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Discovering Children's Books : des siècles de littérature jeunesse

Discovering Children's Books : des siècles de littérature jeunesse

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10 Steps that Don’t Involve Points, Pizza, or Prizes to Create a School Wide Culture of Reading – Lifetime Literacy Blog I was recently approached by a school that I partner with in consultancy and asked for advice about how I might lead for developing a school culture of independent reading. Let’s start with the elephant in the room. When I talk about a school wide culture of reading, what I’m NOT talking about are reading programs that require students to read leveled books, take computerized tests for points, and get rewarded with pizza, parties, or prizes for the most points earned. This isn’t a practice that I believe in. I won’t go into that here though. A Quick Guide to Selecting Great Informational Books for Young Children In recent years, the world of children's literature has exploded, flooding the market with a plethora of choices. Almost a billion U.S. dollars in sales were reported in 2004 (Blough, 2004). With such an abundance of children's books on any topic and in every genre, making good choices can be a dilemma for teachers and students. In an analysis of young children's first attempts at reading, Pappas (1991) noted that they need to experience a variety of texts in order to progress successfully as readers and writers. Furthermore, Pappas emphasized that teachers should include informational texts in classrooms in order for children to experience broader language growth. Duke (2004) encouraged teachers to find ways to include informational texts regularly and authentically.

Shel Silverstein Resources: Poet Trees, Read Aloud Videos, and More It’s Poetry Month! Or should we say…Poet Tree Month? Those familiar with that homophone know that it is a delightful reminder that April is the perfect timing to break out your writing utensils and creative minds and serve up poetry that Shel Silverstein would be proud of! If you need a little inspiration or find yourself itching to build a real-life Poet Tree, we’ve got free downloadables, fun readaloud videos of Shel Silverstein’s poetry, and an endless supply of resources to get that poetic spark going!

Picture Books Read Aloud Videos for Lesson Use I am at our public library right now and it is deserted. Wisconsin was ordered to close their schools this coming week as more and more cases of Covid-19 pile up. The world is upside down. As we prepare to switch to online learning, I have been thinking of the power of the read aloud.

5 Kinds of Nonfiction Whether we organize the nonfiction in our library by Dewey, ditching Dewey, or some other method, our libraries are often organized by topic. In her AASL National Conference presentation, Melissa Stewart gave conference attendees another way to think about nonfiction collections. While it may not change how you organize your nonfiction, it may change how you look at your current collection, continue to build that collection, and talk to your students about nonfiction.

Family Home Lab The Experience🎫 Waiting list for Family Home Lab✔️ Prior to the streamed event we'll send you an email with the date, time, and a link to join⭐ This group activity is a wonderful opportunity to get together as a family - the kids will exercise and have a blast! ⭐ Experience Information🕒 Date and time: coming soon!❓ Organised by Sharky & George's family entertainers📌 Location: your home! This experience will be completely online Picture books with mathematical content The visual elements of a quality picture book can illustrate a concept in ways it may be hard to do with other resources. For example, the pictures of a hundred ants marching in different arrays as they try to pick up some speed to reach the picnic (see One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Princzes) can be difficult to organise on the mat! The use of a narrative supports problem solving as students have a reason within the story to solve and to figure.

Up to the Challenge When I worked as a school librarian at Little Elementary in Arlington, Texas, I was terrified of having a book challenged. Sometimes I would wake up at night worrying. I was afraid a parent would be angry with me, and my principal would think I was a bad librarian. If you ever find yourself wide awake and troubled about possible challenges: Get out of bed, drink some water, and remember that you have nothing to fear—if you’re prepared before a complaint occurs. Build your foundation The first step is to be an excellent educator.

Royal Opera House's Opera and Ballet Live Streams Tickets🎫 Sign up to this plan to access the Royal Opera House's streaming performances, offered on demand General Info📅 Date: a new performance is made available every Friday - see the programme below🕒 Time: productions will premiere at 7pm BST📌 Location: your home!📱 You will find a link to the streaming platform in your Fever ticket and confirmation email