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Lowe Stratéus

Lowe Stratéus

mixbeat Sid Lee Les agences média sont-elles lucides face à leur avenir ? Jeudi 8 septembre, 9 heures du matin, direction la salle Wagram dans le 17ème arrondissement pour les Premières Rencontres de l’UDECAM (Union des Entreprises de Conseil et Achat Media), sous le thème de la Renaissance Media. Nous attendions un discours très policé, corporate, l’usage rédhibitoire de la langue de bois et des tentatives d’évangélisation d’annonceurs à tours de bras. Loin s’en faut. Website and Logo Brand Design Company

Cities wants to help Instagram users bring their virtual connections to the real world and help them meet each other! Countless users have contacted and encouraged us to develop the Instagramers Branded Group all over the world. It´s easy and free! How to create an Instagramers Network Group? To be part of our manIgers team around the world, you just have to be at least over 18 and strong social media skills and experience. You will have to send us (by mail) your contact datas, your motivations, projects in your area, social media back ground, experience in organization of events or contests, the list of people who will manage the account with you (always better when 2 or 3 people in each Instagramers local group).

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