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How to cultivate a personal learning network

How to cultivate a personal learning network
If you cultivate your social media relationships with care, you can develop a personal learning network that will put you in contact with a steady stream of valuable ideas. So says Howard Rheingold, a critic, writer, and teacher who specializes in researching and sharing his findings on the cultural, social and political implications of modern communication. Rheingold has spent a lot of time thinking about the ways in which people network and share ideas online. He even offers an online course called the Social Media Classroom on the most productive ways to use these online tools. In a recent Twitter conversation, he laid out 8 key thoughts on how to build your own personal learning network from your social media channels. Here they are, along with my thoughts on each: 1. Whether you’re viewing the latest posts to the social media channels in which you participate or conducting a Google search, be open to encountering ideas and new knowledge that you didn’t expect to find. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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50 Great Ways to Grow Your Personal Learning Network Personal learning networks have always existed, but modern technology has put a new spin on how and where we connect with others. These days, personal learning networks, or PLNs, extend far beyond friends, family, coworkers, college classmates, and teachers, and can encompass experts and learners from around the world in just about any given field. Through social networks, email, video, and online chats, learners can connect with and learn from a wider range of people than ever before, yet building a successful PLN that doesn't overwhelm you can be challenging. With so much information out there, it can be hard to know whom to follow, what to read, and how to fit it all into your daily schedule. Here, we offer some tips that can help you not only build and grow a better PLN, but also get more out of the experience and give more back to your online community. The Basics

A Tool for Mapping Your Goals and Resolving Career Indecision - Bill Barnett by Bill Barnett | 12:00 PM August 23, 2012 When deciding whether to take a job offer, you’re hoping to maximize attainment of your objectives. If an opportunity scores highly against all objectives, you’ll quickly know what to do. RheingoldU Live Session on PLNs Start Session Optionally, you can pre-configure your computer and test your audio using one of our Configuration Rooms prior to your session. Please visit our "First time Users" section in the Support Portal to view configuration rooms for Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing. Note: When joining a Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing session for the first time you will see a Security Dialog. Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing is asking for you to run this application without a verification of its digital signature.

Incorporating Personal Learning Networks into Course Projects Last semester I introduced a brand new project into my social media class which I've been meaning to report on for a while now. I decided to set 25% of the final grade aside for an assignment the students were allowed to design themselves (the project is described in detail here). The idea was to help students develop independent learning skills by teaching them how to use social media tools to create a personal learning network (PLN) capable of supporting their project goals. 10 ways to help students develop a PLN… There has been some discussion lately about the precise meaning of the term PLN. I’m not sure why it matters actually. Like any other word in the dictionary (!), it has more than one definition and might mean different things to different people… My PLN is my ‘personal learning network’.

Tech Savvy Skills You Need to Acquire Before a Social Media Crisis (Checklist) There are so many technical aspects of your social media crisis plan that need to be executed quickly and efficiently in a crisis. If you’re equipped with a webmaster, IT professional or in-house web developer that’s great! However, one thing we know for sure about social media crises is that they tend to happen at the worst possible moments. So what happens if your web savvy employee isn’t there that day? How Technology Helps Build a Personal Learning Network Technology has become an integral part of classroom life. While students certainly reap the benefits of having a wealth of information at their fingertips, teachers like you can also capitalize on technology’s many uses. New and veteran teachers alike can utilize the Internet to build their Personal Learning Networks, gaining classroom know-how and connections that will help advance your career. What is a Personal Learning Network? Unlike your classroom, your Personal Learning Network (PLN) is available to you seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Step 1: What is a PLN? Welcome to our professional learning series on building a PLN. This series guides you step by step through the process of setting up your own PLN. The aim of this first step is to: Innovating Pedagogy 2013 Seamless learning (connecting learning experiences across the contexts of location, time, device and social setting) is moving from research to mainstream adoption. Mobile technologies enable learners of all ages to operate across contexts, for example schools allowing students to bring their own devices. Pedagogy is emerging, based on learners starting an investigation in class, then collecting data at home or outdoors, constructing new knowledge with assistance from the software, and sharing findings in the classroom.

Managing Your Boss A quarter-century ago, John Gabarro and John Kotter introduced a powerful new lens through which to view the manager–boss relationship: one that recognized the mutual dependence of the participants. The fact is, bosses need cooperation, reliability, and honesty from their direct reports. Managers, for their part, rely on bosses for making connections with the rest of the company, for setting priorities, and for obtaining critical resources. If the relationship between you and your boss is rocky, then it is you who must begin to manage it. When you take the time to cultivate a productive working relationship—by understanding your boss’s strengths and weaknesses, priorities, and work style—everyone wins. In the 25 years since it was published, this article has truly improved the practice of management.

Social media in education: 5 ways While teaching, the majority of my “free time” was spent online, in the library, at professional development sessions, or collaborating with colleagues and mentors to find and implement the best resources out there to individualize and boost learning. At that time, Facebook was a self-appointed exclusive network for college students, and Twitter was a startup that seemed only to iterate on the “status update.” Social Media in Education Today How things have changed! Social Media in education was one of the hottest stories in education in 2011, but the landscape has evolved a lot in even the last few months, and we are now at the point where “social media in education” is not an ample descriptor of the ways social tools are impacting the way teachers teach and learners learn. Social media changed the game for teachers and learners in new and distinct ways, with thriving ecosystems of networks where students can safely engage and where teachers can connect with resources and mentors.

6 Possible Roles For Teachers In A Personalized Learning Environment by Justin Marquis, Ph. D There is a mountain of speculation and debate about what school and learning will look like in the near future. Will education be online?

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