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Digitally excluded households miss out on 1bn savings a year

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Technology - Why $50bn may not be much between friends Even by the standards of the dotcom bubble, when billionaire twenty-somethings seemed to be minted daily, the news that 26-year-old Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is worth $12bn – at least on paper – has turned heads. If a new bubble is inflating in Silicon Valley, Facebook looks like proof. The social networking site was, until recently, seen as little more than a time-sink for teenagers. But the $50bn price tag slapped on by Goldman Sachs – the closest thing Wall Street has to an official stamp of approval – has seen investment euphoria over hot Californian start-ups reach levels not seen since the heady early 2000s. Mr Zuckerberg is best known as the preternaturally smart (but socially awkward) Harvard dropout from the film The Social Network, a strong contender for this year’s best picture Oscar. Yet his company is now judged to be worth twice what Google was valued at when it went public. This has set up a fascinating tussle over the future of the web.

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Broadband Providers Comparison for UK ADSL, Cable and Satellite What is broadband? What does broadband offer? What do I need to get broadband access at home? How can I find out if broadband is available in my area? What should I consider when choosing my broadband connection and ISP? Can I change my broadband ISP if I'm not happy? Who do I contact if I have a problem with my broadband service? Broadband is always-on, high speed Internet access. Broadband differs from standard dial-up (narrowband) Internet access in several ways: Broadband offers faster access to the Internet Broadband is a faster way of connecting your computer to the Internet – often around ten times faster than a narrowband connection. This is because broadband provides greater capacity to receive data than a dial-up connection. The table below shows the range of maximum speeds different types of connection offer, based on services currently available to residential and business end users in the UK. Broadband is 'always on' Broadband services are 'always-on'. Broadband is unmetered Wireless

Money Expert - Compare Loans, Mortgages, Remortgages, Credit Car Social graph This animation shows the different types of relations between social objects. User Eva is a friend of Adam and Kate, though Adam and Kate are not friends themselves. Peter's photo was "liked" by many users, including Eva. The term was popularized at the Facebook F8 conference on May 24, 2007, when it was used to explain that the Facebook Platform, which was introduced at the same time, would benefit from the social graph by taking advantage of the relationships between individuals, that Facebook provides, to offer a richer online experience.[2] The definition has been expanded to refer to a social graph of all Internet users. Since explaining the concept of the social graph, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has often touted Facebook's goal of offering the website's social graph to other websites so that a user's relationships can be made aware and put to use on websites outside of Facebook's control.[3] This can be accomplished through the Facebook Open Graph API. Issues[edit] Low Prices in Electronics, Books, Sports Equipment & more How to Optimize Your Broadband Connection Optimizing a computer broadband Internet connection involves the simple task of downloading a small program and rebooting the computer. Increase broadband connection speed easily with a TCP Optimizer with tips from an experienced computer specialist in the free video on Internet connections. In this clip we are going to show you how to optimize your broadband connection. I'm not employed by or affiliated with any of the websites or products demonstrated today. Ok one of the first things you can do to increase the speed of your internet connection dowload a simple program called tcp optimizer which will we'll do at this point. Don’t miss: Slideshows

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