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3 Successful Google+ Pages and Why They Work

3 Successful Google+ Pages and Why They Work
Have you created a Google+ page for your business? In this article I’ll show you what three top pages are doing. Still in its infancy, Google+ has become a very hot topic. Amid concern that this “new kid on the block” couldn’t compete in a social media landscape owned by Facebook, some have opted to dismiss the platform entirely. While Google+ and Google+ business pages are still in the early stages, there is growing evidence that they’re here to stay. You Can No Longer Ignore Google+ Google+ may be the newcomer in social media, but it can no longer be dismissed. “Search is probably the biggest reason it changes everything. Google+ Updates Coming Fast Over the past few weeks, there has been a slew of Google+ updates that should make marketers sit up and take notice. Google+ is here to stay, with updates coming out almost weekly. The Google+ team is actively soliciting and responding to user feedback and suggestions on their Google+ page, hinting that more updates are in the works. #1: Android

Experience The Minecraft Game For Free In Your Browser With Minecraft Classic As far as Indie games go, Minecraft (other Minecraft articles: multiplayer guide, featured communities, paid alternatives, and Android release) has been getting all of the buzz lately. Now with its official release behind us, you might be a little baffled at the price of $28 (although there are plenty of other games that dig a bigger hole in your wallet). Although the game is quite addictive, as I have bought it myself, those who’d rather save the money can still get a taste of what Minecraft has to offer for free.

Find Out the Best Time to Post on Google+ Have you ever wondered if there’s an ideal time you should share your posts on Google+ so that they have more impact? Developer Daniel Treadwell did, and instead of staying in the dark, he decided to build a tool that will do just that – the aptly named Google+Timing. Announcing the new app, Daniel writes: “To attempt to aid you (and myself!) Business Social Media Benefits with Google Plus Google Plus offers business opportunities available nowhere else. The social network run by Google — the gateway to your business — is a game-changer. It ties together several Google products and delivers many rewards for brands.

Google+: The Complete Guide Using Google+? Add Mashable to your circles. You'll get the latest about new Google+ features and tips and tricks for using the platform as well as top social media and technology news. Guide updated January 18, 2012 Google+: It's the hot social network on the block. Retro Games: Grab A Classic For Free With These 6 GOG Downloads [Windows] Good Old Games, or GOG for short, is a service that specialises in charming retro games of years gone by. If you’re a Windows user then you’ve pretty much got complete access to the entire catalogue, from old-school shooters to those resource management RTS games they just don’t make any more. Should your download require it, GOG will have already thrown in the necessary emulation software (something like DOSbox) so you can enjoy the pearls of yesteryear on the latest and greatest hardware. There are plenty of bargains on GOG, so have a good look around. In this article I’ll be focusing on the freebies.

How To Hack Google Plus For SEO Value People tend to think of Google Plus as just another social network, built as Google’s challenge to Facebook’s incredible growth over the past decade. What most people don’t realize, however, is the SEO value that makes Google+ so much more than just a social networking platform. How so? Studies show a powerful correlation between search rankings and the number of Google +1's received by a URL. 100 Free SEO Tools & Resources for Every Challenge At Moz, we love using premium SEO Tools (especially our own). Paid tools are essential when you need advanced features, increased limits, historical features, or online support. For other tasks, a free tool does the trick.

Free and best way to Check Duplicate Content ~ MY SEO PRANK After the updation of Google Panda Algorithm in 24 Feb 2011 the basic scenario of panda algorithm is to unique content is the first priority of any website and the second one is if any website have broken link then it could be penalized by Panda Algorithm. And you could drop your ranking. So After Panda Algorithm you can't use duplicate content in your website. Your Website Content would be 100% unique then you could compete your competitors otherwise you are wasting your time to promote your duplicate low quality Content. So today I am sharing with you some important websites name that could help you to check your content is 100% Unique or not.