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The Physical Education Teacher (@DylanBlain)

The Physical Education Teacher (@DylanBlain)
In preparation for having some iPads at our disposal next term I’ve done some research into available apps and possible uses within Physical Education. I have only managed to trial free ones so far but will be purchasing some paid apps in Sept. In order to avoid wasting any money come September I’ve compiled a list from searching the app store and thinking through certain uses. It is by no-means exhaustive and as such please feel free to supplement the list and add any comments. List of iPad apps lessons for iPad – make flash cards/quizzes… (£5.99) imuscle – allows users to identify and zoom into specific muscles in the body and shows exercises associated with building up that muscle (£1.19) anxiety stop watch – app for managing anxiety. iMC Calc for iPad (BMI Calculator) – useful when learning about BMI (£1.19) 1000 Exercises by Men’s Health & Women’s Health – training resources, workout creator, videos, ability to log training (£3.49) BMI & Body fat Calculator – (Free) Coaching/Analysis

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The Physical Education Teacher (@DylanBlain) Yesterday I participated in EdmodoCon 2012 (Edmodo’s annual conference). The online conference had a large number of sessions spread over a full day from a number of contributors. I dipped in and out of the conference all day but a session on using Edmodo and iPads in the classroom from Jason Buck (@jasonhbuck), Matt Tobin (@mattytobin) and Matt Spears (@matthewIspears) really got me thinking how powerful combining Edmodo with the iPad or iPod touch could be within PE. In this blog post I’ll give my current thoughts and a workflow idea I’m looking to implement in the new term. Using Technology Newsletter We are exploring possible retirement options and looking for motivated individuals and/or similar companies which may be interested in securing our business and original products. We have a PK-High school Physical Education curriculum that is completely aligned to the new (2013) national physical education outcomes (as well as a California version), grade level electronic portfolios, instructional materials, and instructional software. Please take a look at our web site If you are interested.

National Association for Sport and Physical Education NASPE Home : : Contact Us : : Join Top News AAHPERD Partners with First Lady's New Let's Move Active Schools Initiative iPads in Physical Education Recently, I have been asked to assist my PE teacher with the integration of iPads into the PE curriculum. I am fortunate that the PE teacher at my school is quite forward thinking and keen to involve mobile technology into his lessons as we share the belief that the iPad and the available sport apps have huge potential for improving student outcomes. In it’s simplest form, we wanted to see if using the iPad as a skills development tool would translate into students analysing and critiquing their technique and therefore improve their performance. Update 07/10: Physical Education and the iPad New Dynamic Rubric for iPad: It’s mid-summer and although we’re not trying to get you back to school too soon, we do want you to be prepared when the time comes. So, we’ve added the first of our new iPad features for a handful of 3-6 Instructional Units. Check out our new Dynamic Rubrics and Class Roster templates. Each Rubric and Roster template is given in XLS format and has been designed to look great and function well on iPad and laptops alike. Kentucky Core Academic Standards - NEW The content is based on Kentucky's learning goals, academic expectations, and recommendations from local and national professional organizations, teachers, and administrators.Learning Goal 1 (Basic Communication and Mathematics Skills) and Goal 2 (Application of Core Concepts) and are cited most often within this document and provide the basic academic skills and content for what Kentucky high school graduates should know as they exit public schools.However, the skills identified in the other goals are equally important. ​Note: Standards in Science and Social Studies are in the process of being revised. Until those new standards are fully developed and then recommended for adoption by the Kentucky Board of Education, those areas in KCAS will continue to contain the standards that were originally included in the Program of Studies (2006).KCAS Practical Living (Health and PE) Standards and Alignment to National Health and PE StandardsHealth

Top "Apps" for PE Teachers - Part 3 Posted on July 8, 2011 by mrrobbo With the world of mobile apps continuing to explode, Its time to share another 8 apps that will prove valuable in any PE class. Here they are in no particular order. 1.) Head@Millthorpe Our PE department have been using iPads to enhance learning. Here’s what Head of PE Mr. Randall has to say about them … Sport is exciting. England are exceeding all expectations in the Euro Championships, London 2012 is almost here and finally within touching distance is Millthorpe Sports Day 2012.

Physical Education (PE) Apps for Teachers Today, more and more teachers are looking for ways to integrate their smart phones and iPads (and other tablets) with their physical education and health courses. Below is a list of apps that we’ve found helpful for Physical Educators. Click Here to view a recording of our webinar, Apps for PE Teachers: “Don’t be a Sap, Know Your Apps!”. The webinar goes into more detail of how each app can be used in the classroom to engage students and maximize outcomes.

Coach's Eye by TechSmith Coach’s Eye, by TechSmith Corporation, is AMAZING. It lets you record, review, and improve on your sports activities by giving you instant feedback; this is a MUST HAVE app for coaches of all sports. This app was given out as a freebie at the COSN Conference in March, it has taken Teachers With Apps some time to get it field-tested and reviewed. Better late than never, as this innovative app has a multitude of uses for student athletes, their teachers and of course, coaches. You can video and review everything you see from a 50 yard dash, volley ball serve, batting practice, tennis swing, and Coaches Eye will help you in finding ways to improve whatever needs work.

Promoting Active & Healthy Lifestyles written by Joanne M. Leight and Randall Nichols, Associate Professors, Slippery Rock University When Apple developed the iPad, educators everywhere started to find ways to use them in the classroom.