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SpaceX plan vs reality: Satellite launched, ocean platform landing botched The private spaceflight company SpaceX has launched a reusable rocket that is supposed to deliver a NASA ocean-monitoring satellite into low-Earth orbit. However, the audacious plan to land the rocket on a platform at sea in the Pacific Ocean did not go as smoothly as planned. SpaceX failed to land the Falcon 9 rocket on the platform, despite the first stages of the launch being successful, the company officials said. 14-month-old elephant Moyo follows his foster mum Roxy Danckwerts everywhere. Which is adorable, but not great news for the soft furnishings. Moyo was saved from drowning at just a few days old after he was washed away while trying to cross a flooded river with his herd. He was then abandoned by the older elephants but, luckily, rangers found him just as a pack of hyenas had him surrounded. He was taken to the Wild Is Life animal sanctuary in Zimbabwe, where he became very attached to founder Roxy. So attached that he won’t let her out of his sight.

Scott Kelly Hosts First Ever NASA Reddit AMA from Space NASA astronaut Scott Kelly will conduct the first ever NASA Reddit Ask Me Anything from space to help everyone understand what it means to spend a year in space. A year is a long time to live without fresh air, gravity and human contact from loved ones. While science is at the core of Kelly’s groundbreaking spaceflight, it has also been a test of human endurance. Kelly has just completed an unprecedented 300 consecutive days in space, and he has two more months before the end of his Year In Space mission which began last March.

EPIC video of sunlit ‘dark side’ of moon crossing over Earth revealed by NASA NASA has released spectacular footage of the “dark side” of the moon – fully illuminated – as the Earth’s natural satellite was moving across the sunlit side of our planet. The unique shots were captured by the Deep Space Climate Observatory. Taken by the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC), the images show a unique view of our planet and the moon from one million miles away. The capture of this rare spectacle was made possible due to the orbiting trajectory of the DSCOVR satellite that is positioned between the Sun and the Earth, giving it the capability to see the far side of the moon. “It is surprising how much brighter Earth is than the moon,” said Adam Szabo, DSCOVR project scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. “Our planet is a truly brilliant object in dark space compared to the lunar surface.”

This Cave House Cost $230,000 to Build, and You Can Rent It If you’ve ever disparagingly referred to someone as a troglodyte, you might want to reconsider the insult. Cave-dwelling can be pretty sweet — and you can still get Wi-Fi — if you live like Angelo Mastropietro. The businessman doesn’t actually reside in his Rockhouse Retreat full-time; he built it as a weekend getaway. ISS On-Orbit Status Report Robonaut 2 Troubleshooting: Lindgren continued troubleshooting Robonaut’s Compact Peripheral Component Interface today. Robonaut 2 is a two-armed humanoid robot designed with the versatility and dexterity to manipulate hardware, work in high risk environments, and respond safely to unexpected obstacles. Robonaut is currently mounted inside the ISS. In the future, it will perform tasks both inside and outside the ISS. Veggie (Veg-01): Kelly refilled the Veg-01 plant pillows with water.

Cassini Top 10 Images and Science Results of 2015 Jan. 05, 2016 Saturn's rings and Enceladus Cassini Top 10 Images and Science Results of 2015 Inside the world's most extravagant weddings with million dollar budgets The average Australian wedding now costs $65,000, but that is loose change for some extravagant couplesFor the most lavish weddings, there are budgets of $1 million for the flowers aloneDiva demands range from commissioning FIVE designer dresses to requests for monkey ring bearersWedny El Khoury of Wedded Wonderland has seen some of the most opulent nuptials and shares them with FEMAIL By Andrea Magrath For Daily Mail Australia Published: 21:16 GMT, 7 June 2015 | Updated: 03:38 GMT, 9 June 2015 The average Australian wedding now costs $65,000, according to recent studies... but these are certainly not your average weddings.

Scott Kelly Prepares For a Spacewalk NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who is making final preparations for his launch this month to spend a year living and working on the International Space Station, will be available for live satellite interviews from 5:30 to 7 a.m. EDT Monday, March 9. Kelly will participate from Moscow as he completes the final weeks of his training.