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A Live 24x7 Interactive African Wildlife Safari

A Live 24x7 Interactive African Wildlife Safari

Less Is More: The Secret of Being Essential Sidebars:Math Teachers Set New PrioritiesMathematics PortfoliosQuestions for Shaping School CurriculumAn Exhibition that Combines Performance with MemoryThe Art of remembering is the art of thinking...Topics that Generate UnderstandingOf course, intellectual learning includes...Definitions of a Good ThinkerGetting Students to do More with Less in Humanities Curriculum Cutting things out of the overcrowded curriculum presents our only chance for getting students to go deeper, think harder, push past complacency to the habits of mind Essential schools hold dear. But what goes and what stays? And who decides? PRETTY MUCH EVERYBODY agrees: "Less Is More" is the toughest of the Coalition's Nine Common Principles to explain and to live by. Merely because the maxim is so catchy, people are apt to use "Less Is More" to serve whatever purposes they like, including as a deliberately misleading attack on Essential School ideas. Less 'Stuff,' More Thought Deciding What to Cut Outwards from the Basics

Panda NOTE: Panda Yun Zi, age 4, will soon be off exhibit as we prepare him for his move to China. His last day on exhibit will be Tuesday, December 10. Come wish him well! Read more here... Like the San Diego Zoo on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: The San Diego Zoo has had a love affair with giant pandas ever since two of the black-and-white bears came to visit in 1987. Our pandas enjoy deluxe accommodations with larger exhibit areas and extra vegetation and climbing structures. Visiting the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park helps support our studies of wild giant panda populations.

Karula’s family tree in pictures | Djuma Private Game Reserve Hi everyone! If you are interested in following our elegant female leopard Karula and her family this is the right place! This special lady allows us to watch her as her life unfolds before our eyes during the live broadcasts from Djuma Game Reserve. If you haven’t yet joined us take a peek by clicking on the played on our front page and see what exciting events take place here in the African bush. Any time we find Karula or her family the news will be posted here. I thought the best place to start would be her family tree. The picture of Safari, Karula and Matimba was from Fay a little while ago and I was hoping to be able to use it at some stage! We have had 3 people take up the Karula’s family tree challenge and with a brilliant outcome too! Anat Anat’s family tree after the cubs were named! Anat’s helps to show the uncertainty of the actual father regarding Tandi and Shadow. Stacy John Tara

SDZ Global Wildlife Conservancy - Video - Condor Cam San Diego Zoo Global was given permission to begin the first captive propagation program for California condors in the 1980s - when there were only about 22 birds left in the world. Destruction of habitat, poaching, and lead poisoning was wiping out these majestic birds. San Diego Zoo Global's California condor program has provided hope for the future of these birds, having succeeded in hatching 165 chicks and releasing 80 birds into the wild. Learn more about San Diego Zoo Global's Condor Conservation initiatives› How can you tell California condor males and females apart? What do the numbers on the wing tags mean? What is the lifespan of a California condor? Do they mate for life? How many eggs do they lay? Do condors build a nest? How big are California condors? What do they eat? Are they endangered? Why are they endangered? Where are California condors released? Mike Wallace, Ph.D. Scientist, Manager of CA Condor Recovery Program, Baja California, Mexico James Sheppard, Ph.D.

Safari TV: Karula's family tree... in pictures. Hi everyone! The picture of Safari, Karula and Matimba was from Fay a little while ago and I was hoping to be able to use it at some stage! It shows Karula's mother and Karula's brother Matimba who was born in Dec 2005! We have had 3 people take up the Karula's family tree challenge and with a brilliant outcome too! I hope these help understand how Karula is related to the other leopards we see! Each one adds something interesting to the tree! Anat's helps to show the uncertainty of the actual father regarding Tandi and Shadow. Stacy's helps to show who of the family are male and female. And John's includes the order the litters were born in as well as all the family's birth years. Thank you once again to John, Stacy and Anat for putting these brilliant family trees together for everyone to enjoy! Tara

Djuma Waterhole Cam, Ustream.TV: This camera is located on Djuma Private Game Reserve inside the Sabi Sand and part of the Greater Kruger National Park in Ustream © Search Log in / Sign up With Facebook (faster) Log in or sign up with Facebook See what your friends like and watch, get awesome recommendations Instant login, no passwords or With email or username Forgot your password? Don’t have an account? Go live! Find more broadcasts Expand Video Djuma Waterhole Cam Follow Following Unfollow 3,956 followers Flag this content Please select your reason for flagging this video as inappropriate from the dropdown below. If you are a copyright owner, or are authorized to act on behalf of one or authorized to act under any exclusive right under copyright, please do not flag this content but instead report alleged copyright violations on our DMCA notice form. Cancel or Remove ads Create Highlight Djuma Waterhole Cam Pets, Animals - Wild Animals 3,956 followers 6,770,704 views Follow Following Unfollow This camera is located on Djuma Private Game Reserve inside the Sabi Sand and part of the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. Comments Load more...

Four Strategies to Spark Curiosity via Student Questioning British archaeologist Mary Leakey described her own learning as being "compelled by curiosity." Curiosity is the name we give to the state of having unanswered questions. And unanswered questions, by their nature, help us maintain a learning mindset. When we realize that we do not know all there is to know about something in which we are interested, we thirst. We pursue. Strategy One: Equip Students to Ask Questions At its essence, curiosity is asking questions and pursuing answers. We often ask students if they have any questions, but we rarely teach them how to ask advantageous questions. Strategy Two: Provide a Launch Pad Even if students have mastered the full range of question forming, it is difficult to inquire about topics with which they have no familiarity. Strategy Three: Cast a Wide Net During the information gathering phase of learning, the brain does its best work in an active and receptive state. Keep the search active by praising student efforts to discover novelty.

Boundary Bay BC, CA Weather Detailed 5 & 7 Day Long Range Forecast Adverse and Severe Weather Watches and Warnings Regional Marine Warnings In Effect Near Boundary Bay BC STRONG WIND WARNING IN EFFECT, Haro StraitSTRONG WIND WARNING IN EFFECT, Howe SoundGALE WARNING IN EFFECT, Juan de Fuca Strait - east entranceSTRONG WIND WARNING IN EFFECT, Juan de Fuca Strait - west entranceGALE WARNING IN EFFECT, Juan de Fuca Strait - central straitSTRONG WIND WARNING IN EFFECT, Strait of Georgia - north of NanaimoSTRONG WIND WARNING IN EFFECT, Strait of Georgia - south of Nanaimo Please Visit Environment Canada's Marine Weather Section For More Details, More Marine Weather And The Latest Information. The image above contains regional watches and warnings throughout . Snow Storm & Blizzard Map Forecast Though this is an American metric, we thought we would share it with you because it includes central to lower Canada (sorry Arctic) in their snow forecasts. Canada Earthquake Watch - Last 6 Earthquakes Earthquake M=1.8 - 60 km SW of Sandspit, BC World Earthquake Watch

The Tragic Irony of Fahrenheit 451 Fahrenheit 451 Essays The Tragic Irony of Fahrenheit 451 " 'Happiness is important. Fun is everything. And yet I kept sitting there saying to myself, I'm not happy, I'm not happy.' " (70). Fahrenheit 451 is one of the most famous of Ray Bradbury's novels. The ideal of this future man is to be happy. " 'What do we want in this country, above all? that right? people say. them fun? " 'We have mobilized a million men. At the beginning of the book, Montag appears happy. After the house is burned, Montag begins to walk home and is met by a young girl named Clarisse McClellan. He then goes into his house and enters the bedroom. "He felt his smile slide away, melt, fold over and down on itself like a tallow skin, like the stuff of a fantastic candle burning too long and now collapsing and now blown out. not happy. true state of affairs. He has finally become aware of his unhappiness. At this same time, he perceives he has an unhappy marriage. " 'We must all be alike. constitution says, but everyone made equal.

Studynotes: Fahrenheit 451: Summary: Part 1 (II) Part 1 (II) Montag goes into his own dark house, still thinking about Clarisse's question. When he opens his bedroom door, everything is cold and quiet. As usual, his wife, Mildred, is asleep in bed, with a pair of tiny radios -- called "Seashells" -- in her ears. The Seashells are always "talking" to her, so she doesn't have to think about or pay attention to the world around her. In fact, even when Mildred is asleep, she can still hear the voices in her head. In this cold room, Montag feels his smile disappearing. Montag accidentally kicks a small object, which rolls away under the bed. Two emergency medical workers, who Montag has never seen before, come to pump out Mildred's stomach and give her a blood transfusion. After the medical technicians leave, Montag stare out the window, to Clarisse's lit-up house, and wishes he could go over and talk to them -- he even wanders out onto the lawn. In the morning, Montag tries to talk to her about what happened the night before.

Fahrenheit 451: Part 3 (Burning Bright) | Montag advises Faber on how to eliminate Montag's scent from the house by burning things, wiping others with alcohol, and turning on the sprinklers in the yard. Montag takes a suitcase with Faber's old clothes, bids farewell, and leaves the house, heading toward the river. On the way he's able to track the Hound's approach by looking at TVs through the windows of houses. The Hound stops at Faber's house, but moves on. On his Seashell radio, Montag hears the announcer tell everyone in the neighborhood to step outside of their houses and look for the fugitive. Since everyone's TV is tuned to the chase, Montag is able to be both fugitive and audience at the same time.

Great Schools for Students with Learning Disabilities At one time, students with learning disabilities (LDs) were seen as unlikely candidates for college success. Today there is greater understanding of these challenges to learning, and students affected by LDs are thriving in the college classroom. Learn about ten schools that provide excellent education programs for students with LDs. 1. Landmark College Landmark College started in 1985 with programs for students with dyslexia. 2. Another institution that provides academic programs exclusively for students with LDs, Beacon College offers both associate and bachelor's degree options. 3. Marist is a small private institution in Poughkeepsie, New York, that has a long legacy of meeting the needs of students with LDs. 4. American University's Learning Services Program is designed to help freshman students successfully make the transition from high school to college. 5. The University of Denver features the nationally recognized Learning Effectiveness Program that serves over 200 students. 6.