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Mossy Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Mossy Leaf-Tailed Gecko

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Cerulean Iguana © Shannon Plummer Habitat: Grand Cayman Island Status: Critically Endangered Located on the tiny island of Grand Cayman off the coast of Cuba are the last remaining Blue Iguanas ( Cyclura lewisi ). 15 Bizarre Buildings Architecture can amaze us in so many ways. There are structures that can make our jaw drop because of their beauty while others are so grandiose to look at. They are also usually those kind of buildings that convince us to take a double-take on our camera. They look strange, silly, weird, and sometimes, funny. These are the structures that challenge our vision and trick our mind, each time we take another look at them; it takes us back to the awe that architecture always manages to convey.

The Macro World By Thomas Shahan [118 PICS] There has always been an urge of seeing small insects and animals up close, so close that one could see even the smallest detail on them. The technology of today and some amazing cameras enable us to see for ourselves the miracles of nature . Thomas Shahan ( Official Website ) is the one who gave us an opportunity to take a closer look at “The Macro World” . These photos are so vivid and full of details that just looking at them gives me the Goosebumps. Take a closer look.

Miniature Chameleons Discovered Photograph courtesy Frank Glaw Match-tip tiny, Brookesia micra (juvenile pictured) is the smallest of four new chameleon species found on the African island country of Madagascar. With an average adult length of just over an inch (2.9 centimeters) from snout to tail, B. micra is among the tiniest reptiles in the world. (Related: "Record-Breaking Chameleons Live Only a Few Months.") mental_floss Blog » The House of Blood Where is the house of blood? It could be your house with these home furnishings, most of which are available at the click of a mouse. Individually, they might be described as conversation pieces; put them all together and you'll have a house of horrors no one would want to visit twice. One of these products used the description "Gruesome, bloody, and absolutely offensive.

Image Two images of the same scene: The top image is a captured photo made using photography, while the bottom image is a simplified artistic rendering. Images are produced by capturing or rendering. An SARradar image acquired by the SIR-C/X-SAR radar on board the Space Shuttle Endeavour shows the Teide volcano. The city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is visible as the purple and white area on the lower right edge of the island.

Differences between Crocs and Alligators Alligators and crocodiles are some of the oldest creatures on the plant. In fact their ancestors were around during the during of the dinosaurs. They live in similar environments, eat similar-ish prey, ans lets face it, crocodiles, alligators - they both look the same. Beady eyes, scary teeth and loads of warty skin - what else do you need to know? Well, they must be different otherwise they wouldn't have different names, and with just a closer look - and a little help from a suitable expert - you can see for yourself just how different they truly are.

Artist Brian Dettmer Carves Old Books into Intricate Narrative Sculptures Brian Dettmer – Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World Most of Dettmer’s focus is on books, favoring out of date encyclopedias, medical journals, illustration books and dictionaries. He begins carving away arbitrarily at the pages, letting the images reveal themselves as he moves through his process. He seals the edges of the books to ensure precision, which also transforms the splayed edges to look like a smooth and sanded piece of wood. Carefully extracting bits and pieces, he creates a narrative within the books’ contents, revealing selected sentences and images.