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Shape-Book Patterns

Shape-Book Patterns

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Let It Snow! This is my office door. Even though is was easy-peasy drawing that bear, it was great fun. Just sittin' on a snow bank, blowin' bubbles snowflakes. And you thought snow came from the clouds.... silly butterflies. Cutting out snowflakes is one of those things we all do as a kid and then one day, when we're all grown up and want to cut them out, we can't remember how to fold the paper! Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude Grammar Instruction with Attitude Home • Terms • Exercises • MOOC • Handouts • Presentations • Videos • Rules • About • Shop • Feedback ©1997 - 2016 by Robin L. SimmonsAll Rights Reserved. valid html

Riddle Interactive Download the plug-in tools you need to use our games and tools, or check to see if you've got the latest version. Learn more Looking for ways to engage your students in online literacy learning? Reiki for Your Home – The Ultimate Feng Shui Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master As our knowledge of energy grows, we become more aware of how everything is energy. Not only does this include our own individual beings, it also refers to our homes. The place where you live has its own energy aspects, as well as each piece of furniture, walls, drapes, appliances, etc. How much thought have you given to the energy level of each item, and the combined energies that compose each room, and ultimately your entire home?

Craft: Kirigami Fall Decorations Just when I thought the fall season was here, we get hit with 90 degree weather, ugh! But, that's not stopping me from decorating the house with leaves, pumpkins, and gourds. I run on a strict seasonal decorating schedule and if it's fall, then that's how I'm decorating the house. One of the decorations I'm using this year are these kirigami leaves. You can place them on windows, tuck them under candles, or string them together to make a garland. Olympic Crafts: 20+ Crafts, Activities & Ideas to Inspire The Olympic Games is probably one of the biggest and most well known sporting event in the world – yes, there are others in racing, golfing and tennis – but nothing quite captures the hearts and minds of people as the Olympics. New to Red Ted Art? Why not subscribe to email in the top right hand corner of this page. Or join us on Google + and Facebook! Back to the Olympics: The Olympics is full of symbolisms – which are great for Olympic craft inspiration – you have:

Free Spelling Lists Are you looking for free spelling lists? We are assembling and posting useful lists of spelling words, so there's a good chance you'll find the one you're looking for here! As you probably realize, there's more to teaching spelling than just handing students a spelling list and expecting them to memorize it. Select an English topic from the 54 topics available You start English activities by choosing the topic you want to learn or revise. Our English topics are 10 pictures (Beginner topics) or 20 pictures (Intermediate topics) each with an accompanying written text and spoken English recording. To choose your level, use the button at the bottom of the red sign - click on INTERMEDIATE to switch to Intermediate topics, or, if you are viewing the Intermediate topics, click on BEGINNER to view the 10 picture beginner topics.

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