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Make Images, Videos and Web Stories for Free in Minutes

Make Images, Videos and Web Stories for Free in Minutes

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Online Notebook Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template Use an online notebook to prepare your classes, it doesn’t matter if you are a teacher of a student! In Slidesgo we have just created the perfect template for you. This multi-purpose presentation is simply perfect for any educational purpose. Calligraphr - Login There is a problem with the IndexedDB of your browser. Calligraphr uses the IndexedDB to locally store your data. For some reason we were not able to access the IndexedDB. Could it be that you are using Firefox in 'private mode'? If so please try to reload the page in normal mode.

10 Best Music Distribution Services & Companies of 2020 What is the best music distribution service online? The best music distribution service online is CD Baby because it offers the right combination of massive global reach and a suite of features that can help artists and musicians reach their audiences most effectively. The company’s pricing starts at $9.95 per single or $49 per album, and artists keep 100% of all royalties. With technology making gigantic strides towards revolutionizing the entertainment industry, digital music distribution is hitting fever pitch. Through incremental innovation, online distributors have radically transformed the industry, opening new horizons, and creating a platform for music to permeate all corners of the globe. Fortunately for musicians, this presents a slew of music distribution services that are just a click away.

Etherpad 255 Plugins 105 Languages Hundreds of Instances Millions of users Collaborating in really real-time No more sending your stuff back and forth via email, just set up a pad, share the link and start collaborating! Colours: What is pink? Aims Using poetry as a means to teach EnglishUsing English as a means to appreciate poetry at primary levelProviding a model for children to create their own poems in EnglishExpanding general vocabulary Materials Remote Learning Resources - Debbie Ridpath Ohi (Twitter: @inkyelbows) (Last updated January 19, 2021) To help educators during the pandemic, I have been creating free (pre-recorded) virtual visits, read-alouds, activities and more since March 2020. This page will help you find some of these, but I've lacked the time to keep it updated properly. Best place to find new videos for educators and homeschoolers is my Youtube channel, which includes cover-to-cover read-alouds (online until the end of Mar/2021, thanks to Simon & Schuster), Ask Me To Ask! series with kidlit book creators, activities for kids, tips for those interested in the craft and business of illustrating children's books, and more.

Homosexuality is nothing to be ashamed of In 1935, the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, was contacted by a worried mother who was seeking treatment for her son's apparent homosexuality. Freud, who believed that all humans are attracted to both sexes in some capacity, responded with the following letter of advice. (The letter was later passed on to Alfred Kinsey and reproduced in The American Journal of Psychiatry in 1951, hence the note attached to its foot.)

Engadget is now a part of Verizon Media Engadget is part of Verizon Media. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Your personal data that may be used Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps Precise location Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices.

Cartoon Story Maker A quick look at the Cartoon Story Maker back to top... Features Features list character and background librariesimport your own imagestext bubbles and information boxesaccent key panelimport voice recordingsbuilt in recorder to add your own voice recordingsunlimited number of framescopy and paste framespreviewprint functionsaved stories can be opened and editedcopy and paste text from other documentshelp files (available online and included in the program)

9 Tools for Making the Classroom Paperless - Oxford TEFL There are many reasons for making your classroom paperless. Beyond the ecological ones of saving paper and hours of time and stress spent in front of a photocopier to produce multiple handouts that end up forgotten in a folder somewhere. There are also the more pedagogical drivers of building students’ digital literacies and making our materials more interactive and engaging. Digital materials are also a great way to make good use of those students’ mobile devices and keep their attention on using the screen for learning rather than other distractions. How to use your router's parental controls We've never depended on home's internet connections more than during the ongoing pandemic, but that's left a lot of parents concerned about keeping their kids safe online. Fortunately, your Wi-Fi router can help by managing who has access to what online content, and when. You just need to be willing to dig through the settings a bit. Every router is different, so you'll want to consult your model's manual for specifics, but here's an overview of what features to look for, and how to best put them to use. Get more out of your tech

Mr Bedfort Font · 1001 Fonts The Charles Bluemlein Script Collection is an intriguing reminder of the heady days of hand lettering and calligraphy in the United States. From the early 1930s through World War II, there were about 200 professional hand letterers working in New York City alone. This occupation saw its demise with the advent of photo lettering, and after digital typography it became virtually extinct. The odd way in which the Bluemlein scripts were assembled and created - by collecting different signatures and then building complete alphabets from them - is a fascinating calligraphic adventure. Because the set of constructed designs looked nothing like the original signatures, fictitious names were assigned to the new script typefaces.

Who We Are Vision A vibrant destination for extraordinary experiences that engage, inspire and connect. Mission The mission of Omaha Performing Arts is to enrich the community through: The presentation of the highest quality arts and entertainment experiencesThe stewardship of the Orpheum Theater and Holland Performing Arts CenterEducation and community engagement programs Storytelling with maps using Tour Builder – Google Earth Outreach Storytelling with maps using Tour Builder Google Tour Builder is a web-based storytelling tool which lets you easily create and explore stories and places around the world. You can create a tour of any subject of your choosing, zooming in to show the places where events took place, and easily integrating the story’s text, photos and videos. Your tour will take users from one place to the next along the storyline of your tour, immersing them in the relevant places through Google Earth’s imagery and the custom content you provide. This tutorial will introduce you to Tour Builder, and walk you through the process of creating and sharing your own tour. Before You Begin

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