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The Top 10 Smart Cities On The Planet

The Top 10 Smart Cities On The Planet
Last year, I spent considerable time researching best practices for climate resilient cities—an endeavor that culminated in what I believe was the first ever global ranking of resilient cities. Now, after extensive research on smart cities initiatives around the globe, I have developed what may be the first ever global rankings of smart cities. The term "smart cities" is a bit ambiguous. Some people choose a narrow definition—i.e. cities that use information and communication technologies to deliver services to their citizens. I prefer a broader definition: Smart cities use information and communication technologies (ICT) to be more intelligent and efficient in the use of resources, resulting in cost and energy savings, improved service delivery and quality of life, and reduced environmental footprint—all supporting innovation and the low-carbon economy. Here, then, are the top 10 smart cities: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.)

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Kickstarting Open Source City Software: Transit App for iOS 6 and Beyond The way we get around is changing. We increasingly combine bikes and transit. And in many cities we’re seeing a birth of whole new modes of transport like bike-share and carshare. Over at OpenPlans they build open source tools that are responsive to these changes and let us imagine new ways of moving and with the announcement of iOS version 6, Apple has dropped Google Maps and with it, previously built-in support for travel directions via public transit they are looking to kickstart a solution : With support, OpenTripPlanner Mobile, an open source application developed by OpenPlans will put transit back on the iPhone. The app will also add new features that Google Maps didn’t have, allowing users to combine walking, bikes, bike-share and transit together, finding the fastest and most efficient trips regardless of mode of transportation. The people over at OpenPlans are a talented bunch, their New York Bike Share Trip Planner for example is nicely done.

Top European cities In January 2012, Co.Exist published my smart city rankings. This year, I sought to more accurately rank cities based on a holistic model of smart cities around the globe. This year, we are going to release two separate rankings. This first ranking represents the top 10 smart cities in Europe, and the follow-up will be the top 10 smart cities in North America. In an attempt to improve the rankings, I developed a metric called the Smart Cities Wheel, which contains six key components of smart cities and three key drivers for each component. For each of the six components of the Smart Cities Wheel, I sought to obtain more than one data source to rank each city in its respective region, except in cases where the singular data source was sufficiently rigorous (e.g. 1. 2. 3. 4. In the Smart Living category I only used Mercer’s annual Quality of Life survey results. 5. 6. 7. 8. But overall it is the city’s governance that stands out. 9. 10.

Une économie sociale is-moi ce que tu fabriques, je te dirai qui tu es. Fabrique métropolitaine, Fabrique à initiatives… Décidément, le mot est à la mode chez nous. Si ça continue, on va appeler les travailleurs des ouvriers. Donc, il y a dorénavant une fabrique à initiatives, dans une ancienne fabrique de biscuits et biscottes, aux Échoppes. Pas de machines s'agitant mécaniquement dans un vacarme digne des Temps modernes : 120 mètres carrés de moquette ou équivalent, portes vitrées, bureaux, table de réunion… Ici, c'est la matière grise qui est à l'œuvre. « Nous animons le dispositif pour l'Aquitaine », précise Jérémy Brémaud, directeur d'Atis (Association Territoires et Innovation sociale). « Nous sommes implantés à Pessac dont la municipalité manifeste une volonté politique forte pour l'économie sociale et solidaire. À cette occasion, le premier projet concrétisé avec la Fabrique à initiatives a été présenté. Nombreux partenaires

BMX2DAY Sustainable Roof Opportunities - Facility Management Roofing Feature StumbleUpon April 2012 - Roofing Roofs on institutional and commercial facilities used to be simply protective coverings for operations and equipment. But times have changed. A growing number of facilities now view rooftops as components that can provide significant value to the organization in the form of energy savings and sustainable attributes. Sustainability Sustainability has many meanings — long-lasting, life-cycle performance, and reparability. The new focus is on the use of biorenewable content, the use of recycled material, or an expected energy benefit. Increasing the life of an installed roofing system is the ultimate sustainable solution. Managers can have roof coatings reapplied to further extend the roof's life. The new definitions of sustainability address enhanced benefits to the customer, such as bio-renewable raw materials, recycled content and the reduction of ozone-depleting volatile organic compounds (VOC), which benefit our environment. Comments Browse Articles

High publicity for cities Press release, 23 June 2011 Amsterdam Smart City has won the European City Star Award 2011. The jury awarded the prize to the project for being exemplary in demonstrating how cities can make successful efforts to use energy sustainably. Amsterdam Smart City makes such efforts by uniting public parties, private organisations and Amsterdammers to test initiatives and new technology together. Regional awards This City Star is part of the Regio (Regional) Awards, awarded annually in Brussels. Accepting the award in Brussels, Amsterdam Alderperson for Economic Affairs Carolien Gehrels said: “In order to move forward, it is vital to work together with Amsterdammers to develop solutions in the field of energy transition. Amsterdam Smart City Amsterdam Smart City is a cooperative project involving Amsterdammers, companies, knowledge institutions and governments. The ultimate aim of these projects is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in line with the targets at European, national and city levels.

Un schéma régional de l'économie solidaire rès de 200 acteurs de l'économie solidaire et de l'innovation sociale viennent d'adopter à Bordeaux le premier schéma aquitain pour le développement de l'économie solidaire et de l'innovation sociale. L'idée de Bérénice Vincent-Delpeyrat, élue régionale Europe Écologie-Les Verts (Dordogne), est d'accompagner le développement des structures, des territoires et des pratiques dans le domaine de l'innovation sociale. L'économie sociale et solidaire emploie quelque 110 000 salariés en Aquitaine, dont 80 % dans les associations, et représente, coopératives comprises, quelque 10 % du PIB aquitain. Les services à la personne, les circuits courts d'approvisionnement comme les Amap (Association pour le maintien d'une agriculture paysanne) ou les nouvelles formes d'habitat, mutualisées ou coopératives, en sont les principaux vecteurs de développement.

Les News sur le BMX - BmXperience : Communauté de Riders. What Exactly Is A Smart City? Having worked in the smart cities space for several years now, I am encouraged by the growth of the sector and the pace of technological advancements being developed for urban environments. However, I believe that the smart-cities movement is being held back by a lack of clarity and consensus around what a smart city is and what the components of a smart city actually are. While some people continue to take a narrow view of smart cities by seeing them as places that make better use of information and communication technology (ICT), the cities I work with (and most of the participants in the #smartchat, a monthly Twitterchat about smart cities held on the first Wednesday of each month) all view smart cities as a broad, integrated approach to improving the efficiency of city operations, the quality of life for its citizens, and growing the local economy. Later this year, I’ll publish my annual rankings of smart cities here on Co.Exist. Step 1: Create a Vision with Citizen Engagement

Visite à la Mairie de Nice d'une délégation européenne d'action sociale Accueil d’une délégation du réseau européen pour l’inclusion et l’action sociale locale ( European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network - ELISAN) Créé en 2008 au comité des régions à Bruxelles, le réseau européen pour l’inclusion et l’action sociale est une OING qui a pour but d’assurer une meilleure prise en compte de la participation des élus de l’action sociale locale dans la mise en œuvre d’une politique sociale européenne efficace et cohérente. Fédérant plus de 2272 villes européennes, 12 pays membres de l’union européenne et 30 millions de citoyens européens, l’ELISAN est une banque d’expériences de l’innovation sociale visant à promouvoir les actions menées par les collectivités locales et territoriales européennes dans le domaine de l’action sociale locale. Elle vise à faire connaître les initiatives prises et les projets mis en œuvre pour répondre à des besoins locaux spécifiques.