Mahjong at FREEGAMES.WS - Play free Mah-Jong, a solitaire game online

Mahjong at FREEGAMES.WS - Play free Mah-Jong, a solitaire game online

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Gadget Blogroll « Gadget Freaks The very word ‘spy’ conjors up images in our minds of intrigue, romance, danger, sex and gadgets. U2 Spy Planes, poison-tipped umbrellas, microfilm, all the other Cold War Era spy paraphernalia; as well as men in hats and long trench coats in cold wet doorways smoking a cigarette — this is the image most of us have of the world of espionage. James Bond, with his stylish gadgets explained so thoroughly by Q, and pursuit of leggy lovely female spies worked with the idiosyncratically bumbling Maxwell Smart ( Agent 86 ) to create a highly romanticized image of a secret agent. There is a large fictional collection of stereotypical characters in the movies, on TV and in modern literature to help us form a fairly solid image of what a spy should be like. Of course, in reality, most spies are rather ordinary. They will probably be a consular official, or belong to some other profession, that blends in with the landscape.

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