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Mercedes-Benz-17.jpg (1680×1050)
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The 2013 Geneva International Motor Show - Own For over 100yrs, the Geneva International Motor Show has been a place for manufacturers to drop their newest and greatest creations. This year, the show was a little crazy, with everything from hybrids that top 900hp, to 200mph sedans, to a car that steers with its rear tires. Because 10 isn't a prime number, here are 11 of the absolute best the show had to offer: Pininfarina Sergio To commemorate the 2012 passing of their patriarch, Italian design firm Pininfarina just dropped the eponymous Sergio, in which they chopped a perfectly fine Ferrari 458 Italia (which they designed), and turned it into... this. Read the full story... GTA Spano After nearly 20yrs as a leading Spanish racing team, the peeps at Spania started dreaming of something much more powerful than windmills and designed the 900hp, twin-turbo Viper V10-powered GTA Spano, of which they'll build 99 units.

Pininfarina Sergio - Own For decades, Pininfarina's been designing some of the most exotic car shapes in the world for carmakers like Ferrari, Maserati, Cadillac, and Alfa Romeo; to commemorate the 2012 passing of their patriarch, they've just dropped the eponymous Sergio, in which they chopped a perfectly fine Ferrari 458 Italia (which they designed), and turned it into... this: Italians have a rep for being a passionate people, so it should come as no surprise that they describe the car as being a 1960s throwback that has a "bulging and sensual" front that's "penetrating into a rear that is projected forward"; the pieces that serve a specific aerodynamic purpose are left black, while the rest -- the fenders and doors, etc. -- are painted red, which probably bugs the crap outta Mick Jagger. Because this was based on a 458, it's got a perfectly normal, albeit tweaked interior... ... but like any good Italian throwback, it's got a couple of wild swingers on each side.

Audi Urban Concept says less is more Is less really more? I guess that is what the Audi Urban Concept believes in, although the vehicle does seem to hail from a future past – sporting design cues of the first generation of vehicles, although you can be sure that the whole thing is nothing but pure 21st century goodness. This open-wheeler will tip the scales at 454 kgs (that is 1,000 pounds for those who aren’t on the metric system), seating only two – which is a disappointment, since surely not only your partner would love to get into this ride, but the rest of your mates as well. The exterior boasts of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, where a couple of e-tron electric motors will help propel the 1+1 with ‘powerful’ acceleration.

Zenvo St1 Supercar Coming Stateside Zenvo St1 Supercar Coming Stateside The Zenvo ST1 is officially coming to the United States, but sadly it’ll be just out of our price range at $1,225,000… about three zeros out of our price range. The Danish Zenvo ST1 was first designed in 2004 but saw limited production in the later part of the last decade. We first covered the Zenvo ST1 here on TheCoolist in the Spring of 2009 just as we were getting off the ground, and it remains one of our favorites to this day. What do we love about the Zenvo so much? The design is downright demonic. We’re suffering from a bit of sticker shock, as that $1.23 million price tag also makes it one of the most expensive cars on US asphalt. Volvo Concept You A while back I wrote about the new Volvo Concept Universe. It was a striking new car with a beautiful shape and a very unusual front grill. Now, Volvo has taken this concept a step further with the Volvo Concept You. It is pretty much the same car. What's new and exciting is the interior. Not only is it beautifully designed, it is also highly digitized. The Concept You explores new territories in Volvo's search for the ultimate intuitive car. The control centre in Concept You consists of four main areas a digital Driver Information Monitor, a head-up display on the windscreen, a touch screen on the upper part of the centre console and a touch screen between the two individual rear seats. The touch screen in the upper part of the centre console remains in sleeping mode until the driver looks at it. Certain functions, such as surfing the web, are only accessible from the passenger side while the car is rolling. Follow: 42Concepts

The Beautiful Nissan Ellure Concept Car The Nissan Ellure Concept exterior expresses the warmth of a sculpture, but is defined by the solid movement of the shapes – and the control of light and dark in a way that is sophisticated yet rebellious. Its designers sought to shift the balance between rational values and emotional ones, expressing both intelligent, sustainable design qualities and a sense of passion and fun. The proportions of the new Ellure respect the basic layout and dimensions of a traditional mid-size sedan, while taking advantage of a next-generation compact hybrid powertrain. This allows the wheels to be pushed out to the corners, creating a stable stance and ample interior room, as well as a highly functional trunk – despite the smooth aerodynamic form.The exterior projects a sense of strong mass, with a refined contrast between broad planes and strong shoulders.

Rolls-Royce Apparition Concept I am not a very big fan of Rolls-Royce but this concept design compels me at-least to have a look on this awesome piece of beauty and marvel.The brain behind this lovely concept car design is of Jeremy Westerlund who aims to blend the past and present design of this car and the result is a 24 feet long Rolls Royce. Source : djmick Pagani Huayra Pagani Huayra There’s a new Pagani on the road, ladies and gentlemen. The new Pagani Huayra has been officially revealed to the world, although few of us may ever see it in the flesh. The Pagani Huayra continues this marque’s tradition of serious-yet-smart muscle, aerodynamics without compromise and styling that borders on the eccentric. As we said, the styling is a bit eccentric, but this has always been Pagani’s trademark.

Morgan 3 Wheeler Design Art Cartoons Cars About Follow RSS Advertise Search Morgan 3 Wheeler - /by @42concepts . Written by Thomas Baekdal | Friday, September 23, 2011 When I was a kid, I had this 3-wheeled scooter. Well, take a look at the Morgan 3 Wheeler. Wrooooooommm! ...and apparently, it smokes like an old airplane too! Follow: 42Concepts Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Concept » Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept » McLaren X-1 One-off Car » Citroën DS Numéro 9 - Visual Showcase » The Delta Wing » Bentley EXP 9 F » Volvo Concept You » Ford Evo - Oh My God! Cadillac Ciel, The past of the Future? Badass 2011 Le Mans Cars - Audi and Aston Martin » Aston Martin Reverie » A Day in the Life of an Audi Driver - Le Mans 24 » BMW 328 Hommage Sketches » BMW 328 Hommage » Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 » Porsche Cayman S - Black Edition » Limousine Beach Cruiser » Peugeot SXC Concept Car » Bart de Graaff's Concept Cars » 2012 Audi A7 - Papercraft » Mercedes Concept A-Class » Lamborghini Le Mans Concept Study »

Mini Cooper Savile Row Edition Mini Cooper Savile Row Edition While we might be a bit partial to the Lamborghinis, the Aston Martins and the Bugattis of the world, we’d be foolish not to openly admit our respect for the Mini. When it comes to automobiles (or anything, for that matter), if you’re going to go small– best do it in style. The new Mini Cooper Savile Row edition is the coolest kind of style for the coolest brand of small. This blacked out little beast takes the Mini style and gives it the bespoke fashion treatment of Savile Row, London.

Lotus Evora S Revealed Lotus Evora S Revealed Lotus has given new shape to the Evora line of sports cars, namely with the new Lotus Evora S and Evora IPS. The new Lotus Evoras were unveiled ahead of the Paris Motor Show, building on the success of the Evora model that is amongst Lotus’ more recent endeavors. The new Lotus Evora S adds 69 hp over the earlier Evora, dropping the 0-60 acceleration time to 4.8 seconds. On the top end, the Evora S will hit 172 mph if given the pavement. Beyond that, the new Lotus Evora S adds a new transmission technology and stabilization system, boosting its performance on the road and track.

Lighten Up: Ultra-Light Car Is a Commuter Compromise Automobile design is definitely leaning toward electric vehicle design these days, so it makes sense that designers would start thinking about refining and changing the typical EV design. The Ultra Light Electric Vehicle concept from designer Chris Daisy would weigh a mere 600 pounds – or about one-quarter of the weight of small gas-powered cars. The reduced weight is intended to extend the range of the vehicle, making it cheaper to operate. The designer believes that the ULEV could be a contender for the attention of environmentalists who want to bike to work but who have commutes too long to make biking practical. There are a number of surprising design features that could set the ULEV apart from every other electric car on the market. Each of the wheels features its own individual motor and internal disc brake.

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 For Sale: The James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Martin. Aston Martin. The original James Bond Aston Martin DB5, with all of its tricks in tow, will be sold at the RM Auctions event in London on October 27th. This 1964 Aston Martin DB5 was driven by everyone’s favorite British spy in the films Goldfinger and Thunderball, stacked with spy gadgets and weaponry by the venerable Q. James Bond’s Aston Martin features hidden machine gun turrets, license plates with rotating numbers, a retractable bullet shield, a tracking device, an oil slick sprayer, a treadle spreader and a smoke screen device. Written by: thecoolist on June 1, 2010. How to Improve Your Night Driving If you wear glasses, the parts not 'shadowed' by your head can be illuminated by headlights behind you. I imagine glass gaiters (like in bolle snow goggles) might work, or a big upright collar, like a comic book villain, but IMO the easy fix is to just bear this in mind the next time you buy glasses. You do not want the ones that protrude to the sides (which most of the currently-stylish square styles do) for use when driving. Yeah, that Steve Jobs frame shape is practical as all get out. If you're using a GPS or smartphone-as-gps, dim that too. Not just nighttime: if you need progressive lenses, don't mount the GPS (or smartphone-as-gps) up near your mirror. If you're driving at night in the rain, where there are lots of reflections, try polarized lenses.