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Jazz Standards, Jazz History, Musicology, Biographies and Books

Jazz Standards, Jazz History, Musicology, Biographies and Books

(¯`•._.• Trovando Bossa •._.•´¯): Los Songbooks de Almir Chediak Los Songbooks de Almir Chediak Almir Chediak ha sido profesor de guitarra de por lo menos nueve de cada diez artistas de la música popular brasileña, como por ejemplo: Gal Costa, Marina Lima, Nara Leão, Elba Ramalho, Moraes Moreira, Tim Maia, Carlos Lyra, Toni Costa, Cazuza, Ricardo Silveira, Caetano Veloso y Turibio Santos, entre otros. Como compositor, ha musicalizado y arreglado para bandas sonoras originales de películas, documentales y piezas de teatro. Actualmente se dedica a las actividades de docencia en su centro musical de la urbanización de Copacabana y es editor de su propia compañía LUMIAR EDITORA". LUMIAR es una editorial dedicada al lanzamiento de libros didácticos, principalmente en el área de la música popular donde hay una gran carencia de material didáctico. Chediak es el idealizador y productor de una serie de publicaciones conocidas con el nombre de SONGBOOK. Algunos de los SONGBOOKS y libros de música publicados por LUMIAR EDITORA son:

Jazz | FilterMusic Amazingly Creative Drawing Vs Photography This wonderful work has done by a very talented Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer Ben Heine. This creative artist was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He Studied graphic arts and sculpture and I also have a degree in journalism. Lets take a look at some of his awesome works that he calls “Drawing Vs Photography” or “Imagination Vs Reality”. One man, 100,000 toothpicks, and 35 years: An incredible kinetic sculpture of San Francisco Thirty five years ago I had yet to be born, but artist Scott Weaver had already begun work on this insanely complex kinetic sculpture, Rolling through the Bay, that he continues to modify and expand even today. The elaborate sculpture is comprised of multiple “tours” that move pingpong balls through neighborhoods, historical locations, and iconic symbols of San Francisco, all recreated with a little glue, some toothpicks, and an incredible amount of ingenuity. He admits in the video that there are several toothpick sculptures even larger than his, but none has the unique kinetic components he’s constructed. Via his website Weaver estimates he’s spent over 3,000 hours on the project, and the toothpicks have been sourced from around the world: I have used different brands of toothpicks depending on what I am building. See the sculpture for yourself at the Tinkering Studio through the end of June.

Paper Art - 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art Paper art can be traced back to Japan, where it originated over a thousand years ago. From complex paper cutting to book carving, this is an ever expanding area of design that is hardly talked about. These intricate paper designs grace museums and exauhibitions throughout the world and is becoming yet another exciting medium of expression for many designers. Some of the artists featured here use simple materials, such as A4 printing papeel, while others resort to unexpected materials, such as actual books, as their prime materials. In this article, we’ll take a look at 13 remarkable artists and showcase their truly amazing pieces of paper art. Peter Callesen Visit website Jen Stark Visit website Simon Schubert Visit website Brian Dettmer: Book Sculptures Visit website Sher Christopher Visit website Elsa Mora Visit website Yulia Brodskaya Visit Website Su Blackwell Visit website Richard Sweeney Visit website Jolis Paons Visit website Bovey Lee Visit website Bert Simons Visit website Ingrid Siliakus Visit website

Marketing Alternativo story of a dance Prestige and New Jazz Records - jazz album covers On Internet since 1998 The Birka Jazz ArchiveRecords we have bought and sold over the years - the rare and the beautiful! Please note! These albums are not for sale. Click HOME to find our record store. Scroll down and use the links to browse our comprehensive Archive of rare jazz album covers First page | Previous | Next COLUMBIA RECORDS The pioneers of album cover design CLEF, NORGRAN, VERVE (1) David Stone Martin CLEF, NORGRAN, VERVE (2) The photographic covers BLUE NOTE 10" LPs Searching for a modern jazz identity BLUE NOTE 1500 series Defining the hard bop style BLUE NOTE 4000 series Masterpieces of Reid Miles PRESTIGE RECORDS Images of East Coast jazz RIVERSIDE RECORDS Street cred with Thelonious Monk PACIFIC JAZZ Moods of Chet and Claxton CONTEMPORARY Cool West Coast, great Sound SAVOY RECORDS Masterworks by Charlie Parker DIAL RECORDS Small label, big Bird sound ATLANTIC RECORDS Bold and striking albums EMARCY RECORDS The classic drummer logo label CANDID RECORDS Legendary, early 1960s LPs