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Wedding Band Services in Austin, TX

Wedding Band Services in Austin, TX
Our Performance Style The Pictures Band is made up of genuine musicians who are dedicated to producing great sound. We are not a random collection of instrumentalists; we do shows all over Texas and perform together constantly. We’re a real, organic dance band! When you invite us to perform for your wedding, we aim to create a fun, memorable experience for everyone gathered at your venue. We don’t just sit passively in a corner and play in the background; we get everyone onto the dance floor with a wide repertoire of songs you’ll be itching to move to. With our variety of instruments and talented vocalists, we’re prepared to perform just about anything. If you want your wedding reception to be a real party that everyone will enjoy, leave the music to us. Our Wedding Services As a live wedding band, we’ve won multiple awards and recognition. The Pictures Band comes in various configurations, from orchestral-sized for wedding crowds to a six-person band for more intimate receptions.

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