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Ernest & Celestine - Trailer El mejor discurso de la historia nos recuerda lo poco que hemos cambiado Nos separan más de 70 años desde que el genio de Chaplin rodara una de las escenas más memorables de la historia del cine y lo más extraño de todo es que, en esencia, nada o casi nada ha cambiado. Como si de un viaje en el tiempo se tratara, Chaplin firma una de las locuciones más sentidas y brutales que se recuerden en 1940 aunque bien podría tratarse del 2011. Un homenaje a la vida y una crítica y sátira a la avaricia del ser humano, al poder dictador del hombre. Una película imprescindible que ha dado pie a la construcción de esta pieza visual brillante e inspiradora. The Great Dictator (El Gran Dictador) se estrenó en 1940. Con todo, el discurso final es probablemente una de los locuciones más lúcidas y emotivas de la historia del cine. Les dejo con el discurso entero con una única idea en mente. Lo siento, pero no quiero ser emperador.

Rest by Cole Schreiber | Zombie Love Short Film The zombie art-house film that will have you feeling a spot of compassion for the undead. Valentine’s Day might’ve just passed, but great love stories are always in season. And Rest, a story about a fallen WWI soldier unearths himself 90 years later and begins a long journey home that takes him across the continents, is one of the most unconventional you’ll find. Since the release of Romero’s Dawn of the Dead in 1978, zombie films have cultured a devout following. It’s a film genre that, miraculously, never seems to age (pardon the pun) finding new fans every few years with the release of a film that redefines the genre (28 Days Later, Shawn of the Dead). And once again, the short film, Rest by Cole Schreiber, redefines our attitude toward the undead. In fact, Rest remixes the genre so much that if weren’t for the iconic zombie makeup (done by Chris Proctor), you might miss mistake it for an art house film. And that’s a good thing.

Elephants Dream Hair-Raising Subway Ad Blows Away the Competition A clever outdoor ad from Sweden uses a bit of technology to transcend the limits of the medium. Apotek, a pharmacy brand, outfitted subway platform ads in Stockholm with ultra-sonic sensors that discerned when a train was coming. The ad featured a model with a lush mane, and when the train came, her hair flapped in the wind and she struggled to keep it in place. The tagline: Make your hair come alive. The ad surfaced around the same time that another billboard, from IKEA, was using alternating red, blue and green lighting to express three different messages and underscore a point about maximizing space. Have something to add to this story? Batman: Gotham Knight Ep. 6 - Deadshot Foto de Señores Crew del Album de fotos de olimpicocaracas Usuario: Clave: ¿olvidó su clave? ¡Crea tu web gratis! Condiciones específicas de uso de Galeon > Centro de ayuda Comprar y vender ADSL , Alquiler Coches , Clasificados , Coches , Coleccionismo , Comprar , Dominios , Fotografia , HispaVista Empresas , Hosting , Inmobiliaria , Móviles , Telefonía , Viajes Comunicación y utilidades Agenda , Alojamiento web , Alquiler DVD , Antivirus , Chat , Correo , Foros , HispaVista , Logos y Melodías , Neopolis , Postales , Solidaridad y ONGs , Videos Tu.Tv Información Alarmas Hogar , Blog , Callejero , Cursos , El Tiempo , Formación , Guía - Buscador , Horóscopo , La Bolsa , Loterías , Noticias , Ofertas , Ofertas de Trabajo , Páginas Amarillas Ocio Amor y pareja , Apuestas , Bingo , Blog , Busco pareja , Casino , Cine , Crear paginas web gratis , Fotos de chicas , Juegos , Mujer , Música , Poker , Software , Turismo Buscar en Internet: Copyright © HispaVista | Aviso legal

Pockets by @DANIELSwastaken Pockets are pretty convenient, but can be dangerous when the wrong hands are in them. Robbing a magician is always going to be dangerous. A homeless bum, bored of eating the same food every night, promises his girlfriend a special dinner. But the bum’s in for a surprise when the man he targets for his mugging turns out to have special – and hilarious – powers. It’s been a year since we last shared a film from DANIELS, a duo of film-makers both called Daniel. Short enough to go viral, Pockets has been well received on Twitter, with Tweeted reviews including “Simple yet creative“, “A damn cool idea” and “this probably should have been in The Matrix“. As well as being shared on Vimeo, Pockets is part of Random Acts, a growing collection of nearly 200 short creative films collected and commissioned by the British TV station Channel 4. The last time we featured a DANIELS video, the only person to comment (ironically, named Daniel) was “not too keen”.

Tears of Steel | Mango Open Movie Project

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