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Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut

Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut

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The Art World Redefined Through Contemporary Slang A recent article in The Guardian brought attention to Urban Dictionary entries that redefine the giants of literature through contemporary slang. They range from the stupid (JK Rowling: being under the effects of cannabis (J) and ketamine (K)), to the sublime (Kerouac: to wander aimlessly for the giddy thrill). The New York Daily News cited the entries as being a “history of literature as seen by millions of 17-year-olds today,” but as The Guardian points out, some familiarity with the writer’s canon is required to make the quips successful — which means there has to be some literacy at play here. We wanted to see if the same rules applied to the art world, so we clung to our brain cells (just in case) and went digging through Urban Dictionary’s website for slang versions of famous artists and related works. See what we found past the break, and let us know if you have your own redefinitions to contribute.

STAR WARS - Awesome Collection of Rare Behind the Scenes Photos As you all know, the Star Wars Saga Blu-ray was released today, and I'm sure many of you are going to be grabbing your copy, if you haven't already. There's still so much from Star Wars that we haven't seen, but this Blu-ray collection will be packed full of behind the scenes goodies, that hardcore fans are sure to enjoy. Here we have an awesome collection of rare behind the scenes photos from the sets of these iconic films. I haven't seen many of these images, and some of them are really fun. There's just something very cool about looking through these candid photos, and seeing the personalities of the actors and crew on the set of this movie. Check out the collection below and tell us what you think!

This no-budget science fiction short looks better than most movies The Good: AMAZING effects and character design! The battle droids actually *looked* like devices built for live combat situations—heavily-armoured, heavily-ARMED, and just...heavy! The Bad: 6 STAR WARS Blu-ray Trailers that might get you Excited for the Release I know a lot of people who are not excited about the upcoming Blu-ray Star Wars saga. I've been told by several people that they are not going to buy them because they wont give George Lucas anymore of their money or the satisfaction. I'll believe it when I see it. I'm not a big fan of many of the changes that Lucas has made, I've done my share of complaining, but I'm still going to be honest and tell you that I'm going to buy the damn original trilogy on Blu-ray. I've been waiting for it to come out on Blu-ray for a long time, so I'll deal with the stupid changes.

Stars Wars weather — Kit·blog — Cristian 'Kit' Paul Tatooine At the moisture farms in the Dune Sea on Tatooine every day is double-sunny and double-hot, including today. There are 38 degrees right now and this is as hot as it'll get for the day. Expect a few squalls kicking up desert sand. Double-fine day on Tatooine. © Cristian ·Kit· Paul.

Unicorn Cookbook Found at the British Library A long-lost medieval cookbook, containing recipes for hedgehogs, blackbirds and even unicorns, has been discovered at the British Library. Professor Brian Trump of the British Medieval Cookbook Project described the find as near-miraculous. "We've been hunting for this book for years. The moment I first set my eyes on it was spine-tingling." Detail of a unicorn on the grill in Geoffrey Fule's cookbook, England, mid-14th century (London, British Library, MS Additional 142012, f. 137r). Experts believe that the cookbook was compiled by Geoffrey Fule, who worked in the kitchens of Philippa of Hainault, Queen of England (1328-1369).

George Lucas Has 50 Hours Worth of ‘Star Wars’ TV Show Ethan Miller/Getty Images NEW YORK – George Lucas says 50 hours of scripts have been written for a Star Wars live-action TV show, but is waiting for a technological breakthrough to make shooting financially feasible and get the series on the air, the New York Post reported Tuesday. Lucas previously said that the much-anticipated show, set between the Star Wars films Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, was on hold. The Post said that Lucas told cable network G4 that the project is in a holding pattern as his team looks for "a different type of technology we can use so it's economically feasible to shoot the shows."

Famous Star Wars Scenes Expressed in Typography Have you ever found yourself sitting around on a Sunday morning, drinking a hot cup of coffee, wishing that you could just once see a recreation of a Star Wars scene done entirely in typography? Probably not, but I do that all the time. . But I bet you are thinking about it now, and you think that would be pretty awesome, right? There is no limit to the creativity and breathtaking amount of time that went into these 10 projects. So enjoy these edited Star Wars scenes done in font. New Hope Battle

News: Lucasfilm Works With Prime Focus To Convert 'Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace' To 3D "By luck, I stumbled upon your site, and of course I wanted to try it out. I went on to deposit $500 on OneTwoTrade, then opened 5 positions and won 4. Took out the $500 and still have the profit of $288 to trade with. This is a great system you got there Sir, I definitely owe you one." Shelly Green - New York

Welcome to Tasty! A Return Of The Jedi Luke Saber, with crystal chamber, thin neck, and detachable blade. The following build took place between November 1, 2010 and December 24, 2010. Normally this kind of thing takes me about 3 or 4 months, this one took two, as I was under a deadline for Christmas. J.J. Abrams on 'Star Wars' Plans: 'Honoring but not Revering' Past J.J. Abrams says he will be moving to London at the end of the year for production on Star Wars: Episode VII, which is expected to begin early 2014. "We are, most likely, if all goes as planned, going to be moving to London at the end of the year for the Star Wars movie," Abrams said Saturday at the Produced By Conference. Abrams was light on details about the new Star Wars, set to be released in 2015 by Disney, but spoke about his approach to the saga. STORY: J.J. Abrams on Film's Future and his Love Hate Relationship With Tech

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