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Wrongful Termination Attorney in Westlake Village, CA

Wrongful Termination Attorney in Westlake Village, CA
Do you need to fight a case of wrongful termination? Contact the Law Office of Anthony S. Khoury, a wrongful termination attorney in Westlake Village, CA. & Our legal team will ensure that your rights as an employee or as an employer are protected. Wrongful Termination Claims The state of California follows the at-will employment policy, which means that employers can terminate an employee at-will, without specifying or needing any particular reason. However, certain exceptions to this policy exist, and if an employer is found in violation of any of the special exceptions, they can be charged with wrongful termination. Exceptions to the at-will employment policy include: In short, if a termination is the result of discrimination or retaliation by the employer, or is in violation of a contract or public policy, an employee has a strong case for a wrongful termination claim. How We Can Help Your Case We at the Law Office of Anthony S.

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