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Giant Dogs

Giant Dogs
Amazing Giant Dogs Every year there are millions of puppies born, some grow to be small, some grow to be big big and becomes unusual Giant Dogs. Sometimes seems like fake or real. Have a look and decide. Be Sociable, Share! Related:  dogs

16 Pics Sleeping Puppies "If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them." ~ Phil Pastoret Exhausted Puppy Soft by seanhfoto Handfuls of Snuggliness by Dan Toast! Dog's Life by Mikey Hennessy Sleepy Time by orclimber Photo credits: Animal Wallpapers,, The World Best Photos of Puppies,

Natalie Dee: "Americas Favorite Cracker" Random Comic Older Comics Search ND: Text Titles Share this comic: (Direct link) @nataliedee is made byNatalie Dee. 05/25/10 Natalie Dee: the spider and mans inhumanity to man More Natalie Dee comics: 06-09-11: about 8000000 people are very concerned about my dogs fictional scenarios Share this comic: 07-17-06: cake loves you too 03-19-06: cake 05-26-06: vegetables i hate pt 3 and 4 03-29-09: pegerator 05-01-09: you can even put it on tacos 10-05-06: they are pretty cute but they require more brushing than me 09-06-07: heeeey guys 01-28-06: not talking OUR OTHER SITES: Super Black: Glitter & Holographic Nail Polish / Super Black Nail Art / Natalie Dee Machine: Comic GeneratorOUR FRIENDS: Aggro Gator / Cyanide & Happiness / Ignorant Facts

Before I Die & Candy Chang - StumbleUpon What matters most to you Interactive public art project that invites people to share their personal aspirations in public. After losing someone she loved and falling into depression, Chang created this experiment on an abandoned house in her neighborhood to create an anonymous place to help restore perspective and share intimately with her neighbors. The project gained global attention and thanks to passionate people around the world, over 1000 Before I Die walls have now been created in over 70 countries, including Kazakhstan, Iraq, Haiti, China, Ukraine, Portugal, Japan, Denmark, Argentina, and South Africa. 2011, New Orleans, LA. Cordoba, Argentina. Najaf, Iraq. Brooklyn, NY. Almaty, Kazakhstan Savannah, GA. Pohang City, South-Korea. San Francisco, CA. Johannesburg, South Africa. Cordoba, Argentina.

70 Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away We here at DPShots believe that the easiest way to learn photography is to learn it by example. Every now and then we come up with some amazing photography examples that take your breath away. This post is no different. We have collected some of the most amazing, most awesome and THE most beautiful photography we could ever get our hands on. This post will help a lot of budding photographers to see where they are headed. From wildlife to magic to a guy sleeping on the back of a buffalo, this post has photographs for all kinds of photographers to take inspiration from. We have collected over 70 majestic photographs that are simply to good to miss. We hope you like this post and endless others that you will get to checkout in future if you are subscribed to our RSS. The Fearless Cat Dael Giraffe says Hi!. Idealists…foolish enough to throw caution to the winds…have advanced mankind and have enriched the world. Kry Back Off! day forty two – trapped [Explored FP] A Lesson in Rockin’ Out Slow Motion

Ban these vicious pitbulls! 60 Examples of Dog Photography Dogs are of the first animals to be domesticated by man and over the years have become known as mans best friend for their loyalty and affection. Dogs are of the first animals to be domesticated by man and over the years have become known as mans best friend for their loyalty and affection. Over the years they have shown there usefulness be it in hunting, for company or for guarding, they have become vital to our society too. Due to their excellent sense of smell and hearing certain dogs are used in the police force, other breeds are used as guide dogs, to heard animals as well as help the fire department. These magnificent animals have helped save many lives among other feats and therefor we have gathered 60 photos of man’s best friend, hope you enjoy and leave us your opinions. ZZZzzz by Deimos2 Little Shark by jevigar Siberian Huskies 1628 by Sooper-Husky one for the weekend by spyed Dog by Celesta Danger Advertising by Jonathan Chapman Dog – she is just a wonderful by Patrycja Makowska

EPICURUS EXONERATED masterymistery/flickr Why is pleasure so suspicious? None of the greatest western philosophers has produced a proper guide for today's enlightened hedonist, writes Anthony Gottlieb. But Epicurus, that much-maligned Greek, was on to something ... From INTELLIGENT LIFE magazine, Autumn 2007 Where is a hedonist to look for his heroes? None of the greatest western philosophers has produced a paean to pleasure that can serve as much of a guide for today's enlightened hedonist. But there is one Greek philosopher whose name has become synonymous with the life of pleasure--especially sensual pleasures, and above all those of a gourmet. Exactly what Epicurus got up to in the undergrowth will never be known. In particular, it was crucial to overcome the fear of death and of an unpleasant afterlife. Epicurus did once say that in order to lead a happy life, one needs first of all to be fed.

The Top 50 Pictures of the Day for 2011 - StumbleUpon Every day at 5pm the Sifter posts the Picture of the Day. Below you will find a collection of the Sifter’s Top 50 from 2011. It’s hard to imagine the year is almost over, time seems to fly faster each successive year so it’s fun to take a moment and look back at the year that was. Click any of the pictures below to be taken to the individual post to learn more about the photographer and picture taken. Enjoy and stay sifty my friends! Wild Scenics Pictures [ View fewer images per page ] Click here to show (or hide) search and display options [ For a large image and details: click on photo to stay in current window, click on photo ID to open new window.]

The Fine Art of Dogs (15 photos) - My Modern Metropolis - StumbleUpon British photographer Tim Flach sees animals in a completely different way. Having completed postgraduate studies at St. Martins School of Art London, Flach shoots stylized animal portraits that look more like fine art than framed shots of your puppy. Commercially trained as a professional photographer for over 25 years, Flach's conceptual style has been shaped by his background not just in photography but in, curiously, painted sculptures. Flach recently released a book called Dogs that's definitely worth a look. Make sure to hop on over to Flach's website to enjoy more of his amazing photos. Other Incredible Animal Photography:Spectacular Animal Portraits by Steve HoskinsIncredible Animal Photography - Stefano Unterthiner22 Incredibly Interesting Animal PhotosZoo Animals Captured at the Right Moment

Funny Underwater Dog Pictures Great collection by Seth Casteel Award-winning photographer Seth Casteel has been featured on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, EXTRA, CNN WORLD REPORT, THE TODAY SHOW, JEOPARDY! and in TIME Magazine. As one of the most published pet photographers in the world, his work can be seen in hundreds of magazines, calendars, posters, books and TV shows. Seth has also had the privilege of working with and photographing a variety of celebrities including Cesar Millan, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Smart, Denise Richards, Perez Hilton, the cast of TWILIGHT and the cast of GLEE. Buy Underwater Dogs Book from Amazon ( US | UK ) WHAT DO PHILOSOPHERS BELIEVE? And what do people ask them in mid-air? Anthony Gottlieb decodes an unusual opinion poll ... From INTELLIGENT LIFE Magazine, Spring 2010 There was once a website on which academic philosophers listed the curious things that strangers had said to them upon learning that they were in the presence of a philosopher. “May I ask you a question?” In a similar vein, also from the skies: “What do you do?” This exchange makes professional philosophers titter, because their daily work is far removed from the production of sage utterances. One answer – a novel one, it seems – comes from a new survey of philosophers’ views. First, some background. This movement is often contrasted with “Continental” philosophy, which is more expansive and synoptic, tends to see itself as allied to literary, cultural and social studies, and is more likely to draw on subjective experience. In five other questions 15% or more of the philosophers said they were too unfamiliar with the issue to give an opinion.

11 cheap gifts guaranteed to impress science geeks | DVICE - StumbleUpon Science comes up with a lot of awesome stuff, and you don't need a Ph.D, a secret lab, or government funding to get your hands on some of the coolest discoveries. We've got a list of 11 mostly affordable gifts that are guaranteed to blow your mind, whether or not you're a science geek. Click on any image to see it enlarged. 1. Aerogel Also known as frozen smoke, Aerogel is the world's lowest density solid, clocking in at 96% air. Aerogel isn't just neat, it's useful. Price: $35 2. Inside these sealed glass balls live shrimp, algae, and bacteria, all swimming around in filtered seawater. EcoSpheres came out of research looking at ways to develop self-contained ecosystems for long duration space travel. Price: $80 3. NASA has been trying to figure out how to get a sample of rock back from Mars for a while now. Every once in a while, a meteorite smashes into Mars hard enough to eject some rocks out into orbit around the sun. Price: $70+ 4. Price: $150 5. Price: $110 6. Price: $80 7. Price: $15 8.

Puppies, Cute Puppy Names, Pictures of Puppies & More | Daily Puppy Welcome to The Daily Puppy; your source for cute puppy pictures, videos, articles and supplies. Browse pictures of the puppy of the day, create a profile for you and your puppy and connect with other puppy parents. Don't forget to check out different dog breeds, our puppy related articles and videos too! Sierra the Australian Shepherd Sierra is a very active little Aussie who loves to chew and run. Chasing a ball is becoming her favorite activity, along with playing with all her toys. More pictures and comments Kiki the Pomeranian Hi, my name is Kiki. More pictures and comments Blaze the Puggle Blaze is an adorable black Puggle who is extremely energetic and very lovable. More pictures and comments Lizzie the English Setter Hi, my name is Lizzie. More pictures and comments Ellie the Goldendoodle Ellie is a goldendoodle from the Midwest who loves everyone and everything. More pictures and comments

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