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74 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom

74 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom
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Les 15 meilleurs outils en ligne pour les enseignants Bien évidemment au delà du titre quelque peu accrocheur ( faute avouée à moitié…), il s’agit ici surtout de lister les outils en ligne que je juge indispensables et remarquables pour un enseignant. N’hésitez pas à completer la liste à partir de vos propres outils et de votre expérience. Les applications et services tice utiles pour un enseignant sont inombrables et Les Outils Tices’efforce de vous en faire découvrir de nouveaux chaque jour. Google Drive: Google continue de s’imposer comme un acteur majeur des outils en ligne simples et efficaces. Dropbox: La compagnie vient d’annoncer plus de 100 millions d’utilisateurs. Evernote: C’est votre mémoire et votre outil d’organisation. Prezi: C’est le système de création de slides qui a donné un sacré coup de vieux à l’indecrottable Powerpoint. Jumpshare (vu sur allweb2) : Voici un service en ligne pour partager en deux clics un document ou un fichier en ligne. Loopster: Les vidéos deviennent de plus en plus présentes dans la classe.

100 Teaching Tools You Should Know About 5 Ways To Be A Better Public Speaker 7.15K Views 0 Likes If you've been asked to speak at a conference or host a seminar, you may be shaking in your boots. Not only is the thought of speaking in public nerve-wracking, but being in charge of a seminar that no one wants to at... Edudemic Is Giving Away 30 Free Citelighter Pro Accounts! 576 Views 0 Likes We think Citelighter is a great tool for both students and teachers, and what better way to try it out than for free?

100+ Google Tricks That Will Save You Time in School – Eternal Code [via] With classes, homework, and projects–not to mention your social life–time is truly at a premium for you, so why not latch onto the wide world that Google has to offer? From super-effective search tricks to Google hacks specifically for education to tricks and tips for using Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, these tricks will surely save you some precious time. Search Tricks These search tricks can save you time when researching online for your next project or just to find out what time it is across the world, so start using these right away. Convert units. Google Specifically for Education From Google Scholar that returns only results from scholarly literature to learning more about computer science, these Google items will help you at school. Google Scholar. Google Docs Google Docs is a great replacement for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so learn how to use this product even more efficiently. Use premade templates. Gmail Use the Tasks as a to-do list.

- My Big Campus- collaborative online environment for schools - the Long Review, April 2012 My Big Campus, from Lightspeed Systems, is an online service that allows schools to create an engaging, collaborative online environment. I’ve been using it since September and am finding it very easy and useful. I wrote aboutmy intial impressions hereand will be documenting my experience using it throughout this school year. One of the very useful features is Lockdown. Another great feature is Groups. The calendar is also a useful way of keeping people organized and calendar events can be shared with specific groups. You can even do video chats in a group, leading to remote collaboration, meetings, and tutoring. I recently discovered how to make collections. My Big Campus has a tremendous amount of features and uses and as I use it, I keep finding more and more things to do with it. Here’s a summary of some of the features: My Big Campus includes: David Andrade is a Physics Teacher and Educational Technology Specialist in Connecticut.

Fonctionnement de votre centre d'assistance - Centre d'aide Google Apps Vos utilisateurs auront certainement besoin d'une assistance informatique d'ordre général pour Google Apps et les autres programmes et systèmes que vous utilisez dans votre organisation. Cette page vous aidera à mettre en place un centre d'assistance permettant d'optimiser vos services d'assistance. Fonctionnement Vous souhaiterez probablement que votre centre d'assistance reste toujours accessible par le biais de divers supports, y compris : Téléphone E-mail Chat (audio ou vidéo) Voix sur IP Site Web Wiki interne, tel que Google Sites, hébergeant toutes les informations de dépannage (pas uniquement relatives à Google Apps) Bureau (publiez les horaires d'ouverture) La plupart des centres d'assistance font appel à Remedy ou à un autre système interne de suivi des demandes. Vous avez également la possibilité de créer un formulaire Google afin que les utilisateurs puissent envoyer des demandes d'assistance. Formation de votre personnel Services d'assistance Traitement des demandes d'assistance

Outils elearning 20 Must-Have Educational Resources For All Teachers Edudemic often features posts providing a list of top resources for a particular category. Recently, the site posted the names of the LAUNCHedu finalists chosen by the SXSWedu® Conference, offering even more resources for the Edudemic staff to consider! On March 7, 2012, they will choose winners after a full day of presentations by the finalists. There are so many sites and programs on the Internet already, but this competition just goes to show that the need for educational resources is still great. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. The cliche works because it is true. I thought and pondered, considered and reconsidered, and researched and revised a list in my head this week. First, however, I created a wordle using some of the lists the editors have created recently. I divided my resources into categories, based on my interests as a teacher. Devices iPad – The iPad provides access to e-texts and incredible educational apps. Resources for Lesson Planning

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