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Streamdın We create amazing digital experiences We are digital strategists, creatives, engineers, and mentors. We are the digital agency of today creating amazing iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web experiences for tomorrow. Health InfoScape When you have heartburn, do you also feel nauseous? Or if you're experiencing insomnia, do you tend to put on a few pounds, or more? By combing through 7.2 million of our electronic medical records, we have created a disease network to help illustrate relationships between various conditions and how common those connections are. Take a look by condition or condition category and gender to uncover interesting associations. About this data Getting started with visualization after getting started with visualization It's easy these days to get started with visualization. There are a lot of resources — books, tutorials, blogs, and classes — to help you learn, and the many new and old software applications let you work with data right away, point and click. You don't have to stop here though. A lot of people do stop at this point.

Clement Levallois - Teaching and training This course is offered to Bachelor students from all departments at Erasmus University. An initiative of the Erasmus Studio, it is coordinated by , with and me as co-teachers of three separate modules in it. Franciska de Jong, Renske Jongbloed and Kees Mandemakers also participate in the lectures. The ambition of this course is to provide the students with an in-depth coverage of what "digital scholarship" is today, conceptually and in practice.

10 Awesome Twitter Analytics and Visualization Tools Recently Twitter rolled out their native analytics platform for all users and now you can get some quality data about your tweets directly from Twitter. After researching over a thousand Twitter Tools for the Twitter Tools Book I came across many Twitter analytics and visualization tools. These Twitter tools were designed to add value by presenting a different way to visualize or analyze your tweets, the people in your network, and the tweets from the people in your network. 50 New Tools Democratizing Data Analysis & Visualization Just as we've seen the shift to "DIY" data collection platforms, we're also seeing the development of a whole new class of self-service data exploration and visualization tools. Just as we’ve seen the shift to “DIY” data collection platforms, we’re also seeing the development of a whole new class of self-service data exploration and visualization tools. These are not necessarily replacements for SPSS, SAS, R, and other traditional analytical suites: those enterprise level systems are often still needed to do more complex and advanced statistical analysis. However, in many ways these newer entrants have a leg up over legacy providers: they are less expensive (in many cases free), more flexible, easier to use, and are built with the needs of a variety of users in mind. Today it’s possible to find many tools that can help the most inexperienced user quickly begin doing sophisticated analysis and produce great visualizations from many different types of data. OfficeReports

Main DataGraph is a powerful and easy to use graphing and charting application. DataGraph minimizes the fuss and frustration associated with creating clean and accurate publication quality graphs and charts. DataGraph also includes powerful function fitting and statistical analysis capabilities, which enables high quality analysis of the data. Omniscope Integrates two distinct workspaces in a single, in-memory, file-based application that enables agile, 'best practise' data sharing solutions with end user self-sufficiency spanning the entire workflow; data import, integration, transformation, analysis and presentation/publication:DataManager: data extraction from most sources, transformation, integration and delivery of processed data sets in a wide variety of formatsDataExplorer: interactive visual data discovery & analysis, multi-tan, multi-view reporting/'dashboarding'/publication in a wide variety of formats Users can quickly connect to local, network or online data sources, transform/scrub and integrate the data, then seamlessly create a refreshable, interactive multi-view report, deliverable to recipients in a wide variety of static and interactive formats, most powerful being the via Omniscope free Viewer. New in Omniscope version 2.8 Download free trial Browse demos & screenshots Watch video tutorials Contact us