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Hesperian Health Guides

Hesperian Health Guides

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A Step by Step Guide to Creating A Virtual Field Trip Using Google Earth February, 2014 Since I posted about the " 20 online museums for teachers and students " I received several emails with links, apps, tools and more tips related to educational virtual field trips. One of the links I got included this wonderful guide I am sharing with you below created by Silvia Rosenthal from Langwitches. The guide is about how to frame a virtual field trip using Google Earth. 54 Survival Downloads and Handbooks – Pioneering, SHTF, Engineering, Urban Gardening, Defense, and More (Before It's News) Kevin Hayden - If you find this material helpful, please consider donating $1 or $2 to the website! Thanks!

Air Force Survival Training Manual – Free Download Given that there are so many survival manuals out there, it’s hard to know which ones are worth having in your survival library. Well, if there’s one survival manual that I highly recommend it is the Air Force Survival Training manual. The Air Force Survival Training manual (specifically the AFR-64) is, in my opinion, the cream of the crop. Make Your Own Homemade Survival Bars » Food Storage and Survival Have you ever wanted to make your own survival food bars? Like the survival food bars the stores sell, but homemade survival bars so you know what’s in them. Well, I got together with a few friends to make some homemade survival food bars and here’s how it turned out. Make sure to read through the comments when you’re done for some suggestions on making them better!

What is Observing for Learning? : K-9 Learning Community What is Observing for Learning? Observing for learning is a powerful concept that provides a framework for understanding how to nurture natural learning and conserve a child’s disposition for wonder. The notion of Observing for Learning is based on the concept that “Everything said is said by the observer” (from the work of Chilean neurobiologist Dr. Humberto Maturana). 20 Wonderful Online Museums and Sites for Virtual Field Trips to Use in Class January 27, 2014 Yesterday when I was working on the list of iPad apps that teachers can use with their students to make virtual field trips, it dawned on me to compile another list of web based platforms for both online museums and virtual field sites that can be used with students in class. After scouring the web for hours I finally landed on the selection below. Have a look and as always share with your students and colleagues. 1- National Portrait Gallery

How to Turn Salt Water into Drinking Water by Nicholas Even though you can’t drink salt water, otherwise known as saline water, what you can do is turn it into fresh water, through a process called desalination. This process is being used more and more as a viable means to get freshwater for those who need it. It’s also very applicable in a survival or grid down scenario where freshwater may not be so available. Throughout most of the United States, the overwhelming majority of people are able to access more than enough freshwater. Free: The Preparedness Review Fall 2013 My friend Todd, the editor of the Preparedness Review, has just released the Fall 2013 edition as a free download. For those of you new to The Preparedness Review, it is published two times a year, in the Fall and Spring. Articles are contributed by authors who write for the online Preparedness Community and it includes some of the best prepper information published during that time. Here’s what you’ll find in the Fall 2013 edition:

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