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La tyrannie financière: Vaincre le plus grand Cover-Up de tous les temps

La tyrannie financière: Vaincre le plus grand Cover-Up de tous les temps
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Masons & youth initiation "Of all the pagan Mysteries instituted by the ancients none were more extensively diffused than those of the Grecian god Dionysus. They were established in Greece, Rome, Syria, and all Asia Minor. Among the Greeks, and still more among the Romans, the rites celebrated on the Dionysiac festival were, it must be confessed, of a dissolute and licentious character." An undertaking between the King of the Jews and Tyre's Dionysiacs: "When Solomon, king of Israel, was about to build, in accordance with the purposes of his father, David, "a house unto the name of Jehovah, his God," he made his intention known to Hiram, king of Tyre, his friend and ally; and because he was well aware of the architectural skill of the Tyrian Dionysiacs, he besought that monarch's assistance to enable him to carry his pious design into execution. engaged. "He therefore united them in a society, similar in many respects to that of the Dionysiac artificers.

Utopia of Usurers G.K. Chesterton reveals the most quietly held secret of the Liberal System, the “liberty” instituted as the foundation of the System, is for the benefit of the few and for the gradual impoverishment and enslavement of the rest. If the phrase, “in vino veritas” has been exponentially validated through the long ages of mankind, I would venture to say that anger, tinged with wrath, an anger that is not artificial, but, rather, spontaneous, is another deep wellspring of truth. It is the gushing forth of that which is meant to cleanse or to sweep away. The writer of the preface to G.K. The word “rebel” understates our cause. The question is, however, “why would any one want to ‘rebel’; aren’t we living in a world which is the realization of all that mankind has ever striven for and desired?” There can be little doubt that our mass media continually projects the following subliminal message, no matter what the news “event” or story: All continues to go well in the Land of Plenty. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Portal 2012 Max Keiser - Financial War Reports Ceisiwr Serith's Homepage - Mithraism Main Page Fig. 6. The grades on a mosaic from a mithraeum in Ostia. There are quite a few inscriptions in mithraea identifying members by name and grade. Now to the point of all this. Around the turn between the 19th and 20th centuries, Franz Cumont published a number of books on Mithraism. Cumont interpreted the tauroctony as an act of creation. With his works, Cumont established the field of Mithraic studies. Reading through Cumont for the purpose of this essay, I was appalled at some of the things he said, and I even wonder why it took so long to see problems. No clear alternative to Cumont has emerged. Stark’s theory is, however, very reasonable. The most comprehensive attempt to answer this question is that of David Ulansey. The significance of the precession of the equinoxes comes from a belief common in the Graeco-Roman world, that after death souls go up through the planetary spheres to reach the celestial regions. I see a number of problem’s with Ulansey’s theories. Fig. 7 Rome Fig. 8

The Money Masters THE BLACK AWAKENING ‘Fiat money’ or Gold Standard? Written by David A. Jones (Guest Author) on . Many people, upon first learning about ‘Fractional Reserve’ Banking, are drawn to the idea of the Gold Standard. They find out that ‘Fractional Reserve’ Banking leads to an inflating money supply, moreover one plagued by cycles of boom and bust due to its elasticity. Before we embark on a discussion of the pros and cons of a Gold Standard, I’d like to dispatch two monetary misconceptions commonly encountered on the internet: 1: I have put the words ‘fractional reserve’ in inverted commas because, like so many terms used in banking, it is a misnomer. With that out of the way, let’s proceed! “The first United States dollar was minted in 1794. A 'flowing hair dollar' minted in 1795 Why do supporters of the Gold Standard – sometimes referred to as ‘gold-bugs’ for short – want this kind of money? 1 - As a means of exchange / deference of payment2 - As a store of value3 - As a unit of account “Must money always remain what it is at present ?

a quoi reconnait on un enfant indigo??? par : kazuoai Bonjour a tous, j'aimerai tenter d'apporter certaines precisions sur tout ce qui a ete dit si possible. Bien sur, je n'ai pas la pretention de dire que je detiens la verite, mais c'est en tout cas ma verite. "Dans les années 1980, on parlait essentiellement d'enfants Indigos , car les premières âmes sensées provenir de cette base-école jupitérienne, à laquelle certains médiums ont attribué le nom d'Ipolodic , n'ont commencé à s'incarner sur notre planète en nombre relativement important qu'à partir des années 1970. "Les Indigos, avant de s'incarner, ont travaillé sur Ipolodic à développer en eux la spiritualité, l'idéal de paix, de fraternité et de vérité, qui sont des attributs jupitériens liés à la couleur bleue, en même temps que l'Amour impersonnel et altruiste, l'esprit d'entraide, de solidarité et de sacrifice qui sont liés kabbalistiquement à Iésod, la Sphère de la Lune correspondant à la couleur violette. 1) La reliance ou la connexion au Guide. Kazuo

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