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Turbo Charge Your New XBMC Installation

Turbo Charge Your New XBMC Installation
Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. I used to use XBMC daily with a modified xbox. However, with the current HD and MKV containers the xbox struggles to play them. I hope that one day XBMC will get released on one of the next gen consoles. Either the 360 or PS3 would be awesome! I do wish to thank the XBMC team for the continual support of their product. Flagged @Magus: If you don't want to wait, check out this guide: [] I built an HTPC from the ground up just for XBMC because I love it so =) #xbmc

4 Easy Ways To Stream Your Music Online A while back, Damien published a great article on How To Install And Setup Jinzora Media Server In Ubuntu. Jinzora is a great and powerful way to stream your music over the internet, but getting it set up can be somewhat complicated. Today, I thought I’d cover some of the other options that are a little easier to set up, and may work on other platforms. GNUMP3d – The GNU Streaming MP3 / Media Server Platform: *nix, Windows, OSX Browser/Client Player: Client Supported formats: MP3, Ogg Vorbis Configuration: Text File So far, I think GNUMP3d is my favorite simple music streaming application.

Themes, VoIP/PBX, Amahi 5.5 ready! And the winners are ... Wow! We are blown away with the innovative ways in which the community responded to the theme and app contest! We got 9 new themes, which we are releasing live today (screenshots below) and we even have a top notch VoIP/PBX app, FusionPBX and a hot full-disk backup solution, Redo Backup, in progress! Today we bring you this: The winners, the features, and … a new Amahi release! Amahi 5.5! Amahi 5.5 brings a guest dashboard for non-logged in users, a few fixes and some better networking and app support, along with Wake-on-LAN/WOL.

Home Server Hacks: Running Windows Home Server Connector on Windows 7 Beginning tomorrow, January 9th, you will be able to download Windows 7 from the Windows 7 page on It will be an ISO image that will have to burn to a DVD using something like Roxio or Nero. Let's say you decide to take the plunge. After all sitting on the sidelines is for wimps and you’re no wimp. The first thing you thinking is: “Will it work with WHS”? Fortunately the answer is Yes.

Adito OpenVPN Application Layer Software (ALS), formerly know as Adito, is a web-based SSL VPN server written in Java. It has a browser-based AJAX UI which allows easy access to intranet services. Once installed and configured correctly, you will be able to access all your server files and the HDA (to include applications) using the FREE dynamic DNS provided by Amahi. NOTE: This SSL-Explorer Administrators Guide may come in handy for those interested in more documentation. Although this not specifically updated for OpenVPN ALS, it is fairly accurate. There is an Adito standalone agent client for Windows.

Pirated movie release types With regard to warez groups or organized piracy groups, a movie is usually released in several formats and different versions because the primary sources used by a group for a particular movie may vary. Pirated movies are primarily released by these organized groups, commonly referred to as scene groups or warez groups. The first release of a movie is usually of a lower quality (due to a lack of sources), and is eventually replaced with higher-quality releases as better sources become available. Background[edit]

Hosting a website NOTICE: making anything visible outside your network can open security issues, so you are doing this at your own risk. Some apps are more secure than others, but there is nothing ultimately secure. Best is to use the VPN to login back home. RPi VerifiedPeripherals Back to the Hub. Hardware & Peripherals: Hardware and Hardware History. Low-level Peripherals and Expansion Boards. Installing Adito SSL VPN Details Category: VPN Published: Monday, 09 March 2009 03:44 Written by Tony