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Ipad Apps for Physical Education

Ipad Apps for Physical Education
In preparation for having some iPads at our disposal next term I’ve done some research into available apps and possible uses within Physical Education. I have only managed to trial free ones so far but will be purchasing some paid apps in Sept. In order to avoid wasting any money come September I’ve compiled a list from searching the app store and thinking through certain uses. It is by no-means exhaustive and as such please feel free to supplement the list and add any comments. List of iPad apps lessons for iPad – make flash cards/quizzes… (£5.99) imuscle – allows users to identify and zoom into specific muscles in the body and shows exercises associated with building up that muscle (£1.19) anxiety stop watch – app for managing anxiety. iMC Calc for iPad (BMI Calculator) – useful when learning about BMI (£1.19) 1000 Exercises by Men’s Health & Women’s Health – training resources, workout creator, videos, ability to log training (£3.49) BMI & Body fat Calculator – (Free) Coaching/Analysis

Using Technology Newsletter We are exploring possible retirement options and looking for motivated individuals and/or similar companies which may be interested in securing our business and original products. We have a PK-High school Physical Education curriculum that is completely aligned to the new (2013) national physical education outcomes (as well as a California version), grade level electronic portfolios, instructional materials, and instructional software. Please take a look at our web site If you are interested. If you have any questions - please feel free to contact me. Microsoft Word - Apple Pages. Microsoft Excel - Apple Numbers. Microsoft PowerPoint - Apple Keynote. Adobe Photoshop - Pixelmator. Adobe Indesign - iBooks Author. Appropriate for grades K-5. This software provides information (text, graphics, video) on health-related and skill-related fitness. The software is aligned to the Elementary Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum. Try this software before you buy! 1. 2.

Physical Education (PE) Apps for Teachers Today, more and more teachers are looking for ways to integrate their smart phones and iPads (and other tablets) with their physical education and health courses. Below is a list of apps that we’ve found helpful for Physical Educators. Click Here to view a recording of our webinar, Apps for PE Teachers: “Don’t be a Sap, Know Your Apps!”. Coach’s Eye Videos students performing a skill. Team Shake Team Shake is the technological and environmentally friendly way to choose teams. StopWatch This stopwatch shows time on a digital display as well as on an analog clock face. Giant Scoreboard A generic scoreboard, featuring: Timer/Countdown (editable); Team names (editable); Giant digits, visible from 50ft; Fits any sport; Simple, accurate and reliable. Nutrition Tips Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association helps save a life in Haiti. iFitness HD An exercise companion app. Pocket Body Pocket Heart (iPad App) Teacher’s Assistant

National Association for Sport and Physical Education NASPE Home : : Contact Us : : Join Top News AAHPERD Partners with First Lady's New Let's Move Active Schools Initiative Register for 2013 AAHPERD Convention See the Featured Speakers Sam Kass from White House Set to Speak at NASPE General Session NASPE Releases 2nd Infographic Physical Activity in Schools Ask, Listen, Learn Challenge Is back this year! NBC News Story Highlights Innovative P.E. more news User ID: Password: Not a Member? Newly Released! Free Downloads Head Start Body Start Early Childhood Activity Calendars Sonar Finds You The Most Relevant People In The Room Using your publicly available profiles on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter, etc, mobile app Sonar, shows you who, how many, and why particular people are relevant to you in a room. Says founder Brett Martin, “It’s simple- you open up sonar and we tell you that the guy sitting across from you is facebook friends with your college roommate, the dude by the jukebox is a VC that you follow on twitter, and the cute girl by the bar also likes the Arcade Fire and Hemingway.” This is a particularly difficult problem to solve as you almost never achieve hyper local density, anonymous strangers can be intimidating and most people are hesitant to adopt yet another app! Sonar solves this problem by using data that people have volunteered and is primarily focused on communicating through public available arenas. Judges express concerns about privacy.

Mr Robbo – The P.E Geek K-12 Academic Standards Districts are required to put state standards into place so all students have access to high-quality content and instruction. Districts must develop local standards for subjects that do not have state standards. Resources are provided to help districts in this effort. State standards are revised on a schedule approved by the Minnesota Legislature. You can follow the revision process for each subject area on this page. Please subscribe to this page to receive e-mail notices when new information is added. New Social Studies Standards (2011)After proceeding through the state’s formal administrative rulemaking process, Minnesota’s new social studies standards were officially adopted into rule on May 6, 2013 and became effective May 13, 2013.

Let's Move! Active Schools My New Favorite iPhone App for Music: Hype Machine Radio The hardest part of finding good music online these days is discovering what you should look for in the first place. Almost all our old favorites are available on demand but finding good new bands and songs remains a challenge. Various services are competing to fill this need as effectively as possible, but it's a tough nut to crack. My new favorite entrant into the field is an iPhone app from long-time MP3 blog aggregator Hype Machine. Hype Machine Radio is being sold for $2.99 (iTunes) and is worth every penny. I've been using the app to discover new music with the help of dedicated music bloggers, then listening to the full albums of the artists I like on Rdio. Some music services surface new music using an algorithm, but I find that all the songs then sound the same and just become background noise. Hype Machine tracks hundreds of blogs and I do wish the app helped me discover new ones better from the big list of options it offers. Update 07/10: Physical Education and the iPad New Dynamic Rubric for iPad: It’s mid-summer and although we’re not trying to get you back to school too soon, we do want you to be prepared when the time comes. So, we’ve added the first of our new iPad features for a handful of 3-6 Instructional Units. Check out our new Dynamic Rubrics and Class Roster templates. Each Rubric and Roster template is given in XLS format and has been designed to look great and function well on iPad and laptops alike. Here’s the quick-tips version on how they work: (Numbers App is required for iPad) Visit and download a Dynamic Rubric and Class Roster.Open the files in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.Type student names into the Class Roster for quick cut-and-paste into each rubric. Look for detailed iPad tutorials this Fall in the SPARKfamily .org Resource Center. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Aaron Hart Development Director Tags: iPad

Kentucky Core Academic Standards - NEW The content is based on Kentucky's learning goals, academic expectations, and recommendations from local and national professional organizations, teachers, and administrators.Learning Goal 1 (Basic Communication and Mathematics Skills) and Goal 2 (Application of Core Concepts) and are cited most often within this document and provide the basic academic skills and content for what Kentucky high school graduates should know as they exit public schools.However, the skills identified in the other goals are equally important. ​Note: Standards in Science and Social Studies are in the process of being revised. Until those new standards are fully developed and then recommended for adoption by the Kentucky Board of Education, those areas in KCAS will continue to contain the standards that were originally included in the Program of Studies (2006).KCAS Practical Living (Health and PE) Standards and Alignment to National Health and PE StandardsHealth Kentucky Core Academic Standards - Mathematics

Move Over Flipboard: Qwiki is the iPad's Newest Killer App "It's clear that the future of media consumption is tablets and mobile...if there's anywhere to be experimenting as a company, it's in the acceleration of content off the desktop. It's a whole new world and now we need new tools." So says Doug Imbruce, founder and CEO of Qwiki, a mostly-automated multi-media content creation system that today launches what Imbruce calls its true potential, unleashed: Qwiki on the iPad (iTunes). All I've wanted to do since seeing it is spend time wandering through this app. What is this magical app? There's simply something about having articles read to you, with pictures, maps and charts moving around the page dynamically and ready to touch that is captivating. The first use case, the desktop and now iPad app, uses text from Wikipedia and media from elsewhere around the web. lean back meandering through reference material that Qwiki makes you want to pour time into. "Most companies don't have the DNA of both Art and Science," Imbruce says. Is it perfect?