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Paper City

Paper City

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Low Tech Cardboard Tv It amazes me to look at the pile of toys in our living room. The living room is basically Avery's play room with toys stacked up, in baskets and scattered all over the floor. I don't even know why I bought a new rug, as almost every square inch of it is covered in a sea of toys. Growing up I very few toys toys, not nearly as many as my peers and definitely significantly less than what my daughter Avery has now. I use to dream of having a roomful of toys. I was a bit envious and jealous of my friends whose parents could afford to buy them toys for Christmas and their birthday.

Miniature Village Little buildings. Big fun! Our grandchildren spent countless hours playing with Brio(TM) and Thomas & Friends(TM) wooden trains. And we, like countless other parents and grandparents, bought several of the railroad accessory structures that these companies make. They are sturdy, long-lasting, and offer good play value but they are also expensive. Their cost keeps most of us from purchasing more than just a few. Trick-or-Treat Paper City Halloween Craft I’ve been so busy for the last two weeks, I haven’t had time to make many new crafts, so we printed out the Paper City style trick-or-treat scene from last year. The fall leaves were so nice in our yard today, the kids took the paper people outside to practice up on their trick-or-treat lines. So if you want a little Halloween project, feel free to print out the PDF template below. Happy October! Template: Click on the image below, then print. Click here for simple instructions on how to make a little Halloween Box Scene with your printout.

Howie Owl – hoot hoot! « 3EyedBear The first kit of the new year is this deceivingly simple looking little owl to expand the bird-population in 3EyedBear’s universe. We all know owls are one of the wisest creatures and this one certainly will be one day too. Thing is: she’s still very young and inexperienced, but she compensates that with a passion for reading thick books while you sleep. Paper City Paris! Voilà, Paper City Paris! I’ve been working on this for a very long time now and had so much fun creating it. My kids have been watching me draw and sketch for two months, and they’re now huge fans of the city. They kept asking me, “When are the buildings going to stand up, Daddy?” And now every time they see a radio tower while driving in the car, they yell, “I see the Eiffel Tower!”

What is a Lapbook? A Scrap-Lapbook? - Digital Scrapbooking Blog I’ve been using the term Scrap-Lapbooking to describe how we make our lapbooks. Here is a plain lap booklet and one decorated with scrapbooking methods. In a Lapbook a booklet is usually one color. In a Scrap-Lapbook booklets are decorated with coordinating papers and embellishments. The file folder part is like the background of a scrapbook page.

Free Printable Kids' Busy Bags The Activity Mom Sharing Activities and Ideas that Make Learning Fun Get Our Activities by Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 20 FREE Printable Busy Bags July 14, 2014 by Nicole 1 Comment Paper Flying Disc Pull the string and watch the Paper Flying Disc whiz and spin through the air. You can design all kinds of different flying discs and have your friends help you launch them. You can fly these discs inside or outside -- anywhere they can take flight and soar through the air. What You'll Need: {Guest Post} Ten Playful Free Printables for Kids Next in our series of guest posts (as I finish the work on our Fun at Home with Kids book) is the lovely Kate from Picklebums. I first fell in love with Kate's site when I saw her free printable hexicards (below), but two of my other favorite posts of hers are her gorgeous post on chalk and loose parts and her amazingly fun looking sludge! Be sure to visit Kate's site - you will LOVE it! Hi, I'm Kate, and I have an obsession with printables. It all started back when I discovered digital scrapbooking and learned how to create digital scrapbook kits. Then I had twins, and then I two more babies, and for some reason I never find time to scrapbook these days.

Paper Helicopters Anyone can make paper airplanes, but how many people can make paper helicopters? You'll soar to new heights once you create these paper flying machines. These paper helicopters for kids are so simple and are great to do by yourself or with a group of your friends. And even if the weather doesn't allow for you to release your paper helicopters outdoors, prop up a fan and have your own indoor helicopter launch. Follow the links bel­ow to learn how to make paper helicopters: Hover Craft Helicopter

Rainbow Ice Tower Excavation It has actually been hot here in Seattle (GASP!) the past few days, so we decided it was time for some good old fashioned ice play. In times past, I have always gone the simple route and just frozen a toy or two in ice.

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