered Erin's blog and read her Pho recipe. The Ingredients. --6 cups beef broth or stock--2 inch chunk of ginger (I just read that Erin said to use 1/4-1/2 inch of peeled ginger. oops. The Directions. Put all of the broth into the crockpot. 15 minutes before serving, add the entire package of rice noodles to the pot. By the time you set the table, the noodles will be tender and glass-like. The Verdict. This has a very nice mellow flavor. The next day the flavors were even more pronounced (but the noodles got weird. Thank you, Erin!

Tartelette simply delicious home-cooked meals, etc.. ] Print This Recipe In some regions of the Philippines, coconut milk is one of the ingredients in the dish called ADOBO which happens to be one of my favorite Filipino Dishes. It’s either in pork or chicken. Pork is my pick any day. Anyhoooo, in my cooking years, I’ve never made adobo with coconut milk until a week ago. pork, cut in chunks6 cloves of garlic, crushed and peeled2 thumb-sized ginger, chopped finelyblack pepper3 whole bay leaves3 cups of water1/2 cup soy sauce1/4 cup vinegarsmall red potatoes, peeleda little bit of oil1 sm can of coconut milk3 sprigs of scallions, cut in 3rds Heat up oil in a pot. Pour the coconut milk in. Add soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, ginger, black pepper, and the bay leaves. Stir occasionally and to check how tender the pork chunks are. Serve with white rice. Technorati Tags: Filipino Dishes,Pork Adobo,Adobo W/ Coconut Milk,Coconut Milk,Asian Cooking,Pinoy Cooking,Pinoy Food,Filipino Cuisine,Adobo,Pork Dishes

CrockPot Honey and Orange Tofu Recipe Day 109. This is a tofu recipe. If you don't like tofu, the marinade will taste great on chicken or pork. But tofu is good for you. The Ingredients. --1 brick of extra firm tofu (this was the lite version. --2 cloves of minced garlic --1/4 cup soy sauce (we use LaChoy because it's gluten free) --1/4 cup orange juice --1/4 cup honey --fresh broccoli florets The Directions. --drain your tofu well and chop into bite-sized chunks --brown in a skillet in a bit of butter with the 2 cloves of minced garlic (this isn't absolutely necessary, but will help the tofu keep it's shape and provide a texture that your tongue really kind of wants) --add to crockpot and top with the liquid ingredients --wash and cut your fresh broccoli--add to the mix --cover and cook on low for 4-5 hours. If you are going to use frozen broccoli, add the last 30 min of cooking time Serve over steamed brown rice. The Verdict. This makes a very good sauce that makes anything taste good. My kids did a good job eating this meal.

Recipes You know what it’s like: sometimes you just want a quick bowl of pasta after work; other times it’s a French classic for a dinner party. Here we’re presenting Delia’s recipes – nearly 1400 of them! – in categories so you can home in on a particular cuisine, type of dish or, if you’re wondering what on earth to do with those chicken thighs, main ingredient. What should you be cooking this month? It's always good to eat seasonally wherever possible. Cuisine 1105 recipes Whether you prefer classic French cuisine, chilli-hot Indian curries, fragrant Thai food or good old British classics, we've collected Delia's recipes into galleries, arranged by cuisine allowing you to travel the world from your kitchen. Type of Dish 1315 recipes Sunday roasts, vegetarian treats, picnic food, cakes as light as a feather... this area brings together Delia's recipes arranged by the type of dish, so whether you want inspiration for the Sunday roast or are planning a barbecue we can help! Collection 1174 recipes

10 Gourmet Meals For $10 or Less photo: Eating cheap is easy. Given $10 to buy ingredients for a meal for four, even the most hopeless home cook could whip up grilled cheese and tomato soup or a simple spaghetti-and-meatballs combo. But putting together a gourmet dinner for under $10 is more challenging. So we asked food and finance bloggers, as well as home cooks, to send in their best suggestions. (We’ve shared them below with recipe details, or, where available, linked to their blogs.) Now Frugal Foodie has a challenge you: what’s your best super-cheap yet gourmet meal? (All cost estimates are based on non-sale New York City supermarket prices. One Pan Chicken and Rice by Hilary Allard of Sliced and Diced Cost: $5.73, or $1.43 per serving. Allard’s sauté uses one pot and is finished in the oven, minimizing dishes as well as cost. Caramelized Cauliflower Fritatta by Michael Natkin of Herbivoracious Cost: $7.08, or $1.77 per serving Monday Spinach Rice Medley Cost: $7.15, or $1.79 per serving Venetian Chicken

CrockPot Korean Ribs Recipe Day 101. Happy Slow Cooker Thursday! I completely forgot all about SCT last Thursday. Make up for it today by visiting Sandra twice! These are quite possibly the very best ribs I have ever had. Yes. I have a hive on my EYEBALL. lovely. But! those girl scout cookies I hid never had a chance... The Ingredients. --package of beef short ribs (or pork!) --1 cup soy sauce (La Choy and Tamari Wheat-Free are gluten free) --1 cup brown sugar --5 whole jalapeno peppers (Stefania used 10. --1/2 cup water The Directions. I plopped frozen solid beef ribs into the crockpot. I then put the soy sauce, water and brown sugar on top, and threw in the WHOLE (don't cut them!) Since my ribs were frozen, I cooked them on high for an hour, then used a wooden spoon to smash them down further into the crock. If you are out of the house all day, cook on low. We served this with brown rice and green beans. The Verdict. The kids ate this! I was brave and tried a jalapeno.

Tuna Pasta Bake 15 Netmums like this This is a really nice, simple tuna pasta bake dish that the whole family can enjoy! dried pasta (75g-115g per adult, or half this per child) 1 onion, chopped 1 clove of garlic, crushed 1 tin tuna 1 tin chopped tomatoes mixed dried herbs or oregano grated cheese Cook and drain the pasta. Use tuna in oil if you have some. Add the chopped tomatoes, the herbs and some black pepper. Add to the cooked pasta. Variations Add a small amount of red wine to the sauce, or a tablespoon of half-fat crème fraiche to make it creamy.For extra taste, add sweetcorn and/or mushrooms, or a stock cube to the pasta water.If you don't like tuna, the same recipe works really well with chopped up bacon.Instead of a bake, keep it simple and mix it all in a big bowl. Sue from Sutton says: "Sometimes I add a dollop of mayonnaise, sometimes salad cream, sometimes Worcester sauce, sometimes garlic sauce, sometimes even curry powder!

The Hazel Bloom: The Best Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Ever I can say this is the best macaroni and cheese recipe ever because it's not really my recipe. I tweaked it a tiny bit - basically made it even more fattening - but otherwise, it's someone else's. It's from someone named Bev, who posted her recipe on Recipezaar and to whom I am eternally grateful. See, macaroni and cheese is pretty much my all-time favorite food. One of my first-ever memories is of sitting down in front of the TV with a bowl full of macaroni and cheese and watching Emergency! I should probably stop there. So back to Bev. Bev is probably totally creeped out now too. I'm a total freakfest today. Oh - and this recipe is great with many noodles other than macaroni (like penne, yum!) Okay, I'm shutting up now. (Conchiglie pasta - this organic Montebello stuff is out of this world:) Here's the recipe! Adapted from the Bev's Macaroni and Cheese recipe on Recipezaar Serves 5 - 6 Ingredients 8 oz. to 10 oz. macaroni or other pasta (like conchiglie!) Instructions