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Human Anatomy for Artists You're reading a free preview. Pages 5 to 81 are not shown in this preview. You're reading a free preview. Pages 86 to 87 are not shown in this preview. Anatomical Venus: The gory idealized beauty of wax medical models Anatomical Venus: The gory idealized beauty of wax medical models From the “Josephinum Museum” of the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. Late 18th century The importance of anatomical models cannot be overstated in the education of medical professionals, but these learning tools have not always been so… clinical. Behold, the “Anatomical Venus,” idealized female forms first popularized in 18th century Europe, intended for the education of both medical students and a curious public (men and women were most often segregated for viewings). The figures were usually made of wax, which is malleable and conducive to bright colors and the “ladies” were often adorned with jewelry, ribbons and elaborate makeup. Disturbingly, some of models look dead, while others are depicted as if they were flayed alive—some even appear to express a level of eroticism. From La Specola museum. From Museu d’Història de la Medicina de Catalunya. From La Specola museum, Florence, Italy, 18th century.

Relevé d'un vase grec à figures rouges, Ve siècle av. J.-C. Artistic Anatomy Is learning to draw anatomy in a classroom more secure (since there is a teacher to check the work and possibly a book to study from) in practicing artistic anatomy drawing, or should artists focus on just practicing from images on websites/blogs like this tumblr? Asketh - pjmx24 Depending on the size of your class and where you are, your teacher can be a great guide to help you and show you what areas you need to focus on more to improve and give you good material to work from! If your class size is too big (ideally a class of no more than 15 is optimal for a teacher to give extensive feedback to all students) you might not get enough feedback to really improve as much as possible to your full potential. Outside of class (or if you have no class) you should focus on drawing in a sketchbook dedicated for life drawing/anatomy. Hope that gives you some insight!

Medically Accurate 3D Human Anatomy Models picasso les sirènes Anatomy for Artists On-Site Course “I feel like I have been injected with some crazy power potion; suddenly I start to understand the incredibly difficult construction of the human body. Scott’s incredible skills made my jaw drop and I feel like this is the very first time I have had a real expert talking about real application of the theory.” Senior Character ArtistRockysteady Studio “Scott’s knowledge of human anatomy is uncanny and the way he teaches is the most effective I’ve ever seen. David Giraud Character Art DirectorElectronic Arts Intensive Anatomy for Artists is a professional training masterclass for visual effects and game studios. Individual artists seeking an in-depth understanding of artistic anatomy can enroll in the online version of the course. About the course Scott Eaton’s Anatomy for Artists course offers an in-depth training in anatomy for artists. The course has been running for ten years and has met with great success teaching both aspiring and professional artists. … and many others. Stay Informed

10+ puissantes photos du concours de photos de naissance 2017 prouvent que les mères sont admirables L’International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) a annoncé les gagnants de son concours de photographie pour 2017. Les photos choisies par les juges montrent les épreuves que les mères doivent surmonter pour donner vie à un être humain, et le bonheur qu’elles éprouvent par la suite. Plusieurs photos ci-dessous sont intenses et explicites, alors la discrétion du lecteur est conseillée. Plus d’info : IAPBB (h/t) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. D'après Théodore Van Thulden, Les Travaux d'Ulysse. Paris, Pierre Mariette, 1633