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English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary
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English Vocabulary Exercises By Topic - ESL Vocabulary Tests | Learn English vocabulary Welcome to our online vocabulary tests section. We've developed various quizzes to help you learn new English words/vocabulary, and to practice the words you already know.Each exercise centers around one theme/topic, and uses only common/useful English words and expressions. Exercises BY TOPIC: Talking about work 1Talking about work 2Talking about work 3Describing people in English 1Describing people in English 2NEW!Describing people in English 3NEW! ENGLISH FOR NEW IMMIGRANTS: A section for newcomers to an English-speaking country to be able to practice English related to things you might have to do every day. KEYWORD-BASED IDIOMS (for high-intermediate and advanced students):Idioms using "COME"Idioms using "GET" 1 Olympics/The Olympic Games (Which sport is that?) JOBS/OCCUPATIONS (ESL vocabulary practice):DoctorTeacherBank tellerBartenderMusicianLawyerBus driverScientistPharmacistConstruction worker

Using your Dictionary to Expand Topic Vocabulary | OUP These days, there might only be one topic of conversation in the news, on social media, and in our own chats to friends and family. Along with new ways of working, teaching and learning, we are even adopting a new lexicon to help us talk about it. My own personal “Health” topic vocabulary has grown to include such words and phrases as self-isolation, social distancing and herd immunity. Using topic vocabulary to enhance learning Collecting words together in topics has long been seen as a good way to help students learn vocabulary. Using Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries Topics pages Large topic areas are subdivided into smaller ones, and once you open a word list you can filter on CEFR level. Here are a few activities that you might like to try: 1) A topic a week Choose your topic vocabulary and allocate words to learn each day by using the click-through feature to check meaning, pronunciation and usage in the dictionary. Food and drink > Cooking and eating > Taste and texture of food Like this:

An opinion essay | Writing - Advanced C1 Some people think that some types of criminals should not go to prison. Instead they should do unpaid work in the community. To what extent do you agree? Owing to the great variety of crimes that can be punishable by prison, some people argue that not all criminals are the same and it would therefore be more appropriate to give certain criminals community service instead. One justification given for prisons is to keep society safe by removing criminals from the outside world. Personally, I also believe punishments should reform people so they do not reoffend. Critics of this more rehabilitative approach to crime believe that justice should be harsh in order to deter people from committing similar crimes and that community service could be less likely to have that effect. In conclusion, putting criminals who are not a danger to society in prison is expensive and, in my opinion, ineffective, both as a deterrent and as a form of rehabilitation.

Speaking practice tests | Take IELTS In the Speaking test, you will have a discussion with a certified examiner. It will be interactive and as close to a real-life situation as a test can get. The Speaking test is 11-14 minutes long and is in three parts. The Speaking test is the same for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training tests. How to practise This practice material is designed for two people working together. Remember, you need to speak fluently, clearly and accurately. Record yourself if you can so that you can go back and check your performance. Review your Speaking test Listen to your recordings and discuss your test with your study partner. Use the audio recordings and transcripts in each section to gain an insight into the test format. There are no 'answers'.

Top Funniest English Idioms This lesson can still be improved.EDIT IT NOW! & become VIP What are the Funniest English Idioms? TO UNDERSTAND ENGLISH AS IT IS SPOKEN IN REAL LIFE, you have to be familiar with idioms. They are used so much in everyday English that it is important to be aware of them. So use them as much as you can! Hold Your Horses[edit | edit source] Meaning: used to tell someone to stop and consider carefully their decision or opinion about something.Example: Just hold your horses, Bill! As Cool As a Cucumber[edit | edit source] Meaning: very calm or very calmly, especially when this is surprising.Example: She walked in as cool as a cucumber, as if nothing had happened. Kick the Bucket[edit | edit source] Meaning: a euphemistic, informal, or slang term meaning ‘to die’.Example: Charlie finally kicked the bucket. Blue in the Face[edit | edit source] Meaning: weakened or tired after trying many times.Example: You can tell her to clean her room until you are blue in the face, but she won’t do it. Shake a leg!

Angol tanulás 6000 szavak – Alkalmazások a Google Playen Ezzel az alkalmazással közös angol nyelveket tudsz tanulni. Angol tanulás 6000 szavak. A képzés során ki kell választania a helyes választ az opciókból. Könnyen használható - nem kell idiómákat hozzáadnia a képzéshez. Minden idióma elérhető az alkalmazásban. Angol nyelv tanulás. Angol nyelvtanulás ingyenes. Az alkalmazásnak nincs korlátja az idiómák tanulmányozására. Ez az alkalmazás hatékony és érdekes módja az új angol nyelvek megismerésének. • Minden idiómát témákban szerveznek.• Angol tanulás 6000 szavak.• A napi indikátor segít nyomon követni a haladást.• Az alkalmazás offline állapotban működik, és nincs szükség internetkapcsolatra.

- Introduction Introduction Academic writing is divided into paragraphs. If your writing is one continuous piece of text, it will be very difficult for any reader to follow your argument. Therefore your written work needs paragraphs. Written work is divided into paragraphs in a meaningful way. Every paragraph has a structure. Example 1 Look at the following paragraph. There is currently an ongoing debate in primary education about the role of classroom assistants within schools. Certain features of the paragraph can be observed. 1. See: Topic 2. See: Signalling 3, The sentences usually start with known information and then go on to provide new information. See: Flow 4. See: Cohesion 5. There is currently an ongoing debate in primary education about the role of classroom assistants within schools. See: Anaphoric Nouns 6. See: Citation Example 2 Correlation is a statistical technique that is used to measure and describe a relationship between two variables. (F. Exercises Try these exercises: Exercise 1 & Exercise 2

5 useful tips and tools for social learning - FutureLearn FutureLearn’s Head of Community, David Thair, shares his top five tips for getting the most out of our social learning features. At FutureLearn, learning through conversation is important to us. That’s why you can leave comments and have a conversation on almost every step of our courses. Just scroll to the bottom of a step, or press the comments link. If you’re new to FutureLearn or to social learning, making sense of lots of comments might seem like a lot to manage. Here are a few tips to help you feel at home. 1. Your FutureLearn profile is what other learners can see about you when you interact with them on a course. If you haven’t already, you should add some information to your FutureLearn profile–just like our example learner above. Your profile can only be seen by logged in learners. You could include the country you live in, your hobbies and interests, or why you’re taking courses on FutureLearn. You should also add a profile picture. 2. Write a comment when you have something to say.

Urban Dictionary, October 25: Thoughts and prayers Digitális Család | Tanári ajánlással: a legjobb appok nyelvtanuláshoz Az életkori sajátosságoknak megfelelően, személyre szabottan és akár játékosan is gyakorolhatjuk vagy gyakoroltathatjuk az idegen nyelveket az okoseszközökön futó alkalmazásokkal. Mindez újfajta lehetőséget hozott a nyelvtanulásban, amelyet érdemes kipróbálni, hiszen egy-két nyelv ismerete elengedhetetlen az érvényesüléshez. Személyre szabottan, játékosan Annak idején az egyik professzorom a tanárképző főiskolán azt mondta, hogy egy új nyelv elsajátításához három dolog szükséges: fenék, fenék és fenék. Azoknak, akik megrettent a véget nem érő szótározás, van egy rossz hírünk: a kitartó szorgalmat természetesen ma sem iktathatjuk ki. 6000 szó több nyelven is 6000 szó birtokában bárki kiválóan elboldogul egy idegen nyelven, de vajon hogyan jut el idáig valaki? A játék 15 fő témakörre osztva 6000 szót és kifejezést tartalmaz, mindezt képek illusztrálják, a szavakat pedig anyanyelvi kiejtésben hallgathatjuk meg. Duolingo Segíts Te is Max professzornak a világ megmentésében! Appból nincs hiány

Five digital resources for autonomous English language practice Cristina Cabal, six-time winner of the TeachingEnglish blog award , tells us her favourite apps, sites and browser extensions to make autonomous learning fun. Language proficiency does not happen within a set time. It’s a long process that requires patience, and practice outside of the classroom. One way that teachers can encourage learners to practise language autonomously is to provide resources that are fun and effective. Here are a few that I recommend: Practise two language-learning techniques with a flashcard app TinyCards is a free flashcard app. It combines two techniques that can help learners to remember language in the long-term: retrieval practice (deliberately recalling information) and spaced repetition . Retrieving information from your memory is more effective than reviewing it, because the act of recalling information strengthens our memory and boosts learning . Another free app you can use for this is Anki . Create a digital classroom on a video platform Ask a 'wh' question.