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Aggregate, Curate and Create Your Own Textbook

Aggregate, Curate and Create Your Own Textbook
The Journal's article: 5K-12 Ed Tech Trends for 2012 includes: ‘Beyond the Digital Textbook’ as one of the trends with the premise of adding interactivity to digital versions of textbooks. Apple has now partnered with the major textbook publishers with the newly unveiled iBooks Textbooks. There are a handful of textbooks available through iTunes at about $15. These books are constrained to be viewed using iBooks 2 in an iPad with Apple iOS 5. Moreover, it looks like Apple's new products do not allow social interactivity and collaboration. Several concerns about Apple's new enterprise have been voiced in the blogosphere. Is there an option for a free, relevant course companion? With information being ubiquitous, I believe that teachers can (and should) take control of their courses by creating their own interactive textbooks. The process of creating your digital textbook involves three steps: The first step is to gather the sources of information. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! Related:  dlmoellerHow to

South Korea ditching textbooks for tablet PCs By Sam Kim, Associated Press Posted 7/20/2011 12:31:08 PM GOESAN, South Korea — Outside the classroom a hot summer day beckons, but fourth-grade teacher Yeon Eun-jung's students are glued to their tablet PCs as they watch an animated boy and a girl squabble about whether water becomes heavier when frozen. Ahn Young-joon, AP Ahn Young-joon, AP The small scene in this rural town is part of something big: South Korea is taking a $2 billion gamble that its students are ready to ditch paper textbooks in favor of tablet PCs as part of a vast digital scholastic network. France, Singapore, Japan and others are racing to create classrooms where touch-screens provide instant access to millions of pieces of information. MORE: The rise of the tablet PC At Sosu Elementary School in Goesan, principal Jo Yong-deuk speaks of a future in which his students interact in virtual reality with Ludwig van Beethoven and Abraham Lincoln. South Korea is one of the most wired places on earth.

A Teacher's Letter to Obama: A Lesson in Irony Dear President Obama, I am half a year into my twentieth year of teaching here in Florida. I am not sure how much longer I will last in the profession I thought I would never want to leave. I wonder how much longer I can last because as an English teacher, I teach my students to keep a sharp eye out for irony. I practice what I preach, and my irony radar is on full-tilt, bell-ringing, red-strobe-lights-blinking, high alert. The ironies have grown too much for me to bear; I am nearly crushed beneath them, yet people like you seem to be unaware of them. Where to begin? Then there's the irony that many teachers voted for you, President Obama, in the hopes that you might turn things around, only to find that you did indeed turn them around-- 360 degrees. Then there's the irony we teachers are guilty of. But those are just the Big Three ironies. We accuse teachers, who actually work with our students on the front lines of education because they care about students, of greed.

The Freelancers Guide to Successful Content Curation Many social media pundits claim that content curation will prove to be the next biggest thing in the arena of online entrepreneurship and obviously, freelancers with specific skills to perform the job of content curation will gain a good fortune out of it. The biggest reason behind these predictions about the profitable expectations of content curation is the fact that the content on the Internet is increasing rapidly at every minute and according to some experts, within a few years, the content on the Internet will be doubled or more within every 72 hours or even less. Experts believe that this huge amount of content will offer a great opportunity for Internet marketers to gain online influence so that they may attain more customers for the products or services they are trying to market. What is Content Curation? Internet is a huge pool of a vast quantity of content that can be used for specific purposes. What is the importance of Content Curation and who needs it? 4) Content is the King

Time in school: How does the U.S. compare? There is a perception among policymakers and the public that U.S. students spend less time in school than students in other countries. As U.S. Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan stated at a recent Congressional hearing: "Our students today are competing against children in India and China. Those students are going to school 25 to 30 percent longer than we are. Our students, I think, are at a competitive disadvantage. But is perception reality? First we’ll examine the specific claim that children in India and China spend 25 to 30 percent longer in school than students in the U.S. Are students in India and China required to go to school longer than U.S. students? The answer appears to be no. How do we know this? It is also important to keep in mind that the time students spend in school varies by grade level. But this does not mean they are receiving 25 percent more instruction because the total actual instructional hours are quite similar. Published December 2011.

Teaching: Prepare and Connect Goal: Professional educators will be supported individually and in teams by technology that connects them to data, content, resources, expertise, and learning experiences that can empower and inspire them to provide more effective teaching for all learners. Teaching today is practiced mostly in isolation. Many educators work alone, with little interaction with professional colleagues or experts in the outside world. Professional development typically is provided in short, fragmented, and episodic workshops that offer little opportunity to integrate learning into practice. A classroom educator's primary job is understood to be covering the assigned content and ensuring that students test well. Not surprisingly, half of freshly minted teachers leave the profession within the first five years (Ingersoll and Smith 2003). The Practice of Connected Teaching Figure 3. Teachers at George J. Other online environments also allow broader participation in a student's learning.

Opas sosiaaliseen tiedonhakuun ja kuratointiin Yksinkertaisimmillaan kuratointi tarkoittaa tätä: kuraattori (asiantuntija / intohimoinen asianharrastaja) arvioi useita artikkeleita (tai kuvia, videoita), valikoi niistä parhaimmat ja jakaa ne yleisönsä kanssa. Tämä säästää lukijoiden aikaa ja vaivaa, kun heidän ei tarvitse kahlata läpi heikkotasoisia, epäoleellisia tai samoja sisältöjä toistavia artikkeleita. Kuratointia on pidetty varteenotettavana ratkaisuna internetin tietotulvan hallintaan. Tämä artikkeli on osa kuusiosaista sarjaa, jonka aikaisemmat osat ovat: Löydä, suodata, jalosta – kuratointi ja sosiaalinen tiedonhakuHelpoin reitti parhaan sisällön luo: Googlen, Twitterin ja Facebookin kamppailu internetin herruudestaÄlykkäät henkilökohtaiset web-lehdet Zite ja FlipBoard tehokäytössä Kuratoitu kokonaisuus – enemmän kuin osiensa summa Edellisessä artikkelissa käsittelin henkilökohtaisia web-lehtiä (Zite & FlipBoard), jotka kokoavat sisältöä automatisoidusti, sosiaalista web:iä louhivien älykkäiden algoritmien avulla.

Senate, House websites crash from so many SOPA complaints | The Spot — Denver, Colorado politics and government news Leave it to Google and Wikipedia to crash a government server. So many people used Google’s high profile homepage link to members of Congress to complain about proposed legislation aimed at curbing Internet piracy that it slowed and crashed servers for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, staffers said Wednesday night. Colorado’s delegation has almost overwhelmingly come out against the legislation — called Stop Online Piracy Act in the House and Protect IP Act in the Senate — which they say would hamper entrepreneurship. “While online piracy is a very real problem, and one that certainly needs to be addressed, it is equally important to maintain Americans’ right to an open Internet,” said Rep. Lamborn’s staffers said the House website servers crashed several times Wednesday because they were getting so many emails. Rep. Colorado’s two Senators oppose the legislation.

Kids and video games: Why children should play more Parents, politicians, and educators often criticize video games as a waste of time that distract kids from healthier activities such as school, outdoor play, sports, and community service. Just one problem: Research is quickly proving the theory wrong and illustrating that gaming can be a beneficial and well-rounded part of a healthy, balanced media diet. Moreover, due to their interactivity, at odds with passive mediums such as television, kids’ video games can actually be one of today’s most powerful tools for sparking learning and creativity. But while gaming offers tremendous potential, it also bears remembering: It takes a running commitment from parents and teachers to actively follow and participate in the pastime to make it a truly safe, healthy, and rewarding part of household life. Among the findings she cites are the marked benefits of outings like the Legend of Zelda and Bakugan games, which encourage planning, problem solving, and creative self-expression.