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Comprehensive Car Insurance

About Comprehensive Car Insurance Comprehensive car insurance combines third-party car insurance and own damage insurance into a single policy. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory for all the motor vehicles plying on Indian roads to get a third party liability cover. But such a cover does not pay for any damages that your car may sustain in an accident. Therefore, you must opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy for complete financial protection in the aftermath of an unforeseen event. A comprehensive car insurance will also protect you from losses from car theft, or any damage to the car resulting from causes other than traffic collisions. What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance A comprehensive car insurance policy covers losses/damages to you and your car in addition to protecting you against third-party liabilities. The premium for such a policy consists of both a third-party premium and an own-damage (OD) premium. Why Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover against man-made acts

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NCB in Bike Insurance: Two Wheeler Insurance No Claim Bonus What Is No Claim Bonus (NCB) In Two-Wheeler Insurance A No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a way for the insurance company to reward the policyholder for safe driving. The bonus is offered as a discount in the premium paid for the comprehensive bike insurance policy. Custom Data Center Build Our scalable modular Data Center consists of purpose-engineered modules and components. We offer you scalable DCs with multiple power and cooling options and modules that can be shipped, added, integrated or retrofitted into your existing Data Center. TurnkeyDesign

Interesting Facts To Know About Maldivian Culture The Maldives archipelago is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world that although expensive, receives a high number of international visitors each year. A large number of foreign tourists visit Maldives every year to enjoy a family vacation at one of the spectacular island resorts, a rewarding dive trip or an exotic beach holiday with their partner. However even though Maldives is such a popular holiday destination, there is so much that we are not aware of or understand about the cultural nuances and social customs of the local islanders. We decided to do a bit of scouting around and have come up with our own compilation of cool facts and trivia about the culture and traditions of the Maldives.

Daily Exercises to Stay Fit The demands of today’s time-starved life have become the reason many of us ignore our health. A simple mantra for sustained health and vitality is to include some amount of physical exercise into each day. Exercising regularly helps us stay fit by increasing our endurance, strength and flexibility. When we are physically active, we also feel more confident about ourselves, putting us in a happy and positive frame of mind. Doing these exercises without fail should become a non-negotiable part of your day. They will get you fit, active and prepare you physically and mentally to take on whatever challenges or surprises that the day has in store for you.

The Digestive Health Institute What is a hernia? A hernia is a visible swelling or bulge over the abdomen, which occurs due to a weakness or tear in the abdominal muscles. Hernias commonly occur at the navel (umbilical hernia), in the groin (inguinal hernia) and over previous surgical scars (incisional hernia), but there are several other types of hernia as well. You may experience pain or discomfort at the site of hernia, but just as often, there may be a painless swelling. If left untreated, a hernia may develop complications like obstruction or strangulation, which require emergency surgery.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes - UR Life Wellness Platform Plant-Based Diets To Save Our Planet Plant Based Diets To Save Our Planet Many millennials are now switching to plant based diets due to many pressing concerns like our health, safeguarding our planet, animals and climate change. With many farmers ending their lives in India, we should be more concerned on what we choose to feed and fuel our body. Why Zumba Fitness is Extremely Effective The tag line of zumba fitness is ‘join the party, ditch the workout’. Zumba is a fun, exciting, enthralling way to move your body and reap countless health benefits. Moving to the intoxicating rhythms of dance music carefully compiled by zumba fitness, can be great for not only the body but also the mind.

Monthly Income Plan Plus - Bharti AXA Life Insurance A limited premium payment traditional insurance plan ensuring a guaranteed monthly income that helps to fulfill your loved ones desires while protecting them in case of an unfortunate event. Guaranteed Monthly Income which is Tax-Free# : You start receiving Guaranteed Monthly Income after the completion of the Premium Payment Term, until Maturity, provided the policy is in force. This income is tax-free#.You have the flexibility to choose the Monthly Income you wish to receive, which decides your premium amount.

Car Third Party Liability Insurance Policy Third Party Insurance For Private Vehicle Key benefits - covers your liability for damages and injury caused to third party This motor insurance does not cover you and your motor vehicle. It covers your legal liability for the damage you caused to a third party only - bodily injury, death and damage to third party property - while using your vehicle. The policy covers: Death or bodily injury to a third partyDamage to third party propertyAccidental Death of the insured vehicle owner/driverPermanent Total Disability of the insured vehicle owner/driver

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Suryanamaskar Yoga - URLife Wellness The Absolute 10 Best Online Yoga Courses You Can Opt For In India The Absolute 10 Best Online Yoga Courses You Can Opt For In India As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to curb movement around the world, social distancing is widely practiced. So yoga teachers are now conducting online classes, tutorials and even meditation practices of different yoga styles. Some of these classes are also customized to meet an individual’s specific goals and requirements. Sudarshan Venu's Fresh Thoughts For TVS Motor Image: Raju Patil for Forbes India Sudarshan Venu, deputy MD of TVS Motor Company No, no, no!

Greece Package - Book Greece Tour Packages from Thomas Cook India at Best Price easier now, thanks to Thomas Cook India’s Greece Holidays. Thomas Cook India provides you with a range of Greece Holiday Packages which are tailored to suit your requirements. The best part is that there’s something for everyone, for every budget and duration. Whether you’re looking at a Greece Tour for 6 nights 7 days, or a longer 10-night 11 days holiday, you can find something that suits the time at your disposal. When it comes to how much you can spend, there’s flexibility as well. From INR 58, 846 to the pricier INR 2, 14, 909, the Thomas Cook India website has it all.