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FaZe Clan - CS:GO - Team Profile -

FaZe Clan - CS:GO - Team Profile -
FaZe Clan is considered by many to be the first true international roster to compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At the outset of its CSGO division in 2016, the organization was already well-known in the esports community after successful forays into other esports, particularly Call of Duty, and sought to bring their growing brand into CSGO. The original FaZe roster was comprised of five talented individuals from several different countries, eventually morphing into the star-studded roster fans are familiar with today. Early results from the roster weren’t promising. It wasn’t until the departure of aizy to North in 2017 that FaZe had its first breakthrough. Although FaZe lost in Katowice to the burgeoning Danish powerhouse Astralis, FaZe then made the grand finals at StarLadder iLeague’s StarSeries Season 3 and took down Astralis for the organization’s first CSGO tournament win. FaZe then added Janko “YNk” Paunović at the start of 2019 as its new head coach. Related:  seoseo98

Evil Geniuses - LoL - Team Profile - Founded in 1999, Evil Geniuses is one of the oldest esports organizations still active in the scene. Their League of Legends team competed in the first ever EU LCS split in 2013, debuting in League of Legends with Counter Logic Gaming’s former EU roster of Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis, Henrik "Froggen" Hansen, Mike "Wickd" Petersen, Peter "Yellowpete" Wüppen, and Mitch "Boris" Voorspoels. After placing third and fourth in spring and summer respectively, Evil Geniuses debuted in North America the following year. Despite ending their final matches of 2014 with a 5-0 run, Evil Geniuses didn’t compete in the LCS in 2015. Evil Geniuses left the League of Legends scene from 2015 to 2018. “A part of my experience with EG is knowing that in order to be considered the best, you have to compete where the best are. Evil Geniuses entered the 2020 LCS preseason without a single player signed to their roster.

Fnatic - LoL - Team Profile - Fnatic is a European esports organization that fields teams across many games. The organization entered League of Legends esports in March 2011 with the acquisition of former German team myRevenge. Since then, Fnatic has built a legacy in the scene. Fnatic started strong from the first season. The team continued dominating through the first season, placing third at IEM Season 6 Cologne and first at IEM Season 6 New York. In 2012, Fnatic finished the EU Regional Finals in fourth place and failed to qualify for the World Championship. The third season had a better outlook. The fourth regular season wasn’t much different. This was a much lower placing than what Fnatic than expected, and it was time for a roster overhaul. Rekkles rejoined Fnatic for the summer split, which resulted in the best split Fnatic has ever had. Even though 2015 was a satisfying season, Fnatic’s roster changed again in 2016 as some of its players left to compete in North America.

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