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Workers Compensation Attorney in Salem and Portland, OR

Workers Compensation Attorney in Salem and Portland, OR
What Is the Usual Process for Receiving Workers' Compensation? Prior to speaking to an attorney, you likely have to follow a process to apply and qualify for your work's workers' compensation insurance. Here are some steps you should take: Notify your employer about the injury. Gather all necessary paperwork and relevant evidence for your injury. Despite this seemingly simple process, you might need to speak to a workers' compensation law attorney. When Do I Need to Speak to an Attorney? Scenarios arise when your company's workers' compensation insurance coverage won't provide what you need. The coverage the insurer provides isn't enough for your medical bills or injury-related expenses. The injury prevents you from doing your previous job duties. If you're unsure about whether or not you have a case, speak to the legal experts at Dodge & Associates Attorneys at Law.

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