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Connect - middleware framework for nodejs

Connect - middleware framework for nodejs
Connect is a middleware framework for node,shipping with over 18 bundled middleware and a rich selection of3rd-party middleware. var app = connect() .use(connect.logger('dev')) .use(connect.static('public')) .use(function(req, res){ res.end('hello world\n'); }) http.createServer(app).listen(3000); Installation: $ npm install connect Middleware: Links: at master from baudehlo/Haraka - GitHub emailjs Express - api reference express() Create an express application. var express = require('express'); var app = express(); app.get('/', function(req, res){ res.send('hello world'); }); app.listen(3000); Application settings The following settings are provided to alter how Express will behave: env Environment mode, defaults to process.env.NODE_ENV (NODE_ENV environment variable) or "development"trust proxy Enables reverse proxy support, disabled by defaultjsonp callback name Changes the default callback name of ? app.set(name, value) Assigns setting name to value. app.set('title', 'My Site'); app.get('title'); app.get(name) Get setting name value. app.get('title'); app.set('title', 'My Site'); app.get('title'); app.enable(name) Set setting name to true. app.enable('trust proxy'); app.get('trust proxy'); app.disable(name) Set setting name to false. app.disable('trust proxy'); app.get('trust proxy'); app.enabled(name) Check if setting name is enabled. app.enabled('trust proxy'); app.enable('trust proxy'); app.enabled('trust proxy');

laverdet/node-fibers - GitHub UglifyJS Modules ยท joyent/node Wiki This page is deprecated. Feel free to add to it, but be advised that it is, at best, a faded relic of Node modules that were written before npm was a dominant force in the Node.js ecosystem. It is not all that useful any more. If you are a newcomer, it can be handy to at least get a starting point. However, note that there are many tens of thousands of modules in the npm registry, and only just under 2,000 modules here. So, this list is long enough to be intimidating, but still only captures a tiny sliver of the Node.js modules you can use with your program. Search for modules with, node-modules, and nipster. The archaic contents of this once-useful page now follow. Adding to this page When you add a framework to this page, have a look at how others have done so, it should be a single item, with a link to the project's source code, and a short description (one line after formatting has been applied). Table of contents Modules Web frameworks Routers Static file servers Microframeworks

nodejitsu/haibu - GitHub Kue Kue is a feature rich priority job queue for node.js backed by redis. A key feature of Kue is its clean user-interface for viewing and managing queued, active, failed, and completed jobs. At any point in the job's life-time you can view verbose details, including the job's arbitrary data, creation, update, failure, and completion times. With the UI's action panel you can filter jobs by type and alter sorting at any time.