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Fragrant Nature Backwater Resort & Ayurveda Spa

Fragrant Nature Backwater Resort & Ayurveda Spa

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New Koala App Helps Protect One of Australia’s Most Famous Animals SYDNEY - A new koala-tracking app and a marsupial hospital are the latest moves to protect one of Australia’s most famous native animals. The furry, tree-dwelling marsupials are in decline in eastern Australia, and authorities hope a multi-million dollar rescue plan will help to save them. The app will help authorities map and track koala populations in New South Wales state, where the furry marsupials are in decline.

Visual Adventures: 10 Best Travel Photography Blogs - Epicure & Culture : Epicure & Culture Whether you’re a regular traveler or not, unique and beautiful travel photography can excite, motivate and inspire. Travel photography blogs can help you research your next trip, reminisce about your favorite holiday or inspire you to explore somewhere completely new. Whatever your travel history or plans, these blogs are the perfect way to indulge in wanderlust. The following are ten of the best blogs for travel photography lovers. Looking to become a freelance photographer yourself? The Broke Backpacker has some great advice! 65 Easy Comfort Food Recipes - Best Southern Comfort Food Ideas Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to wait until the middle of winter to cook up your favorite comfort food classics! Here, we've rounded up the absolute best comfort food recipes around so that you can satisfy your most tantalizing cravings all year long. Whether it's winter, spring, summer, or fall, giving into your guiltiest pleasures is always fun. Here we come, mashed potatoes!

How Do Zoos Help Endangered Animals? Dear EarthTalk: Do zoos have serious programs to save endangered species, besides putting a few captives on display for everyone to see? -- Kelly Traw, Seattle, WA Most zoos are not only great places to get up close to wildlife, but many are also doing their part to bolster dwindling populations of animals still living free in the wild. To wit, dozens of zoos across North America participate in the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s (AZA’s) Species Survival Plan (SSP) Program, which aims to manage the breeding of specific endangered species in order to help maintain healthy and self-sustaining populations that are both genetically diverse and demographically stable. This World Rocks 27 Amazing Travel Photos That Will Infect You With The Travel Bug - This World Rocks I’m a travel photo junkie. I can spend hours browsing photography sites and social media sites looking for the travel photo that will inspire me next. Below are 27 of my favorite travel photos from the last 4-5 years. Each photographer is linked if you want to learn more about them.

Fragrant Nature Records 30% Growth in GCC Visitor Arrivals Fragrant Nature Hotels & Resorts, the maker of premium lifestyle hospitality experiences in Kerala, has tape-recorded 30 per cent growth in visitor arrivals from the GCC region in the past year, and anticipates GCC arrivals to obtain momentum article its engagement at the Arabian Traveling Market. Anne Sajeev, Managing Director of Aromatic Nature Hotels & Resorts, stated: "The Gulf region is increasingly turning into one of our top resource markets with visitors particularly from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. That is why we have actually now released the 'Kerala Golden Triad' plan, especially for site visitors from the Gulf region-- not only Arabs but additionally expatriates-- to ensure that they can experience three diverse lifestyle experiences in Kerala in one go to." She added: "With Fragrant Nature, we are offering three hotel and resorts experiences in three lively tourist hotspots - Munnar, Ft Kochi and Kollam.

Military Tries Out Fish as Underwater Spies We humans often watch and wonder at wildlife. But a defense agency’s new initiative turns the tables—it aims to deploy marine animals to keep an eye on human activity. The agency wants to know if sea life ranging from bioluminescent plankton to goliath grouper can serve as components of underwater surveillance systems capable of detecting the enemy’s oceangoing drones, large nuclear submarines and other underwater vehicles. 13 tips for taking travel photos that stand out to buyers - 500px According to a recent report, people between the ages of 18 to 34 are likelier to spend more money on travel than any other age group. On average, the millennials polled spent 35 days per year traveling, as opposed to just 26 for Gen X, and they were willing to spend upwards of $5000 on vacation costs. As the travel industry shifts, travel photography changes with it. Nearly 90% of Gen Z travelers use Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks to plan their trips—and brands and agencies are catching on. Advertisers and designers want images that tell real stories and inspire that feeling of wanderlust. That means that the typical tourist snapshots of decades past are being replaced by photos that resonate on an emotional level.

Fragrant Nature Munnar High speed Wi-fi Parking Restaurant Bar 10 Underwater Creature Facts We Bet You Don't Know - Underwater Photography Guide The underwater world amazes us as photographers. Part of being a good underwater photographer is being able to identify the fish and other creatures you're looking at. Knowing where to likely find their habitat, how creatures interact with each other and whether their behavior is unusual or not could be the difference between a good shot and a great shot.

Handsome Travel Landscapes in Chile by Juan Cristóbal Lara Attractive landscapes by Juan Cristóbal Lara, a talented self-taught photographer, and industrial designer based Santiago, Chile. Juan focuses mainly on landscape photography. He shoots a lot of urban, street, and natural landscapes. Lara has more than 21,5K fans on Instagram. More info: Instagram Best Slow Cooker Tex-Mex Chili Recipe - How to Make Slow Cooker Tex-Mex Chili Con Poulos Prepare this slow-cooker dinner in the morning to come home to a hearty bowl of this spicy chili. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Yields: 4 servings

Fragrant Nature Hotels and Resorts Pvt. Ltd. High speed Wi-fi Parking Restaurant 9 Landscape Photography Tips From the World's Best Maybe the ocean is your main muse, or perhaps you can't help but click the shutter 28 times when the sunset rolls around. Equal parts patience, perspective, and a little bit of luck – the best landscape photographs can take you right back to where you once stood. We sat down with globe-trotting adventure photographer Chris Burkard to find out just how he captures those award-winning snaps (and how you can too!).