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Must One Risk Madness to Achieve Genius?

Must One Risk Madness to Achieve Genius?
6Share Synopsis Must one risk getting lost in the sea of madness in order to reach the lone island of genius? "There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad." — Salvador Dali Must one risk getting lost in the sea of madness in order to reach the lone island of genius? Among the "Big Five" personality traits, the Openness/Intellect domain has been the most difficult for psychologists to describe. In a recent series of studies, Colin G. First let's cover some terms. Now we've defined our terms, we can get to the good stuff. And that's what they found. The Paradoxical Simplex A simplex is an arrangement of variables along a single dimension. As you can see, intelligence and apophenia are on opposite ends of the simplex. One system that is probably acting on the entire Openness/Intellect domain is the dopaminergic system. What forces pull intelligence away from apophenia? "I like to watch cloud shapes change in the sky" Far out, man. 1. Creativity The paradox is solved.

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unusual and fun! date ideas Keyboard: S - next A - previous R - random unusual and fun! date ideas Share on FB 400 Below Random Pics you activated my "abstinence by choice" card! Scientists Discover a Hidden "Memory" Switch in Our Brains If you've e ver been educated, and the fact that you're reading this means that you either have or are extremely good at guessing, you've tried to find a way to enhance your memory. Reading things ten times, flash cards, enough coffee to accelerate an elephant to eighty-eight miles an hour - and none of them work. Now scientists may have found an all-purpose "memory on" switch hiding in your head. A team of German an UK researchers have applied magnetoencephalographic techniques to look inside the very living brain of dozens of people, and if that fact doesn't impress you chalk one up to "humans can get used to anything." These people have machines that can scan your mind and draw maps! Sure, those maps are like urban planners trying to document a computer chip, not really sure of which does what or how to represent it, but we can still see some general functions from all the data acquired.

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Chemical & Engineering News: Cover Story - Hold That Thought Volume 85, Number 36 pp. 13-20 you misplaced your car in a parking lot? Richard Cassaro » Research The Triptych Temples Of Atlantis Unprecedented New Archaeological Evidence That A Highly Advanced “Lost Civilization” Flourished In A Remote Age Older Than Recorded Time Did the world’s first cultures inherit the same high wisdom from the same more ancient but now-vanished Mother Culture? The ancient pyramid cultures all built these Triptych (Three-Door) Temples. Does this mean they shared the same religion? Like the pyramids, the presence of these Triptych Temples worldwide throws enormous weight behind the “Atlantis” theory—the idea that civilization has much older roots than presently accepted by science; that there is a major forgotten episode in human history; that an advanced ancient culture once flourished but was destroyed in a cataclysm; and that history’s first known cultures were inheritors of its legacy.

Meditation found to increase brain size Kris Snibbe/Harvard News Office Sara Lazar (center) talks to research assistant Michael Treadway and technologist Shruthi Chakrapami about the results of experiments showing that meditation can increase brain size. People who meditate grow bigger brains than those who don’t. Researchers at Harvard, Yale, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found the first evidence that meditation can alter the physical structure of our brains. Brain scans they conducted reveal that experienced meditators boasted increased thickness in parts of the brain that deal with attention and processing sensory input.

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